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Pat McGrath Labs LuxeTrance, MatteTrance, Permagel Eye and Lip Pencil Review

November 2, 2017

Pat McGrath Labs LuxeTrance, MatteTrance, Permagel Review

I recently did a massive Pat McGrath Labs beauty haul from Sephora. A large number of you have asked me for a review on the MatteTrance Lipsticks ($38 each for 0.14 oz/ 4 g) and since I’ve never really been big on matte lips I did not plan on looking into these. I don’t think I’ve ever received so many review requests on a single product so once I saw that she launched a creamy formula called LuxeTrance Lipstick ($38 each for 0.14 oz/ 4 g) I ordered a handful online sight unseen. I also added some of the MatteLuxe Lipsticks, Permagel Ultra Lip Pencils ($25 each for 1.2 g/ 0.042 oz) and one shade of the Permagel Ultra Glide Eyeliner ($25 each for 1.2 g/ 0.042 oz) to my cart to try out. A couple days ago I finally saw the line in person at my local store and everything is just stunning! Since I just received my order recently this is more of a first impressions rather than a detailed review.

A look at the stunning display in store:

Pat McGrath Labs Sephora Tampa | The Beauty Look Book

First can we talk about the box packaging? I know super pretty boxes and packaging can be a waste, but the presentation is just so pretty. Opening any of the lipsticks or pencils is like opening a present. I don’t know if the gold embossed icons on the front have any meaning but everything is so artistic and creative.

Pat McGrath Labs LuxeTrance, MatteTrance, Permagel Review

The Permagel Ultra Lip Pencils and Permagel Ultra Glide Eyeliners are super smooth and creamy. They glide onto the skin and are waterproof. They have about the same smoothness as the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On pencils (which last long but aren’t budge-proof on me). The Pat McGrath Labs pencils have VERY impressive lasting power. I swatched them on the hand and they would not come off easily. On the lips they stay put all day long. The liner on the eyes does not smudge all day. They have enough of an emollient smooth gel-like quality that you can apply and blend it out a little before it dries and sets. But once it sets it stays put. Pigment is ultra rich, there’s no tugging with application, it feels comfortable and performs well.

Pat McGrath Labs Permagel Ultra Glide Eye Pencil and Permagel Ultra Lip Pencil

Colors I bought:

  • Permagel Ultra Lip Pencil in Buff is a medium neutral pink
  • Permagel Ultra Lip Pencil in Done Undone is a lighter pink nude with a hint of pearl
  • Permagel Ultra Lip Pencil in Bare Rose is a pretty soft rose with a slight sheen
  • Permagel Ultra Lip Pencil in Suburbia is a deeper rose pink
  • Permagel Ultra Glide Eyeliner in Blitz Brown is a deep bronze with shimmer

At the store I also looked at Supernatural and Contour. Both were more brown without any pink tones, along the lines of MAC Lip Pencil in Stripdown. I didn’t buy any more as I had already hauled quite a few. I don’t typically wear brown lipliners with the exception of MAC Stripdown and Oak so I felt the pinks and neutrals were my best bet. I do think I’ll consider other shades of the Permagel Ultra Glide Eyeliner but for now I love the one I have. All the pencils come with a sharpener.

Pat McGrath Labs Permagel Ultra Lip Pencil in Buff, Done Undone, Bare Rose, Suburbia, Permagel Ultra Glide Eye Pencil in Blitz Brown

Comparison swatches below to NARS Man Ray Velvet Eye Pencil in Santiago, Marc Jacobs Matte Highliner in Earthquake, Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Iconic Nude and Pillow Talk, MAC Lip Pencils in Boldly Bare, Whirl, Dervish, Spice and Soar.

