Laura Mercier Lip Glosses: Lip Glace & Lip Plumper

June 4, 2009

Laura Mercier is one of my favorite brands for high quality and naturally pretty makeup products. I was lucky enough to have met her at a Nordstrom event while getting my makeup done. She did not have time to do my makeup since the event was packed and super busy, but did make time to stop by each customer to say hello and ask us if we had anything to ask of her. She was very sweet and genuinely warm.

Anyhow, one of my favorite products are her Lip Glace and Lip Plumper glosses. Both are smooth and non-sticky. They come in a wide variety of pretty colors, most are natural and very wearable. I think out of all the lines out there, her lip gloss packaging is my favorite because of the sleek classic design and see-through tube which allows you to see the colors clearly.

Her Lip Glace contains a “Lip Complex” which is composed of ingredients that moisturize, anti-age, anti-oxidize and plump all at once. She has a few different formulas and finishes in her lip glace line which are available in a variety of coverages (sheer, medium and full) and finishes (shine, sheen and shimmer). Laura Mercier’s website does an excellent job at describing the colors and finishes of each shade. She recently repackaged all her Lip Glaces about a year ago into a a different tube and also reformulated some of the colors giving them a new sweet vanilla-candy-like scent. I personally prefer her old lip-gloss scent, but still love her new ones. In addition to the repackaging, she also released quite a few new colors, but kept most of her original shades.

Left to right: Platinum, Gold, Bronze, Petal, Ambre Rose

Left to right: Pink Diamond, Lilac, Opal, Baby Doll, Bonbon

(NOTE: Pink Diamond was Limited Edition when originally released, but has been seen in a few holiday sets in the mini size)

Her Lip Plumpers are a slightly smaller tube and retail for $30. They have a slight minty scent which gives a A refreshing, cooling effect that is supposed to build up over 20 minutes to plump lips. Her site also claims that the effect should last up to two hours. I usually don’t keep track of how long my lipstick/lipgloss lasts, but these do have a nice cooling effect. I can’t say that it really does plump-up my lips significantly, but the shades are pretty and do enhance my lips.

Left to right: Lychee, Peach Glow, Pink Pearl, Wildberry, Rose Flush, Bronzed Berry

Plus my first swatch post on MAC NC30 skin
Left to right: Lychee, Peach Glow, Pink Pearl, Wildberry, Rose Flush, Bronzed Berry

I find most of her colors are true to what you see in the tube. With some of the brighter colors, you can get a sheerer application, but for the most part, what you see in the tube is how it goes on your lips!

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