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Tom Ford Beauty Moodlight Skin Illuminating Powder Duo

August 10, 2015

Tom Ford Beauty has some exciting new releases for fall. It appears new products are launching in a few mini collections, up first is a focus on face makeup for flawless and glowing skin. New products include:
Today I have a review of the gorgeous highlighter duo in Moodlight. I ordered mine online as soon as it popped up for pre-order and it arrived a couple of weeks ago. It’s so gorgeous I’ve since purchased a couple of backups. I’m not sure at this time if it’s limited-edition, but my local counters received limited stock (as soon as I confirm, I’ll update this post). Update Aug 18, according to Tom Ford, the duo is indeed limited-edition.

Moodlight is a powder duo. It comes in the large rectangular Tom Ford compact with a soft iridescent opal white shade and a medium bronzey peach pink champagne. The texture is very soft and easy to blend. Pigment is buildable but visible on the skin. The shimmer is pretty strong in both shades but on me the duo glows without that garish frost. The powders are embossed with the prettiest cross-hatch pattern and TF initials.

The colors have this beautiful mix of pigments. It makes the skin glow in a youthful way. I suspect on fair skintones, the light shade will be more subtle as it will match your skin and the bronzey shade will look more like a darker bronze. On my medium skin the light color shows up as a gorgeous opal highlight and the bronzey shade appears like a soft peachy bronze contour blush highlight. Darker skintones will see more contrast. The colors are truly stunning – I think this is going to be a universally flattering palette – it will look gorgeous no matter what skintone. Some more photos and swatches below.

Many have asked for a number of comparisons. I’ve pulled two batches for what I could fit on my arm. My personal thoughts on highlighter are that you can never have enough glow. The Tom Ford Skin Illuminating Duo gives that perfect glow-from-within combination. It mimics the effect Armani Fluid Sheers have minus the oily-overly-dewy factor you can get with warm weather.

Comparison Set 1:
Comparison Set 2:


The swatches and photos can’t do Tom Ford’s Skin Illuminating Powder Duo in  Moodlight justice. I’ve swatched it with a heavy hand to show you the color and complexity but it is easy to blend and on the skin it’s not overly shimmery or frosty. If you ask me if I think it’s a must-have I say absolutely yes. It’s like the now-discontinued Burberry Fresh Glow Powders minus the garish frost. If you want my thoughts on what the closest dupe is, I would say that the Edward Bess All Over Seduction Highlighters give the most similar effect but they are creams and slightly more dewy while the Tom Ford is a powder and more shimmery. Here it is applied on the cheeks. On the lips is Spanish Pink. On the eyes is the Nude Dip quad. For skintone reference I’m wearing the Traceless Perfecting Foundation in Natural #5.

I’ve been playing with Moodlight for several days now. It’s a good highlighter that isn’t overly frosted. It gives a youthful glow + subtle color. I like adding a bit of blush or bronzer for more color, but at my skintone right now I find I can wear it alone. (I wear Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting in Shade 5 Natural now, when I’m lighter I wear Shade 4 Bisque, swatches of all colors here + review on Shade 4 here).

There seem to be a number of new highlighters that have launched this season. Since I’m a huge highlighter fan I can’t pick just one as my favorite. I do think the Tom Ford Moodlight is a winner and backup-worthy. It lasts all day without getting too glowy-looking. I like that it’s a powder with a slight creamy finish so it adheres well to the skin. Also a huge plus is the fact that it doesn’t emphasize pores (at least on me). I give it a huge thumbs up. It’s mega expensive but worth every penny.

The Tom Ford Skin Illuminating Powder Duo comes in one shade Moodlight. It retails for $80 and is limited-edition. Available now at Tom Ford Beauty counters. Online at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Harrods, Saks Fifth Avenue and Tom Ford.

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  • I got this a couple of weeks ago based on your suggestions and you're right it's just to die for ?