Pat McGrath Labs Permagel Ultra Lip Pencil in Buff, Done Undone, Bare Rose, Suburbia, Permagel Ultra Glide Eye Pencil in Blitz Brown swatches

Pat McGrath Labs Sephora | The Beauty Look Book

Next are the lipsticks which are mind blowing good. It was pretty risky for me to order so many colors in a new-to-me formula sight unseen. The last time I did that with a brand I hadn’t tried before, it was total a fail. These Pat McGrath LuxeTrance and MatteTrance Lipsticks do not disappoint and they are easily among the best I’ve tried. I would say the matte formula tops all other matte formulas I’ve tried with the exception of the Louboutin Mattes. I’ve said that Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks (also swatched here) have been in my favorites list. That was before I tried Pat McGrath’s.

Pat McGrath LuxeTrance and MatteTrance Lipsticks

The lipsticks come in a sleek metal black and gold tube. Both formulas have the same packaging. They have a cute gold embossed/raised lip which I think could have been really tacky to be frank, but they managed to make it look sleek and luxe. There is a good weight to the tube so it feels solid. They are well designed in every way.

LuxeTrance of course is my formula of choice. It’s a creamy opaque lipstick with full coverage. All the shades are creams without shimmer. They’re one-swipe wonders and make the lips look full. They glide onto the lips, feel super smooth, have a comforting feel and have impressive lasting power. I would say you get similar coverage with the Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim Lipsticks. They are also just as opaque as the Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche formula but more creamy with a bit more slip. The LuxeTrance isn’t super thick but it does have substance and when you wear it, it looks like you are definitely wearing lipstick. Colors I picked:

  • Donatella is a pale nude, it pulls pinkish on me
  • Sextrology is a light salmon pink
  • Realness is a perfect peachy nude
  • Valletta is a light peachy pink
  • She’s Heaven is a neutral brown-pink
  • Beautiful Creature is a stunning plum
  • Attitude is a neutral brown

For other nudes, I also saw La Beija in store. The online swatch made me think it might be too dark/brown so I did not order it. In real life it’s a lot lighter than the stock swatch. It’s a pretty light-medium peachy beige and I would have bought it but they were sold out.

The MatteTrance Lipstick formula has a unique almost whipped like feel. They glide onto the lips and have a nice sheen even though they are clearly matte. They don’t make the lips look dried out or flat. They didn’t dry out my lips and lasted a decent amount of time. The texture of the lipstick in the tube looks almost like they took a sponge to make an imprint on the exterior. There is no texture when you apply though – it’s 100% smooth.

  • 1995 is a stunning light neutral pink nude
  • Omi is the perfect rose pink

As far as I can tell there’s no detectable scent with these.

Pat McGrath LuxeTrance in Donatella, Sextrology, Realness, Valletta, She's Heaven, Beautiful Creature, Attitude and MatteTrance Lipsticks in 1995 and Omi

Pat McGrath LuxeTrance in Donatella, Sextrology, Realness, Valletta, She's Heaven, Beautiful Creature, Attitude and MatteTrance Lipsticks in 1995 and Omi swatches

Pat McGrath LuxeTrance in Donatella, Sextrology, Realness, Valletta, She's Heaven, Beautiful Creature, Attitude and MatteTrance Lipsticks in 1995 and Omi


Pat McGrath Labs LuxeTrance, MatteTrance, Permagel Review

Bottom line pure love and lots to explore. There are a lot of bold shades in all the formulas. I did take a look at the Eyeshadow Palettes which are quite impressive in size and color selection. Each one had quite a few glitzy shades or at least 2 shades in each palette I didn’t think I’d use so for now I’ve passed. I do hope they launch more palettes or singles so you’d be able to pick and choose. For now I’m more than happy with my lip picks and eyeliner.

You can find Pat McGrath Labs exclusively at Sephora.

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  • Jessica

    They look so creamy. Unfortunately for my wallet they all look super wearable.

  • Anna

    Sextrology is very beautiful.

