Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine, Painting Liner, Eyebrow Gel & Cream Shadow

September 20, 2009

Stopped by the Shu Uemura store today to try out their new Eye Brow Gel in Seal Brown and am happy to report that the new brow formula is much easier to work with than their hard formula pencil. I wouldn’t quite call these a “gel” – it’s more like a cream-powder mixture that is sheer so you can easily fill in the brows without it looking too harsh.

I have dark black-brown hair with natural red highlights and have a hard time finding a good brow product. Black is often too harsh, and it’s difficult for me to find the right shade of brown. At beauty events, Chanel makeup artists always use the Blonde Eye Brow Pencil on me – sometimes it works, other times it looks way too ashy. Shu Uemura looks deceptively pale in the photograph, but worked well on my dark brows.

I picked up a few other items as well:

* One of their new Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine Lipsticks in BG943 which is a light natural nude-pinky-peach. These have a nice glossy finish.

* Their Painting Eyeliner in Metallic Brown which is a rich deep chocolate brown with slighty plummy shimmer/sparkles.

* Cream Eyeshadow in P Brown 7a which is a neutral light taupe-fleshy shimmer. This is very sheer.

All three Shu Eye Products:

Swatches with a couple comparisons:

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