Sneak Peek: Chanel Noirs Obscurs Makeup Collection

August 24, 2009

I just picked up the October 2009 Issues of Voce, Maquia & Biteki yesterday from my local Mitsuwa Marketplace and saw some preview pictures and a couple ads for the new Chanel Noirs Obscurs collection. (Huge thanks to Haru at Rouge Deluxe for introducing me to these awesome beauty/fashion magazines. Luckily I don’t need to be in Asia to get these since I have a Japanese bookstore near me.)

I’m keeping my fingers crossed hoping these will be released in time for the Saks and Neimans Beauty Events (mid September), but since they just released a new skincare line and the rouge allure laques in the US, I have a feeling the release date might not be as soon as I hope.

From Biteki Magazine, scan of the Chanel ad (the scan just couldn’t capture the true color or intensity/depth of the eyeshadow, the actual photo shows a bit of iridescence to the eyes but when scanned, just looks flat):

Article featuring Peter Philips from Voce:

Scan from Maquia:

I’ve found some more details on the product names on these two blogs:

British Beauty Beauty Blogger (Chanel: Noirs Obscurs Collection)
Ladies Beauty (Noirs Obscurs Dark Black Collection . . .)

If you have anymore details, please share!!!

For those unfamiliar with these Japanese magazines, they run about $8 to $12 USD each issue which is fairly pricey. However, they have beautiful layouts, pictures on real women, tons of how-to tutorials, and lots of great ideas (both fashion and beauty related) which make these well worth the price in my opinion and a better deal than most US beauty/fashion magazines. That being said, since these are Japanese publications, they do follow Asian Trends (which do not always coincide with other countries) and most of the models are fair-medium in skintone.

Check to see if your city has a Japanese supermarket or bookstore!

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