  • I picked up Beautiful Creature when I was in NYC last week! It’s soooo beautiful and the formula is amazing. I wanted to get Omi too, the formula is incredible, but I swatched it next to Bite Pepper, which I already own, and its too close for me to pick it up. I hope they release more in the MatteTrance formula, it’s such an interesting formula, almost moussey on me.

  • Kyla Ewing

    Those shades are just stunning! It would be hard for me to choose just one, LOL

  • Rebecca ZH

    So many of these are perfect on you. I loved the texture of She’s Heaven but it was seriously gray on me! Oy. I ordered Full Panic.

  • Glenda

    Thiiiiis post was made for me. <3
    I love both lipstick formulas, it's just a shame the Mattetrance don't come in more colors…
    Something I hate though is the color descriptions for the Luxetrance. They're so bad. And I feel the swatches on both Pat's and Sephora's website are quite deceiving.

    I'm really interested in the pencils now!

  • Justine R

    I love how these look on you but the packaging really turns me off! They also aren’t available in store near me and I’m hesitant to try a lipstick sight unseen at this price point.

  • Lori Jenkins

    I hated the packaging and would’ve dismissed these – but I’m going to need attitude. It looks like a good dupe for Givenchy Le Rouge a Porter in Brun Nocturne which is sold out everywhere – I went to 7 Sephoras in NYC looking for it! And the formula sounds like I’d love it. Thanks for reviewing these Sabrina!

  • KillerKate

    Great swatches and review, as always! If you had to chose, which would you say are your favorites or must haves? Still trying to decide which to pick up during the Sephora sale, they’re all so pretty!

  • ReturnedtoSender

    I have 1995 and the formula is just wonderful!

  • Oh, Mother Pat has done it, now! All of the other high-end brands are literally scrambling to create formulas that even come close to hers. The MatteTrance formula is heavenly on my lips, and the black eyeliner does.not.budge. from my waterline.
    I dance and teach Pilates for my living, so sweat-proof and comfortable are my search words when looking at a new product. The LuxeTrance formula is too slippery for me, sadly. I am excited to play with the Liquid lipsticks which are coming soon!

  • SoSuSam

    Thank you! I’ve been trying to find good swatches of these lippies (since I live far, far from counters). Like you, I’m not a fan of mattes, but you’ve made Omni look so wonderful…I think I may need that one. At the very least. Uh oh…

  • Marcia Scully

    Unfortunately for me I’ve order yesterday the luxetrance in Realness before your post was published. Hopefully it will turn out OK, otherwise I’ll exchange for the matte OMI. As usual you did a great and informative job

  • They all look so beautiful!! Great swatches!

  • urbanangel

    I am a big fan of Bite Beauty’s Amuse Bouche lipsticks so I am quite keen to try these. But the packaging looks seriously tacky. So I think I might pass on this one. Especially at that price point.

  • The lipsticks look freakin amazing! She’s Heaven and 1995 are my favorites! xx

    Carolina’s Makeup Life

  • marciaf

    I’ve been looking for a new lipstick and the Luxe Trance might be just the thing.

  • tasa

    Woah. This entire collection is lust worthy, thanks for the reviews! The lipsticks might go on the shopping list but I may try the super dark ones (maybe the purple-ish one?).

  • Truth Lacks Lyricism

    This was so helpful – thank you!

  • Merry Rower

    As a nude gloss girl – just one of the reasons I love your blog – I really don’t wear much actual lipstick. But your reviews here, and pretty swatches, are making me rethink my position. My dearest friend saw me swatching these at Sephora and said, “What are you doing, you don’t wear lipstick?” and I told her, “Sabrina made me do it!”

  • Katka Prazmova Pivarci

    I picked Donatella and I absolutely love it! I think it’s my favorite formula of any lipstick❤️ I’ll be definitely picking up some more during Sephora sale.

  • T.

    I want to try these lipsticks!

  • Naureen

    What shade would you say is the best Dupe for Mac stripdown?! I love the shade but the formula is soo drying!