Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush: Soft, Light & Glowy

September 17, 2009
Thanks again to those who filled out my survey, I really enjoyed reading your comments and found it very helpful! I do want you to know I have taken your input into account and will do my best to accommodate requests.

Due to requests for “more Armani” I will be doing several posts featuring my entire Armani collection including the shades that have been discontinued. First up is Giorgio Armani’s Sheer Blush which currently sell for $42 at select Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales and Nordstrom locations.

Here are the shades I have numbered 1 through 12. The colors that are no longer available include 1, 8, 9 and 11.

* Formula – The blush is appropriately named as “sheer” because it is a sheer lightweight powder blush that gives a super natural glow. Doesn’t look cakey or feel heavy, but at the sametime it’s not too powder or soft.

* Pigment – Most of the colors are on the sheer side. They aren’t quite as sheer as Dior’s DiorBlush (which are practically invisible on my cheeks). I would say they are similar in pigment to Shu Uemura and definitely sheerer than Nars.

* Finish – Most of the shades have at least some slight hint of shimmer. The only three I find to be true mattes are 5 and 11. The one with the highest level of shimmer is #10 (my personal favorite for uniqueness) – but the result is not overly frosty or shimmery.

* Lasting power is on par with most other blushes. I have normal skin but am still on the search for a primer that truly makes my makeup last throughout the day without touch ups. Most blushes and lip colors fade on me within 4 hours. I usually touch up with powder once or twice per day, but rarely re-apply blush even if it is gone mid-day.

Here are a couple more close ups grouped by color family:

Check back tomorrow for more close ups and comparisons to colors in other brands!

(Note on swatches: I know many of you really like swatches. I will swatch products when I can, but blush is one product I feel doesn’t look the same in a swatch as it does on the face – that is unless you are the AMAZING Karlasugar and can swatch anything. Chances are you will probably have at least one of the comparison products and hopefully the comparisons that are coming up tomorrow will be helpful in helping you figure out what the shades really look like.)

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