Bobbi Brown Exclusive Sets at Neiman Marcus & Saks Fifth Avenue

September 3, 2009

Every year Bobbi Brown releases some exclusive seasonal items at Neiman Marcus several times a year and more recently also at Saks and Nordstrom. I have some details about these exclusive collection items:

Saks is having their beauty event at the end of the month called Bounty of Beauty. Each line has something exclusive to the store – I’m in the process of getting more info, but Laura Mercier has a baked eyeshadow palette with brushes, Armani has a special size of their Crema Nera etc.

Saks Bobbi Brown has a limited edition Black Fawn set which retails for $100 and includes:
* Black-plum metallic leather zip case
* 4 pan palette with full sized Ivory Eyeshadow, Fawn Shimmerwash, Powder Pink Pot Rouge, and exclusive Paisley Rose Lipgloss
* 3 mini brushes: eyeshader, eyeshadow, and lip

Neiman Marcus & Bergdorf Goodman have some more exciting exclusives which include:

Black Plum Deluxe Brush Set (brushes featuring a new black handle, forgot the brushes in the set and the price, but probably in the $200 range)

Black Plum Collection Set $245 which contains:
* 9 pan dark-silver palette (gorgeous) with full sizes in Navajo Eyeshadow (matte), Ash Shimmerwash Eyeshadow, Deep Plum Eyeshadow (matte & exclusive), Natural Bronzer (size of the blushes), Washed Rose Blush, Plum Blush, Brown Lip Color, Rose Petal Creamy Lip Color, Pink Chandelier Lip Gloss (repromote from their party collection)
* black plum metallic zip portfolio pouch
* short handled (but not mini) black handled brushes: bronzer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip, and one more I can’t remember

These are the items in the set (palette and case not pictured):

I saw the Black Plum Set today and it’s absolutely stunning, but I already have most of the colors! The brushes won’t be in for another month. The counter near me only received 6 sets and had already sold 2. Their gift for beauty week on the 10th is a full sized Navajo Metallic eyeshadow, .24 oz Crystal Lipgloss, .1 oz Everything Mascara, and a .24 oz Hydrating Eye Cream.

They will be having Incircle Gifts in October & December as well.

I haven’t called Bergdorf to check on their event dates or gifts. But here is a scan of the set from their fall catalog.

Later in October, Neimans will receive three mini shimmer bricks in Sandstone, Nectar and Plum – the catalog stated they retail for $50 and we couldn’t discern whether it was a set or if the prices were individual. Anyone have any details? There are also 3 new exclusive lipsticks coming out

None of these sets are online yet. I do not know if they will be released online. Your best bet to purchase these would be to call your local Neimans or Bergdorfs to place an order or to put one on hold.

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