Stila Smudgepots: Black Cat, Kitten, and Little Black Dress

August 30, 2009

I finally got my hands on the new Stila Smudge Pots in Black Cat, Kitten, and Little Black Dress. I found these at my local Ulta – I’ve heard several sighting posts around various message boards. The store near me didn’t have them on display but the manager on duty this morning was kind enough to allow his staff to pull them from the back since I told him I didn’t need to test them out and knew what I wanted to get already.

Here are the new shades compared to Golden Noir from the Indian Summer Collection. Each retail for $20. Not all of them are online yet, but the release dates for each collection are September, so I expect these to be trickling in soon. FYI, from the Barbie Loves Stila collection, there are also two other smudge pot shades. Check stilacosmetics.com for more details.

Left to right: Golden Noir, Black Cat, Little Black Dress, Kitten

Descriptions + links to Stila’s and Sephora’s websites:

* Golden Noir – a black base with gold shimmer, according to stila, “This new twist on the cult favorite Smudge Pot sprinkles genuine 24kt gold flakes into the rich matte black base leaving eyes gilded and glam.”

* Black Cat – a soft black with a cooler base than Golden Noir, but this might be due to the silver sparkles that are in the product (haven’t seen this online yet)

* Little Black Dress – described online as a “black with pink shimmer” this really seems more like a deep purple infused with pink and violet shimmers which was surprising to me, especially since it swatched brighter than what it looked like in the pot

* Kitten – this is a shimmery nude champagne pink, similar to the powder eyeshadow version, seems like an odd shade to have as a liner, but I will probably use this more like a cream eyeshadow

Close up photos of the black smudge pots with flash:

Close up of smudge pots in natural sunlight:

Swatches of the shades with comparisons (with flash on bare skin):

1) Bobbi Brown Black Ink
2) Stila Golden Noir Smudgepot
3) Stila Black Cat Smudgepot
4) Stila Little Black Dress
5) Bobbi Brown Violet Ink
6) Stila Kitten Smudgepot
7) Bobbi Brown Beach Honey Cream Shadow
8) Benefit RSVP Creaseless Cream Shadow

Swatches in natural sunlight without flash (same as above):

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