Trish McEvoy Little Black Card Champagne Truffles

January 2, 2010

I was sold on this simply by the name “Champagne Truffles.” The box and the blue python pouch are to die for. The box says it all with adorable glossy product photos and fun-to-read description and how-to instructions. (Click the photo for larger viewing to read.)

Cute box and python case
Top Deck: Natural Blush, Champagne Shimmer Powder, Shell Eyeshadow (light pink), Truffles Eyeshadow (brown), Charcoal Diamond Eyeshadow (charcoal)

Swatches of the top deck, the blush/shimmer powder didn’t show up in the photo, it doesn’t go on as sheer on the face
Bottom Deck (no swatches yet)

I found this at Saks, but I believe it has arrived at Nordstrom and Neimans too. The kit is $58 USD which is pricey considering the double decker cards were $38 when she first released these. Various counters at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales or Saks often have GWPs to make the purchase a bit more worthwhile by spending a certain amount. Inspite of the high price tag, I still love these cards because I think they look cute, especially since you can just stick it in your purse and have everything in one compact.

One more view:

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