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Christian Louboutin Nail Color – The Nudes

December 8, 2014

Earlier this year Christian Louboutin released a classic red nail polish called Louboutin Rouge followed by thirty additional shades in three families called The Nudes (neutrals), The Pops (brights) and The Noirs (dramatic dark shades). The nail polishes are among the most expensive in the market, priced at $50 each but have been selling out repeatedly. I pre-ordered these from Nordstrom back in August before they were released. I received them the first week of September and have been putting each shade to the test for weeks. I’ve already reviewed and tested the classic Louboutin Rouge (more thoughts in this post). Today I have all ten nudes to share with you (yes, my fingers have been very busy swatching!).

The Louboutin Nudes have two different finishes. All are creams without any shimmer. There are shades with a sheer finish and then colors with more opaque coverage. The range of nudes is quite wide, but the soft pinks are very similar in effect with slight variations in undertone. First, the packaging is quite stunning. These have long heel spikes for handles. All the nude colors have a pearly beige finish on the handles with large glass jars to hold the polish. Each one contains 0.4 fl oz/13 ml of polish. All of mine say they are made in the USA.

Packaging these seems like it would be quite challenging to construct a large box. Instead of encasing the entire polish + handle in a box, these come with a cardboard container that goes around the glass portion. Mine were all wrapped individually in study stock when they were shipped. They all arrived in tact and without any scratches or issues:

The colors are labeled at the base:

Here are all the shades lined up side by side:

Colors and descriptions according to my testing below.

  • Tres Decollete is the darkest pink with a blue base, this one is sheer but has the most coverage out of all the soft pinks
  • Sweet Charity is a super sheer soft white cream, this was the only shade I did not like, mainly because it took four coats to get decent coverage, three coats gave the nails a soft glossy look, but one I think could be duplicated by cheaper brands
  • La Favorita is a medium warm pink, the pigment is sheer, but applied smoothly and evenly with two coats
  • Simple Nude is a warm camel nude that has medium-to-full coverage
  • Me Nude is a cool mauve nude with excellent pigment, it had smooth flawless coverage
  • Just Nothing is a beautiful nude that leans beige, but still has a bit of pink in it so it doesn’t look orangey on the hands
  • Alta Perla is a unique grey nude with a hint of sage, the formula is medium on this one, with two think coats you might still see the nail underneath some fingers, I applied a slightly thicker second coat to get full coverage
  • Tutulle is the perfect nude pink cream
  • Zoulou is a really lovely chocolate nude cream with excellent pigment
  • Madame Est Nue is a the lightest pink, it’s a nude pink that has super sheer coverage

One more view below, same order as above, but in direct sunlight:

Swatched side by side, lightest to darkest:

Individual photos and swatches, I’ll indicate how many coats I used for each one. I tested these with a number of different base and top coats. The cult favorite Seche Vite gave major shrinkage with these polishes on tips and cuticle areas causing these to get tip wear after 1 day. I don’t recommend it, although I know many people love that brand. I really liked mine with the Deborah Lippmann Rehydrating Base Coat to help color adhere to the nail, and then topped with either the Chanel Laque Brilliance Extreme or Dior Gel Top Coat. Louboutin has their own Nail Care Kit, but after splurging quite heavily on the colors themselves, I decided to try what I already had first. Using either the Dior or Chanel Top coats allowed for 7 days of wear without any chipping or tip wear which I found very impressive with this formula.


Sweet Charity, shown with four coats


Madame Est Nue with three coats


La Favorita with two coats


Tres Decollete with two coats


Tutulle with two coats


Just Nothing with two coats


Me Nude with two coats


Simple Nude with two coats


Zoulou with two coats


Alta Perla with two coats (pinky has three coats)

The wear on these is really amazing in my experience. I didn’t want to say that I would fall in love with $50 nail polishes but the colors that Louboutin has released are truly flawless and naturally flattering. A good flattering nude can be hard to find. There are many good ones out there, but so many are either too pale, too warm, too orange or just look pink on my hands. Louboutin hands down has created the perfect palette of nude polishes with a diverse range to suit any skin tone.

If you’re looking to splurge, I would say you definitely don’t need all ten of the nudes. My thoughts rounded up:
  • For a soft pink, I like Tres Decollete the best, although La Favorita comes in close second
  • For a medium nude, Tutulle is my favorite because it has a bit of pink, followed by Just Nothing which is another great nude
  • For unique colors, Zoulou and Alta Perla are the best picks, they do have a similar vibe to other brands, but these ones just work so well with the skin
  • Two to skip for me include Sweet Charity (just too sheer) and Simple Nude for my specific skin tone is too match so it blends in (if you’re lighter or darker in skin tone, I think this will look lovely on you)

One last shot, my personal take on the Louboutin Nudes cluster:

I hope you enjoyed this roundup. It’s taken me weeks to complete but I can say that I highly recommend these if you’re looking to treat yourself (or a friend). The $50 price tag on 10 shades has certainly been an ouch on my wallet, but I have no regrets. Available now at Nordstrom.

