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Travel Beauty + Packing For San Francisco

August 26, 2017

Travel Beauty Away Luggage Carry On | The Beauty Look Book

I’ve been a bit MIA as I’m currently in San Francisco for a quick girls trip! It has been quite a few years since I’ve visited San Francisco and I’m beyond thrilled to be back. I’ll have a full packing post, SF travel diary and a little shopping feature coming up soon. In the meantime I’ve rounded up some of my favorite travel beauty sets you can buy right now. I always try to hoard my minis and samples but sometimes they’re just too good to save for trips. I love it when brands have travel sizes or sets available for purchase because then I don’t have to decant anything into mini jars or bottles. I really like original packaging anyways.

First I wanted to mention that Away launched a new collection in collaboration with Rashida Jones with three new colors and these are the best colors yet! The launch is called The Stockholm Edition as it was inspired by Scandinavian designs and colors. There are new colors three available in Clay (shown here), Cactus and Violet. Also launched with the Stockholm Collection is a new Stockholm Tote made of black water-resistant nylon and vegan leather. It has a sleeve in the back to slide over the handles of the suitcase for easy carrying. They’ve also launched coordinating colors in packing cubes. Full review to follow soon but the packing cubes are the best looking packing cubes I’ve ever seen while still being super functional.

For those who love Away they’ve also launched a new magazine called Here.

Away Luggage x Rashida Jones Clay and Tote | The Beauty Look Book

Up first is haircare. I love travel-sized haircare! Often times it’s what I’ll buy first before buying the full sizes. I think they’re such a great way to try things and I love testing all kinds of shampoos and conditioners. My obsession can get a bit out of hand with all the bottles and jars that accumulate in the shower, but I love minis. The Ouai Morning After Kit at Nordstrom has the perfect size travel items with the Rose Hair and Body Oil, Finishing Creme and Dry Shampoo Foam (also available at Net-A-Porter). For brushes I usually bring a few with me, my favorite travel-sized one is the Sephora Collection Luxe Combo Travel Brush. There’s also a Christophe Robin exclusive to Net-A-Porter called the Essentials Kit with minis of the Moisturizing Hair Cream, Regenerating Mask, Cleansing Mask and Cleansing Purifiying Scrub with Sea Salt. I’ve tried and love all of these but I know some of you may have been hesitant to buy the full size as the price points are on the expensive side. This is a great way to sample them. You can also find some of the mini sizes at Sephora with a mini Cleansing Purifying Scrub, Detox Ritual Hair Kit and Regenerating Hair Ritual Travel Kit.


Ouai Morning After Set and Christophe Robin Minis Net-A-Porter | The Beauty Look Book

In skincare, Tatcha has the best travel sizes. The packaging is well designed and they have good sizes for several days worth. I’ve already bought and featured the Starter Ritual for Normal to Oily Skin (currently sold out). Below is the Starter Ritual Set for Normal to Dry Skin with travel sizes of the One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil, Classic Rice Enzyme Powder, Essence and Silk Cream. I think these are really phenomenal sets perfect for travel.

The Sisley-Paris Subscription Program is one of the best ways to try Sisley skincare at an affordable price. Many of you commented you had already subscribed and kept the minis for travel which I think is genius. I’ve discovered quite a few amazing items from this program. You can see a 6 month review here.

Another set I tried recently was the Belif Best Sellers Travel Set. I bought it at Sephora curious about the items in the line as I really liked the Aqua Bomb. I haven’t been able to test everything yet but found it priced reasonably to give the other items a go. Let me know if you want a review!

Travel Skincare Sisley Subscription, Tatcha Starter Ritual Set, Belief Best-Sellers | The Beauty Look Book

Two sets I’ve been loving include the NARSissist Velvet Lip Glide Set exclusive to Ulta (5 of the 6 colors shown below, all reviewed here). For perfume I wish more brands had travel-sized or purse sized minis. The Jo Malone Cologne Set is one of my favorites. They change seasonally. Mine is from Nordstrom but I suspect new ones will launch come holiday.

NARS Velvet Lip Glide Set and Jo Malone Cologne Set

Charlotte Tilbury skincare can get pretty spendy and her Gift of Red Carpet Skin Travel Kit is a nice way to try a lot of deluxe sized minis at a lower price. This one is TSA friendly with 15 ml tubes of her Goddess Skin Clay Mask, Multi Miracle Glow, Magic Cream, Wonderglow, Supermodel Body and Take it all off. I’ve loved and used up an entire jar of her Magic Cream and tube of the Wonderglow (full size) and they lasted me a very long time. These minis are perfect for travel – I think you can get quite a bit of use out of them too. There’s enough product to get a really good feel for how the product will perform on your skin.