  • As I understood it everything in the Flawless Face Collection is going to be permanent. I've also picked up the new Illuminating Powder in Translucent Pink which is an addition nobody seems to know much about but it's here in UK so there are now two Illuminating powders in the core range plus the Duo. I adore the Illuminating Duo…..as far as I'm concerned it knocks every other illuminating powder out of the park. I had a makeover at Tom Ford with the new products last week. I didn't buy the Flawless Face Powder Foundation as I prefer the more dewy look of Traceless Perfecting but I bought the Pink Glow Primer, the Illuminating Duo, Illuminating Powder in Translucent Pink from the new collection and needless to say Tom Ford has excelled again. Just eagerly awaiting September 4th for the launch of Autumn 2015. My SA also showed me the marketing schedule until year end……we will not be disappointed. A mini capsule collection in October, a range of (extremely expensive) sponge bags and Christmas Holiday to look forward too. Once again Sabrina your pictures are a brand's dream. Xxx

  • Gorgeous review. I'm waiting for my order.

  • I'm waiting for my order. Your review makes me so anxious.

  • Anonymous

    I just purchased this. What brush did you apply with? I've had a hard time getting enough pigment (maybe my brush is too soft)?

  • Oh wow this is absolutely gorgeous!!!

    Candice Beauty Candy Loves

  • T'es juste sublime!

  • Cannot wait t o get this. Lovely post

  • Christina

    You look gorgeous and all sorts of glowy, Sabrina! I suspect the bronze side will be too dark on me; I could use it as an all over cheek colour, but I don't typically use bronzers. But boy do you make it tempting.

  • How beautiful! I will definitely have to get one – birthday gift to myself!

  • OMG! OMG!! OMG!!! ? I ordered this yesterday and can hardly wait to get it now. I'm a complete sucker for a beautiful highlighter and this one has proven to be irrestible. Thank you for all the comparisons, Sabrina.

  • This is such a stunning product! Tom Ford is the epitome of luxury. x


  • This is such a beauty! No wonder why many like this so much. I guess this is the time to check this out.

  • I love mine too, although I had a hard time applying the lighter shade initially. For some reason my duo fiber brush and fingertips apply it better than the fan brush. You are so on point about it looking natural and not garish at all. Now I patiently await the arrival of the ombrΓ© blush. Can you please review that next as well as the powder foundations? Thanks so much!

  • I want this!! It looks beautiful! xo


  • Hi Sabrina!!

    I bought Moonlight Duo, the lighter of the two primers, and a Powder Foundation.

    Oh My Goodness the Moonlight Duo is FANTASTIC!! i am very very fair, and as you said, the highlight color is almost invisible on me, but it still manages to add a little "sumthin sumthin" πŸ™‚ i do wish it were a bit lighter for me. the darker shade, however, is just so lovely on my skin! i know this is a tired cliche – but it makes me look younger and healthier!!!! πŸ™‚

    the primer is also a big win for me. really really subtle and sophisticated glow. i highly recommend it.

    i also like the powder foundation. this is one of the best powder foundations i have ever used — but i'm still not sure powder foundations are right for me. pairing this with the new primer keeps it from looking too flat or matte, which is a plus.

    you look ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS in the look you posted. i love the fresh dewey-ness!

    xoxo sj

    • Christina

      Well that's good to know! I'm ultra fair as well and was worried that the darker side would be too dark. How are you using it? As a traditional bronzer or a cheek color?

  • one last thing – for you and your Tom Ford lover readers: there will NOT be any new eye shadows released for Fall or Holiday this year. lots of new lip shades (i think something like 30 shades), new eye liners, mascaras, brow products, nail colors and maybe one other thing i am forgetting.

    • I thought the new four ombres released in September for this Autumn were eye / cheek product? I was told no new nail polish colours this year! Xx

    • That's what I thought, Amanda. I've seen a couple of looks online using them and they create a coordinated but monochromatic effect. Subtle, elegant, refined–not what we usually expect from razzle-dazzle loving TF. LOL. I also saw pictures of a cream eyeshadow with the rest of the collection. I wonder if that is going to be released. Hmmm . . .

    • Eileen, the cream eyeshadow pot is a lip / cheek / eye product. Retails in UK at Β£29.00 and the colour way is called Runway. It's available online at Selfridges & Harvey Nichols but wasn't on counter instore last week. Online exclusive & then on counter with September Autumn launch or so I'm told. Enjoy…..I can't wait either. My SA says the Ombres are not as pigmented as we've come to expect from TF and are subtle. Her opinion is the star of the Autumn launch is the eyebrow kits. I am going to the Autumn Launch on 4th Sept so no doubt I'll bankrupt myself again. Xx

    • Yes there are 4 new ombre eye to cheek compacts that are already up on TF.com for pre-order.

