The Limited Edition Factor: To Back-Up or Not To Back-up?

September 14, 2009

I think we’ve all experienced the “oh no!” panicked feeling from having discovered that a beloved product or shade was discontinued or limited edition. How do you feel about limited edition items or back-ups?

I have to admit I’ve been sucked in a number of times to products because of the limited edition factor, yet there are certain lines (which will remain un-named) that I now refuse to buy from because of so many product revamps, constant product discontinuations or because of overzealous sales associates pressure me to buy because “it’s limited edition, you have to buy it now.”

We all like new things, so I have to ask myself, why do I a back-up or duplicate of something I already have? My back-up obsession has gotten out of control as has it has exceeded capacity of my MAC Train Case and now filled up a drawer in my Ikea unit. I think I need an intervention to help get rid of my pack-rat tendencies.

(For example, I have a number of MAC Mineral Skin Finishes duplicates such as the So Ceylon released back from 2004, yet I have never come close to finishing a MSF! Why do I continue to buy backups of such items? I have no idea.)

I’m interested to know in how you all feel about “limited edition” collections. Especially when certain lines have been known to release monthly limited edition items. The pros are that they release a number of products with innovative colors or textures that are inline with seasonal trends. I value creativity and innovation. The downside is sometimes you will see a re-hash of similar colors when it seems that they have run out of ideas of what to release next.

Since I hate falling in love with something only to worry that it might be discontinued someday, I have come to appreciate lines like Nars which doesn’t release “limited edition” items unless it’s in the form of a palette or a set.

So, all that being said, what do you have back-ups of? What are your thoughts on limited edition items? What do you do when you are desperate to find something that is no longer available?

Perhaps your insight will help me avoid getting sucked into buying so many back ups. Especially when some cream-like products have a certain shelf life.

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