One last travel favorite is the Aesop Boston Kit. I’m such a huge fan of Aesop and the kits are a nice way to try multiple things. You can see the full review of this one here.

Aesop Boston Travel Skincare Set | The Beauty Look Book

Travel Beauty Packing San Francisco | The Beauty Look Book

For those curious the other accessories shown above:

Do you also hoard your minis and samples for travel or do you buy sets like me? I’m a carry-on traveler so I have to abide by the quart-size bag limit. I know many of you check luggage so this isn’t an issue, but as one who prefers to travel light I love it when I can find travel sizes that I can buy for trips.

Stay tuned for the SF roundup! I didn’t bring all of these travel sets with me although I did mix and match for 4 days worth of travel.

Press samples featured include the Away Stockholm Collection, Tatcha Starter Ritual Set and Charlotte Tilbury Skincare Set.


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  • i’m so jealous you go to San Fra, I love that city!!
    Miki x

  • Kaja Elisabeth Budd Hytland

    Oh god how I love minis! But except for the most basic drugstore products they’re pretty hard to come across in Norway. I prefer buying sets and getting original packaging too, but when I do have to decant Muji makes THE BEST travel bottles and jars IN THE WORLD! Nothing even compares.

    • Ahhh yes, I always forget Muji as I don’t usually have one near me!

  • You have such beautiful imagery! I love looking at it πŸ™‚

  • What a cool collection from Away! Hope you have an amazing time x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  • Zooey

    LOVE entries like these, plus your photographs are lovely! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m a total sucker for anything to do with packing and travel-sized products. I’m interested in trying out that large cosmetic case you recommended (even though I already have a colony of pouches……)

    • LOL! I know what you mean with the makeup bag collection πŸ™‚

  • Love travel sets! Not to mention super adorable as well as the opportunity to try out new products. Just a question, how long do you find most of your travel sets last you? Going on a long holiday soon and I’m torn between just packing full size or investing in some travel sets.

    xx Ashley

    • Hi Ashley – so sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I used up the Tatcha Sets and they lasted through two 2-3 day trips with plenty left over! I tend to use up cleansers quickly while other things last a longer time.

  • I need those mini Jo Malone perfumes, I want to try them so bad!

    Carolina’s Makeup Life

    • I think it’s a great way to try multiple scents πŸ™‚

  • Suzanna

    I lived in SF for 18 years before being forced out by too-high rents and not enough work. Your post reminds me that my hair used to be reliably straight and smooth (pre-Florida!). You have some things in your travel essentials that I love–Tatcha rice enzyme powder, Tilbury Magic Cream and Wonderglow. Can’t wait for your shopping report so I can live vicariously :–)

  • Lets Talk Beauty

    Love this post – I like to see what beauty products people take with them on trips. I save all my miniature skincare for holidays & seeing my fave products in mini form makes me so happy.
    Your photos are beautiful in this post

    • Thank you!! I love to hoard my minis as well – but sometimes I can’t help myself and use them anyways before trips!

  • lawler

    Tatcha also lets you create your own travel set, which I love. Say you already have enough enzyme powder, you can work around that. It’s at the bottom-right of the Travel Page after clicking on Shop (using Sabrina’s link, of course) πŸ™‚ .

  • Sarah M

    I was looking for a blush/ pinky luggage and this is perfect!!! πŸ˜€

  • Trudi

    WOW! You received a Travel Bag as a sample from AWAY? What a great AWAY sample to use for life! It’s beautiful. Right now though, I am thinking of all of the people flooded out in Houston, Texas and LA that are desperately pulling their lives back together starting from scratch. I hate packing for short trips. One never knows what the weather is really like and what shampoo’s and conditioners hotels have in the rooms. Usually they are pretty good depending upon which hotel your staying in. I also bring all of the samples that I’ve saved over the year. I bring along NO full sized products as I too hate checking in luggage. I depend upon all samples and if I run out, oh well. I’ll may visit Nordstrom or Neiman’s or use hotel products just for fun. Toothpaste is the most difficult as they don’t make travel sizes in my brand, and I dislike bacteria from all toothbrush cases, so I throw away the toothbrush on the last day & bring my latest one with. Makeup is easy though, combo lip & cheek color, mascara, eye shadow and foundation is all I bring with the rest being samples of creams & toners. SPF in travel size from Super Goop is easy enough to bring along as a foundation primer too. Happy and safe traveling to all!

    • Hi Trudi – I’m so heartbroken at all the floods in Texas and fires in LA, and now all the people in Florida! We are currently planning an evacuation plan ourselves although so much is unknown we really don’t know what we’re going to do just yet. Loved reading about your travel go-tos πŸ™‚