Chanel Sycamore #32 Rouge Coco + Paul & Joe Lip Lacquer Magnifique #10

March 6, 2010

Today’s lips of the day features the new Chanel Rouge Coco in Sycamore #32 and Paul & Joe’s Lip Lacquer Magnifique #10. Both colors are in the plummy-brown category.

I also used Paul & Joe’s #2 lipliner (not pictured) which is a perfect match for both colors. The lipstick has amazing pigment and those who like darker plummy-browns will really like this. It’s like a more brown version of the Crazed Rouge Allure (which is another favorite).

Swatch of all 3 lip items used:

I attempted lip swatches, but they turned out more red and a bit washed out than it looks in real life. In real life, the lipstick is a pretty plummy-brown shimmer and the gloss deepens the color and adds shine. The swatch photos really don’t do the lipstick/gloss justice.

Check out swatches on other blogs such as Karlasugar and Temptalia to try and get a better idea of the color on different skintones.

Just the lipstick (looks less reddish and more plum in real life):

Lipstick & gloss (note the sun makes it look lighter, this is actually darker in real life):

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