    • Thanks, Amanda, for the wealth of info πŸ™‚

    • Hi SJ,
      Lips & Boys is going to be out again with 25 repromotes and 25 new shades. ReallyRee has the info on her blog. The UK seems to be ahead of us here in the U.S. When it comes to getting sneak peaks at TF collections.

    • Hi Eileen…..I got Really Ree's photos the morning and sent them to my SA to double check with their schedule. It looks like there IS a black nail polish and the eye shadow duo……I was squealing! I believe that is the Noir Exclusive Collection I was told about last week and due out on October 5th in UK but as SJ says coloured mascara, pencils too. I think between us all we have covered the contents of Autumn launch, Noir Exclusive launch, Lips & Boys and Christmas. But that's an inordinate amount of activity for TF what with Flawless Face in August through to Christmas launch…..I'm struggling to keep up and keep solvent. Xx

    • hahaha! i love how we are all so excited for the new launches!!!! Tom Ford fans unite!

      ok so i have some more info πŸ™‚ i went to an exclusive Tom Ford event yesterday and got everything straight from the horse's mouth (the creative team that does the Tom Ford cosmetics). then i checked against the Really Ree website and it is all correct on her site. except for the "Runway" eye/cheek/lip product which will not be released in the US (although i think i saw it on Net A Porter)

      in addition to the new complexion products:

      now: 16 new lipshades released (several MUST HAVE shades)

      for FALL: 4 ombre shades that can be cheek or eye shades (i saw and swatched these in person and they are quite subtle), along with 2 new lip colors (both are GORGEOUS), and the brow palette(s).

      Black Friday: 50 lips and boys

      Holiday: two "lash tip" mascaras", eyeliner, eye cream duo, nail polish and a repromote of an older lip color. not sure when holiday will be released.

      super excited! xoxoxo πŸ™‚ SJ

    • AK

      Hi, i went to the TF Boutique in NYC yesterday where the AW 2015 colour pot was available. The colour is a brown with none of the nuance or beauty of past cream eyeshadow releases. its application was also very sticky and uncomfortable. The TF sticker label stuck on the lid was also off putting. The boutique also had the ombre colours as well as the powder foundations and 16 new lipsticks. Out of the selections, i felt that the lipsticks were the most intriguing with a variety of colours to choose from.

  • This looks beautiful! I love that the bronze is shimmery too.

    Rachel | http://www.currentlyrachel.com

  • Hmmmm… Pretty frosty. Colourpop has an $8 creamy powder hybrid highlighter which looks exactly like the peachy side. It is called Teasecake. I enjoy my Chanel, my Dior, my Guerlain, even my Tom Ford. However, I recently became aware of manufacturing cost vs markup price, and I am feeling less inclined to give the wealthy my hard-earned money. Think about it… ;{}

    • Anonymous

      Pretty much my thoughts, exactly. Sure, it's pretty and it comes in classy-looking packaging, but, wow…. $80 for a shimmery powder? Uh, no thanks.

  • This product looks absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to see it in Berlin πŸ™‚

    • Dar

      Do you have any idea when it'll be available in Berlin? Thank you so much Katrin!

  • I mentioned this on Cafe Makeup also, but I made the mistake of not getting a back up of Stroked last year. This beauty constitutes 2 back ups!

    • I'm still kicking myself about not buying a back up in the TF Pink Sand cream cheek colour but I do believe the Illuminating Duo is permanent so don't panic! Xx

  • Catherine

    Looks beautiful on your skin, Sabrina!

  • Just beautiful! Seriously tempted by this one xx

  • Wow I definitely need this! I've been stalking the selfridges website waiting for them to finally stock it!! πŸ™‚ xx

  • I just got this after much mulling over whether I needed yet another highlighter and, OH MY GOD, am I glad I did it! It almost seems wrong to refer to it as a highlighter because it is in fact, as it's named, an illuminator. It takes so little product and is so insanely stunning on my fair skin! That glow! I will weep when mine is gone if I can't get another. Tom Ford is a god.

  • Got this palette today and it's just stunning. I think I'll need back ups too!