Paul & Joe Lipsticks

November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I wish everyone a day full of fun and delicious food πŸ™‚

Today’s feature is on lipsticks. Since Paul & Joe has launched the beauty line, there have been several formulations of lipsticks that have been released. The current line consists of 25 shades called “Lipstick N.” The texture is smooth and creamy, pigment is semi-sheer with a glossy finish, similar to that of Chanel Aqualumiere lipsticks.

The Lipstick N colors I have:
02 Shaved Ice, 07 Rose Potpourri, 10 Maroon Glace, 13 Brick Roof, 14 Strawberry Jam, 16 Ballet Shoes, 19 Princess, 20 Milk Chocolate, 29 Mademoiselle

Also, each year Paul & Joe releases a limited edition collection they call Collection Sparkles in which they label those releases with a CS in addition to the color number. Haru at Rouge Deluxe gave an excellent overview, check out her post and a sneak peak at what’s coming out for spring.

The limited edition lipsticks:
055 Sakura Bonbon, 059 Motif, 061 Backstage, 062 Opening Night, 064 RPM, 101 Invitation, 001 Pink, 002 Orange

I’ve been asked how I’ve picked out the colors since I don’t have in-person access to the line. The colors have all been bought sight unseen – I’ve relied on various e-tailers like dermstore and beautyhabit who describe product colors for Paul & Joe. However, many times the color turns out to be completely different from what I expected. Many of the lipsticks I bought turned out to be lighter than I anticipated, but luckily, I’ve been happy with the way they all look.

Being that they are very new, I haven’t tried them all yet. I did wear 07 yesterday and 29 today and can say they have the same lasting power and texture as Chanel Aqualumieres. They last longer than Armani Lipsticks and MAC Lustres, but their glossy finish makes it where they don’t last quite as long some other formulas like Laura Mercier or Bobbi Brown Lipsticks. I’d definitely recommend wearing with a lipliner to make it last longer.

(Note there won’t be any swatches for these.)

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