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November 18, 2016

Flatlay Desktop Decor Beauty Look Book

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you had a great week. Some of you may have noticed I switched up the design of the blog and my site went through some updates. A few of you have been kind enough to message me and let me know you aren’t able to access new content from the home page, I hope everything is fixed now! Kindly shoot me an email if you can’t see the Glossier Black Tie Set review or the Holiday Beauty Gifts and Stocking Stuffers Under $50 guide. Or if you’ve posted comments but don’t see them show up also let me know via sabrina@thebeautylookbook.com.

On my desktop I have the new Coveteur Book and Capture Your Style – both which I’ve been able to peek at here and there over the past few busy days. I can’t wait to dive in as I’m such a huge fan of both blogs.

Five things I’m loving right now include:

I wanted to thank everyone for entering my giveaway a few weeks ago – I’ve enjoyed reading all of your questions you have and will pick a few and answer them in a fun get-to-know-me post after Thanksgiving. A quick note on upcoming posts:

  • I did a teaser on Instagram of the new Tom Ford Lips and Boys – there are 25 new shades and 25 repromoted colors that will launch at Sephora.com on November 24th and the rest of the stores will receive them on Black Friday, I’m busy doing lip swatches right now and will have the post up soon in case you’re ordering online, this year there are mattes!
  • Many of you wanted swatches of the MAC Extra Dimension Finishes and Strobe Creams from the In the Spotlight Collection. Post scheduled to go live tomorrow (Saturday!)
  • More holiday gift guides to be posted in the next week!
  • I have an exclusive coming up on Wednesday the 23rd that I’m dying to share with you but can’t yet. It’s something that Beauty Look Book readers are going to get early access to and I’m really really excited!
  • And yes the Louis Vuittons Perfume post is going to happen, I just don’t know when I’ll be able to fit it in, but I’ll review all the scents as I bought the mini sampler set

I hope you all enjoy your Friday and have a wonderful weekend! If you have anything you are loving right now I’d love to hear about them. Hopefully the comment function will resume working soon! xoxo


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  • Jaclyn

    test comment

  • Alix

    hi sabrina

    the icons on the left side of the page appear on top of the text — any way to fix?

  • Anonymous

    The link to your site via Instagram works but typing the site’s name directly into Safari on my iPhone didn’t get me to your most recent post. Hope the kinks get sorted out soon!

    • Sabrina

      Thanks! Can you tell me if you’re typing http://www.thebeautylookbook.com or thebeautylookbook.com?

      Two things, if you click on the home link (logo or from drop down) do you see the new posts?

      Or if you remove the www can you see new posts?


      • Anon

        I typed just the “thebeauty…” and get sent to the Glossier post and using the “drop down,” “Home” selection still pulls that Glossier post.

        If I type in “www.thebeauty…” then I get your most recent post, the “Loving Right Now” one.

        Hope this makes sense!

  • These are some beautiful picks! I’m loving the pink theme in this xx


  • Emily

    Yay for the Tom Ford Lips & Boys swatches! Snowdon and Christopher look stunning. I had some issues posting a comment on the Surratt post a couple days ago – something about a suspected bot?? Hopefully this one works….

  • Those nails do look lovely! I adore soft pink polish

  • This Dior lipgloss is just amazing!

  • I’m reading Capture Your Style too! It’s a good one!

    Love your blog redesign!


  • So glad I stumbled upon your blog. It’s right up my street and your pics! ???

    Laura| http://www.lauralivinglife.com