Bobbi Brown Sheer Color Cheek Tints: Hit or Miss?

June 6, 2009

Bobbi Brown launched her Nautical Look Collection this past spring and released a few new products including her Sheer Color Cheek Tints and Sheer Color Glosses.

These tints come in 6 different shades, retailed at $22 for 3.8 grams of product:

* Sheer Blackberry is a deep berry tint
* Sheer Coral is a bright warm pink tint with golden shimmer
* Sheer Lilac is light pink tint
* Sheer Mauve is pink mauve tint
* Sheer Pink is pink tint
* Sheer Raspberry is deep rose tint

There was a pamphlet sent out from Neimans for a mini preview:

I’m usually a huge fan of Bobbi Brown for the universally flattering colors she releases in her collections. I love how she can take simple color themes and turn them into a fresh modern look. This season’s Nautical Look was somewhat disappointing, especially these new Cheek Tints. Instead of fresh and modern, the look she created appears dated and the blue eyeshadow featured on the look appears to make the model look older. I love her Pot Rouges and if she had released these in the same formula and packaging, I think they would have been a bigger hit.

Even though I was underwhelmed, I still managed to get sucked in and purchased 3 from the Saks Friends and Family event, here they are photographed next to Clinique’s GWP size cheek tints.

From left to right:
1) Bobbi Brown Sheer Pink
2) Sheer Lilac
3) Sheer Coral
4) Clinique Rosy Blush
5) Glow Blush

At $22 per product, I expected a lot more. Even with the FF discount, I still feel ripped-off. What are your thoughts about these sticks? Hit or miss? Did you end up purchasing any? How are you liking them?

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