Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Sun Dipped and Mini Lip Gloss Set in Summer

June 17, 2016

There are two new launches this summer from Anastasia Beverly Hills that caught my eye. First is a new Glow Kit in Sun Dipped ($40) and a Mini Lip Gloss Set in Summer ($28 for 6 mini glosses). I’ll say right up front that I love both and even though I already own the other two Glow Kits in That Glow and Gleam (reviewed here) and a few neutral Lip Glosses (three reviewed here) I think these are worth purchasing if you own the others.

Up first is the new Glow Kit in Sun Dipped which I’ve been stalking the web for what seems like weeks. It has four large pans of highlighting powders with a high shimmer finish. They are very pigmented but are easy to blend for a diffused look. The product looks very different on my skin compared to what I see in the pans – these appear to be very complex shades with a lot of different colors mixed in. The reflective lighter particles dominate on my skin – so your mileage may vary depending on skin tone.

The four shades include Bronzed which is a warm shimmering bronze, Summer a pale ivory gold shimmer, Moonstone a pale champagne peach frost and Tourmaline a mauve nude shimmer.

On my medium olive skin I like mixing Bronzed and Tourmaline with a brush by dipping it into both shades and then swirling on the cheeks alone. For eyes – all four shades work layered together or using select ones for an all over wash. I love using Summer or Moonstone on top of a neutral beige matte shadow because it helps diffuse the frost a little bit. The two lighter shades have a strong contrast to my olive skin so on the cheeks I have to use with a very light hand.

In direct sun without a flash below the colors look cooler-toned. Light really brings out the warmth of the shades that are apparent when you swatch on the skin.

Comparisons to That Glow and Gleam (both reviewed here). There are definitely similarities between the That Glow and Sun Dipped, you can probably just pick one but I’m highlighter-obsessed and nothing was going to stop me from trying out Sun Dipped.

Next is the Mini Lip Gloss Set in Summer which is currently available online only at Anastasia Beverly Hills (if you’ve spotted it anywhere else let me know). I ordered sight unseen since the only place I could find it was online. I knew there was a chance that two of the shades would be well outside my comfort zone but I’ve been really pleased with her lip gloss formula so far and this set has some shades exclusive to the set. I hope they launch them separately in the future. For those who haven’t seen my previous reviews, these are full coverage glosses. They come in a few different finishes, most of the colors in this set act like creams that have high shine and opaque color. Only one is a shimmer. They do have a vanilla scent that is pretty strong but it fades after a few minutes.

Six shades:

  • St. Tropez is a stunning duo chrome rose with gold shimmer
  • Blushing is a light-medium cool pink that is actually wearable for me
  • Grape Jelly is an electric purple cream
  • Toffee is a medium nude that has very subtle shimmer
  • Caramel is a warm pink brown
  • Tango is a deep plum with red tones

On the lips, foundation shade worn is NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint in Groenland + St. Moritz mixed together (review + swatches in this post here):

Two sets of comparisons:
Buxom Wildly Whipped in Centerfold (review here)
Anastasia Lip Gloss in Undressed and Vintage (review here)
Tarteist Glossy Lip Paint in Obvi and Goals
NARS Lip Cover in Get Dirty and Overheated (review)

YSL Pop Water Gloss Stain in 205 (swatched here)
Buxom Wildly Whipped in Wandress and Swinger (review here)
Marc Jacobs Lip Lacquer in Whip It (reviewed here)
Anastasia Lip Gloss in Metallic Rose (review here)

Both items are phenomenal in terms of quality, pigment and lasting power. The Glow Kit in Sun Dipped is absolutely gorgeous. If I had to pick Sun Dipped or That Glow, I would say for me Sun Dipped is the winner. It has that gorgeous mauve shimmer which is pretty for the eyes and cheeks. The kit is on the shimmery side so I have to use with a lighter hand. If you are medium to tan to deep it will have more contrast on your skin.
The Mini Lip Gloss is pure love for me even though there is one shade that I won’t ever wear (Grape Jelly). I think the mini size is really cute and they have the same sponge tip applicator that’s flat but flexible. The minis run at 2 g each while the full size glosses are 4.5 g.

You can find the Sun Dipped Glow Kit at Sephora, Ulta Beauty, Macy’s and Anastasia Beverly Hills. Right now it appears the Mini Lip Gloss Set is available only at Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Have you looked at these yet?

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  • I love how all the glosses looked on you. Toffee and Carmel might not work on me but the rest look super.

    • Thank you! I'm so behind on getting to comments, thank you 🙂

  • Got mine yesterday from Cult Beauty and I still think these are awesome. Not only do they perform well but you do get so much for your money. The size of the palette never fails to surprise me. I really am a huge Anastasia fan.

    • Oooh so excited you got these! Glad you're a fan of the line, I'm just getting into the makeup since it's now at Sephora/Ulta and love everything so far.

  • Oops forget to say you are rocking another bright Sabrina…..Tango looks particularly lovely on you.

  • WoW! This is another great must have highlight palette I first got the gleam kit and then of course that glow. Adore them both. Sun dipped is not available here in Holland yet, neither are the glosses really hope we will get them. Definitely on my wish list. I bought the Anasatasia highlighting brush as well and love it! Thanks for posting.

    • Thank you Nawi – glad you liked the review! Hope you will be able to find them in Holland soon!

  • The glow kit looks so stunning! Wow.

    Nicole | In The Life of NM

    • Thank you Nicole 🙂 I was impressed by it too!

  • I will be purchasing the Glow Kit just for Tourmaline! The other shades coming with it will just be a bonus.

    • I agree Tourmaline is just stunning!!

  • My Glow Kit is on the way and I am so excited for it! Your swatches are killing me, so pretty <3

    • Yay yay yay! By now I hope you've received it!

  • St. Tropez looks like a warm version of Metallic Rose, one of my everyday favorites. Although Anastasia's glosses have a heavier, denser feel to them, they are comfortable on the lips and wear well. As for Tango, now that's my kind of color 🙂 It looks beautiful on you, Sabrina.

    • Hi Eileen – yes I knew Tango would be an Eileen kind of color!

  • Gosh, these look beautiful! I've ordered the Glow Kit but I was holding out on the glosses – they really are beautiful though! Maybe I'll change my mind!

    Beekeyper – Latest – Nuxe Rêve de Miel – in a stick!

    • The glow kit is a must, I totally understand holding out on the gloss set, I prefer to pick out individual shades, but it turned out to be a winner!

  • Like St. Tropez on you.
    That Glow Kit is STUNNING!
    How many highlighters does a girl need, though? LOL


    • LOL Susan, I don't know the answer to that – but I totally feel you every time I see another amazing highlighter launch!

  • Ordered the glow kit due to your swatches, in fact I just opened a new tab and had to buy it asap halfway through lol, great post! xx
    Sarah from iheartcosmetics

  • Just love that glow Kit looks.

    • They are really gorgeous!

  • Of all the colors, I think Grape Jelly looks amazing on you. I''m so sorry to read that that's the one you don't think you will ever wear.

    • Thank you! So sweet of you to say 🙂 Maybe I'll reconsider for bolder days.

  • I think I will have to get the mini gloss set. I'm very fair so they may not suit me but they're so cute!