Nars Holiday 2009: Luxor, Brousse, Eurydice & Aigle Noir

October 18, 2009

My local Nordstrom was having a store wide event and each line was having makeovers or gifts-with-purchases. The place was packed, so I wasn’t able to see the new collection tester unit and was only able to pick up a few things. From Nars Holiday 2009, I came home with Luxor Multiple, Brousse Eyeshadow Duo (top), Eurydice Eyeshadow Duo (bottom) & Aigle Noir Soft Touch Shadow Pencil.

Luxor Multiple ($37) is an pale shimmery pink. The Nars promotional picture on their website is fairly accurate in showing how light it is. If you like light colors like Giorgio Armani Blush #12 and Chanel Wintersky, you will probably like this one. I feel it’s a bit pale and more on the sheer side for me (Chanel Shell/Beige, Armani Lasting Silk 5.5-6.5) but it’s different from any other cream product I have.

Nars Luxor vs. Giorgio Armani Blush #12 (see #12 comparisons at Armani Sheer Blush Comparisons & Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush & Giorgio Armani Fall 2009 Manta Ray):

For Brousse & Eurydice Eyeshadow Duos ($32 each), I felt the promotional pictures were a lot more exciting than the actual product, but I did find them both very unique for Nars and different from anything else I own as well. Brousse has a soft shimmery brown (think a puppy chocolate lab) and a soft purple shimmer. Eurydice has a brighter purple-eggplant with hints of fuschia and a dark complex charcoal.

Left = Brousse, Right = Eurydice:

Some comparison pictures:

1) Brousse (L) versus Cordura (R):

2) Kalahari vs. Brousse vs. Charade:

3) Eurydice vs. Dior Night Butterfly vs. Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill 3:

Aigle Noir Soft Touch Shadow ($24) is a blackened gold. Along the lines of Clinique Egyptian but in a chubby pencil form.

I haven’t had a chance to play around with the products except for the multiple. This will be a busy week for me, so I don’t think I will be able to get swatches up until the end of the week. Hope these pictures help a bit! I plan on going back to Nordstrom to check out the rest of the products in the collection hopefully when it’s not so crowded.

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