Day 4 of Beauty Essentials: Primers & Fix Sprays, Illuminators, Foundations

July 31, 2009

I’ve searched through numerous brands and formulas to find the right foundation for me. My skin is overall normal but very sensitive and prone to break-outs and reactions. This post will list what I’ve found to work the best for me to get a flawless but still natural glow. If you have any favorites, please share them! I’m always looking for new products to try out.

Foundations & Tinted Moisturizers (left to right):

* Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer gives a sheer glow to the face that isn’t overly shimmery or sparkly. I also love her other regular and oil-free formulas, but have been loving this one recently.

* Laura Mercier Undercover Pot contains her Secret Camouflage and Secret Concealer on the top layer with a mini mirror and translucent powder on the bottom to set. It is very tiny for the price, but great for travel. Luckily there have been a few sets that I’ve purchased that have contained this as part of a kit, so I haven’t had to spend the full retail price on it.

* Chanel Hydramax+ Active Teinte is part of the Hydramax line which “boosts the hydration process at its source, with formulas targeted precisely to meet skin’s moisture needs.” This is a nice lightweight tinted moisturizer that evens out the skintone and has SPF15.

* Chanel Lift Lumiere Foundation is meant for smoothing & firming, also contains SPF15. At age 28, I don’t really need any smoothing or firming, but I do find it has a nice medium coverage, lasts all day, and does make the skin look very smooth.

* Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation SPF20 was made to replace their Matte Silk foundation and has a “water-based foundation provides 14-hour satin matte coverage without the coverage feel. For normal to oily skin, providing medium coverage.” I had previously used their Luminous Silk Foundation and loved the full flawless coverage and finish, but found it made my skin very oily within a couple hours. The new Lasting Silk works much better for my skin. I wouldn’t say it lasts a full 14 hours, but then I haven’t used it with their primer or other products.

*Chanel Teint Innocence is probably my most frequently used foundation for a sheer-medium coverage that gives a natural glow. (I have gone through over 6 bottles.) This is more moist than the Lift Lumiere, but not overly so. That being said, if your skin is more on the oily side, I would avoid this one. It contains SPF12. I prefer the liquid formula, but it also comes in a cream compact foundation formula that I find heavier in texture and coverage.

* Chanel Correcteur Perfection is their newest concealer which is lightweight and gel-based. I like this for under the eyes to brighten the skin and dark circles.

Primers & Sprays (left to right):

* Laura Mercier Foundation Primer really helps the application process for foundation and powder, I like to use this over moisturizer.

* Le Blanc De Chanel is an illuminating base that primes the skin for foundation while adding a subtle glow.

* Chantecaille Rosewater is meant to “purify, tone, and hydrate skin.” It is definitely refreshing, but fairly pricey. Pictured is a mini size that is often given in their gift with purchases at beauty events.

* MAC Prep & Prime Skin is a great silicone based primer that has subtle sparkle to the actual product. I like to use this sometimes instead of moisturizer.

* MAC Fix+ Rose came out with the Rose Romance collection this past year as a limited edition product, but still comes in a regular version. A must have for everyone – you can spray this on the face before foundation to moisten the skin, or after foundation & powder to set your makeup and make your face look less powdery and more fresh. I also like to spray this on my eyeshadow brushes sometimes to lightly dampen the brush to apply eyeshadows more heavily.

Illuminators (left to right): I love using liquid illuminators and mixing them with foundation to give an all over subtle glow. These are great because of the sheerness so you don’t end up looking greasy. These are also great to use over foundation/powder in certain areas to highlight the eyes or temples.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal, Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer 3 & 7, MAC Strobe Cream (mini size from a travel set), Chanel Brilliance Pur Sunkissed

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