Third Round of Dolce & Gabbana Makeup

August 18, 2009

I took another mini road trip to Beverly Hills and was able to check out the Dolce & Gabbana Makeup Line in person at Saks Fifth Avenue. Wish I had been able to take pictures of the store display, but forgot to!

Neither the lipglosses nor fall items were in stock yet, but the artist told me they were expecting to receive the Fall Collection by the first week of September and were planning to release the glosses with a new tip (doe foot applicator instead of the flimsy brush) at the same time. I was able to test two of them with the older brush and the formula seems extremely rich and highly pigmented.

The new items I bought (left to right) Ruby Nail Polish, Seduction Classic Lipstick, Cashmere Classic Lipstick, Orange Classic Lipstick

Ruby Nail Polish Swatch:

All my Dolce & Gabbana Lipsticks:

Another view:

Overall thoughts: I was extremely pleased with my experience with the friendly makeup artist who was very patient and pointed out the best selling colors and suggested some interesting lip combos for me. This was my first time seeing all the products in person and I found that I already owned their best selling colors.

The nail polishes were all rich in color with super pigmentation. I was pleased with the large size of the bottle as well. However I do have a rant for the brush which is too long and flimsy and fans out at the bottom making it hard to apply.

The bronzers were pretty but not must haves for me:
* Natural is a sunny yellowy color with slight shimmer, interesting color for a bronzer – seems like it would be more of a highlight
* Desert is a medium-light tanned shimmer
* Sunshine is a medium matte bronze
* Bronze is the deepest, which I tried, darker/deeper than Desert, also has shimmer

The blushes were all matte, from what I remember:
* Peach is more of a pinky-peachy coral color, rather than a straight peach
* Nude (which I own) has more peach tones than nude
* Rose is a dusty warm pink rose shade
* Provocative was a standout, reminded me of Nars Desire, a pretty hot vibrant pink that gives a pretty pink glow, similar to Bobbi Brown Pale Pink Blush as well

For lipsticks, the majority of them were bold and vibrant. Lots of great berries, reds, hot bright pinks and oranges. I swatched so many, but from what I remember:

* Nude Classic Lipstick is very pale, along the lines of MAC Creme d’Nude
* Drama Classic is a purpley shimmer with gold
* Ruby and Plum were both very bright, I was hoping for a more classic elegant color, but too garish for me
* Sunset Classic Lipstick is a bright orangey coral shimmer with gold flecks, brighter and more intense than Orange
* Gold Shine Lipstick was interesting, a true gold shimmer, the shimmer was bigger than most shimmers are in shimmery lipsticks, the artist told me he recommended layering Gold over Perfection to get a pretty nude with depth
* Sublime Classic Lipstick is almost identical to Velvet (picture shown above) just has more peachy tones rather than pink
* Goddess Classic Lipstick is deeper and brighter than Velvet or Sublime, more like a carnation pink with slight warm tones

For lipliners, I only tested a couple:
* Nude is your basic pink-brown, reminded me of MAC Whirl
* Another one that was a brownish color, but I don’t recall the number

I apologize for not getting a more comprehensive review of the colors in the line. There were a number of items I didn’t test out such as the mascara, powder foundation etc because of the high price tag.

More Dolce & Gabbana Makeup pictures here of eyeshadows and blush:

First Look: Dolce & Gabbana Makeup
Second Round of Dolce & Gabbana Makeup from Saks NY

I’d love to hear your experiences of any products you’ve bought/tried from the line. If you have pictures, I’d love to see them!

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