Neiman Marcus Holiday Exclusives for Bobbi Brown: Mini Shimmer Bricks & Lipsticks

November 23, 2009

The Bobbi Brown Neiman Marcus exclusives have arrived in-store which include 3 mini shimmer bricks in Nectar, Plum and Sandstone along with the exclusive lipsticks in Pink Nectar and Sand.

The colors are stunning and the packaging is gorgeous, but the bad news is that there is no set price as thought by my SA and price is steep at $45 each. They are extremely tiny and encased in a heavy magnetized metal compact with a velvet pouch. The lipsticks are regular price $22 and come in the same special packaging as the chrome lipsticks in Sand (nude beige) and Pink Nectar (coral-pink). They are also repromoting Port from the Chrome Collection.

There are three ways to get a better deal on these:

* Starting the 22nd until the 29th, you can save 10% off a purchase of $200 or more at Neiman Marcus
* Neiman Marcus will have their Incircle event starting December 7th – there will be a GWP
* Wait for Bergdorf Goodman’s $25 off $100 event starting December 2nd (however do note quantities may be limited)

The Neimans near me said they only received 3 of each shimmer brick and a limited quantity of the lipsticks. I was on the wait list, so my SA called me as soon as they came in.

The colors are indeed stunning but at $45 each, I feel they should have at least been the full size or come with a brush.

Close up of Plum & Nectar:

Size comparison:

Lipstick and lipgloss comparisons:

The Paul & Joe series will be continued tomorrow.

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