What’s Your Makeup Look for a Job Interview?

October 5, 2009

Anyone looking for a job or career change? Those of you who are will most likely be familiar with the excitement of finally getting an interview but also know the anxiety of having to go through the process.

It’s nerve-wracking being evaluated on your skills and competencies from a grilling 30-90 minute interview. The best thing I feel I can can do is be prepared to the best I can and be confident about it. For me, a key part of feeling confident is feeling comfortable and looking my best. I like to keep it simple, polished and professional. But, each time, I still go through a “what should I wear?” moment, so I stick to basics and neutrals and avoid new things and lots of shimmer at all costs.

I’d like to open it up to my readers and ask you what is your interview face?

Tell me:
* What types of jobs have you been looking for (corporate, finance, marketing, retail, fine arts etc.)?
* Do you have any tips or techniques or a go-to look that you feel worked for you for interviews?
* What are your favorite colors (specific brands and shades) you like to use?
* If you’re on the employer side – any tips or input from you? What are some no-no’s?

One upside to having gone through several interviews is being able to observe how your interviewers dress and present themselves. This has helped give me some guidelines on how to dress and what not to wear. Here is what I wore to a recent interview with a Jcrew Navy Pinstipe Suit, cream scoopneck sweater-shirt, black closed-toe pumps (for corporate finance type position):

Face: Nars Sheer Matte Foundation in Punjab
Chanel Double Perfection Powder Foundation in Tender Bisque dusted very lightly
Le Metier Fresh Blush + Whisper Highlighter for a barely-there blush

Eyes: Bobbi Brown Malted Cream Eyeshadow
Nars Abyssinia Single Eyeshadow dusted lightly over 3/4 of the eye
Le Metier Milan Eyeshadow to contour softly (blended so there was no visible line)
Dolce & Gabbana Coffee Liner smudged with Nars Bali (for a soft defined liner, again no visible defined line)
Diorshow Iconic Waterproof (just to define the lashes)

Lips: MAC Sublime Culture Lipliner
Chanel Ming Rouge Allure Laque

My husband gave me his approval before I left the house. What do you think?

I know it’s not the makeup they should notice, but rather the applicant – but there still requires some planning and thought for getting that “no-makeup look,” of course with makeup. I’d love to hear what colors and products you use for your interviews!

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