Bobbi Brown Metallic Lip Colors

June 11, 2009

Last fall (around September/October 2008) Bobbi Brown discontinued her Lipshimmer Lipsticks and came out with a new formula of shimmer lipsticks, her Metallic Lip Colors. She kept a few of her best-selling shades, but discontinued the rest and released new colors. However, the ones she did keep are slightly different than the originals – just as pretty, but better.

“Metallic Lip Color features a unique combination of high-shine emollients and light-reflective pearls. This creamy lipstick feels soft and comfortable on lips, and offers medium coverage.”

They are in fact creamier in texture than her original Lipshimmers (which were on the dry-side) and offers a true medium coverage. The only downside to the soft texture is that it makes them prone to breakage (2 of mine have broken already). But the colors and textures are lovely and I find that these are one of the few lipsticks I find pretty enough to wear alone without liner or gloss added. These currently retail for $22 USD.

A few of her shades along with Bobbi Brown’s own descriptions and color-pairings:

1. Baby Peach – golden peach (apply with Naked Lipliner & Rose Gold Shimmer Lipgloss)
2. Pretty Pink – warm pink rose (apply with Ballet Pink Lip Liner & Pink Brightening Lip Gloss)
3. Ruffle – bright medium pink (apply with Ballet Pink Lip Liner & Pink Sugar Shimmer Lip Gloss)
4. Gilded Pink – warm golden pink (apply with Pale Pink Lip Liner & Petal Lip Gloss)
5. Vintage Rose – warm golden rose (apply with Ballet Pink Lip Liner & Rose Gold Shimmer Lip Gloss)
6. Berry – medium red berry with golden shimmer (apply with Mauve Lip Liner & Punch Lip Tint SPF15)
7. Raspberry – medium pink raspberry (apply with Mauve Lip Liner & Pink Brightening Lip Gloss)
8. Plum – medium pink plum with pink-red pearl (apply with Plum Lip Liner & Maple Lip Tint spf15)

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