Special thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.
For more information, refer to my Disclosures.

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  • I like Simple Nude just because it's hard to get a mauve-y nude that isn't too purple. I just can't justify the price for such dupable shades.

  • The packaging is literally soo beautiful! Love all the shades πŸ™‚

  • Wow, that is one serious post. Love the bottle and the darker shades, they look so classy!

  • Gorgeous colors!

  • Sabrina – thank you SO much for creating this post!! i too love the Louboutin formula, but haven't been able to judge which colors i would like based on what they look like in the bottle. this is EXTREMELY helpful.

    i find myself drawn to Me Nude, i am really digging the mauvey undertone! the pinks are both beautiful, and i love Zoulou and Alta Perla as well. so many choices!

    for other ladies reading – if you are remotely drawn to these colors, you should pick them up because the formula is very very very good.
    xo sj

    • Thank you, glad this helped you!

  • Lorraine V.

    Me Nude and Alta Perla have caught my eye. I hope some comparisons are coming for some of the shades? thanks for swatching them all- so gorgeous as usual! I have a weakness for buttery smooth neutrals. You make them all look so tempting.

  • love the packaging !!

  • Stunning photography Sabrina! You have really outdone yourself!

    I have a quick question about the sponsorship of this post. It sounds like you paid for these polishes yourself, but yet you mention Nordstrom sponsored the post. How does that work? Just curious.

    • Hi Scent Hive, yes I did pay for all the nail polishes out of my own pocket and yes, this was sponsored by Nordstrom.

      For some sponsored features, products are provided, but for others items are not.

      Whether an article is sponsored or not, I prefer to feature items that I have tested personally so I can give my unbiased and objective opinions to readers.

    • Jo

      Does that mean that Nordstrom compensated you in some way for the review? Thanks

    • Yes, more information on my disclosures here.

  • I have Alta Perla and I'm obsessed with how naturally glossy it is! And the wear exceeds any of my other high end polishes. Zoulou and Tres Decollete will be my next picks from the nudes. I was skeptical that the performance of these polishes could live up to the price tag, but in my experience it totally does.

    • Glad to find another Louboutin nail polish fan! Yes Alta Perla is beautifully glossy and it's such a unique color.

  • May

    Hi, Sabrina! This post reminded me that on your incredibly helpful post about which camera you use/recommend, I'd meant to ask how you get such perfectly white backgrounds in so many of your gorgeous pictures, while still keeping your photos color-accurate. I'd love to know, if you have time to write up such a post, please!

    Also, I know you've gotten quite a few comments asking how you'll be/are going about decorating your new place. Please add me to that chorus of voices. πŸ™‚ I'm a relatively new reader to your blog, and in spite of my high standards (this is why it's so difficult for so many beauty blogs to hold my attention for long), I'm just blown away by the care and exquisite taste you exhibit on your blog, so much so that I've taken the extra step of actually following your blog. It's no exaggeration to say that I can literally count on one hand the number of beauty blogs I follow. I don't mean that to illustrate how persnickety I am (although it's true, I admit), but rather the amount of work and love that you put into your blog simply shines through. As corny as it sounds, each new post of yours truly adds a little bit of delight to my day!

    Also, thank you immensely for your honest answer to Scent Hive's question. I don't necessarily mind the intersection of commercial and private/personal interests nowadays in the blogosphere (indeed, it's become extremely difficult if not impossible to avoid), but full disclosure gives me peace of mind and allows me to better buy into whatever someone is selling, rather than wondering in the back of my head if so-and-so blogger might have been incentivized to be less than fully honest, or more enthusiastic than possibly warranted.

    I'll end my verbose comment with one more heartfelt thank you! πŸ™‚

    • Hi May, I'm going to shoot for more blog posts on blogging in the next year. The home decoration process is going very slowly, but it is coming along. I might consider sharing snippets once we are closer to being finished (we are moving at a snail's pace).

      Thank you for your sweet comments and support.

    • May, I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said about Sabrina's blog. It's one of the few I frequent as well, and with all of the care Sabrina takes with TBLB, she deserves to make some money from it!

      I was just confused by the post as it was mentioned that she paid for the polishes, yet it was sponsored by Nordstom's so I didn't quite get how that worked, and I'm glad she clarified that. As you mentioned May, full disclosure is so important for that piece of mind.

      I come here daily as well, and love to see what Sabrina has in store for us!

  • Amazing!!! I want them all;)

  • The tops are quite strange but the shades are beautiful!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


    • The tops scare my husband and brother lol.

  • Oh wow, these look amazing. Alta Perla is so freaking beautiful.

  • What an enabling post! If only I could afford them at the moment, lol. These colors are too pretty for my life! Particularly loving the pinks <3

  • Hi sabrina, amazing picture and review as always!

    $50 is way too high for a bottle of polish, but sure they have the prettiest and most awesome packaging <3

  • Sabrina, thank you for indicating how many coats of polish you used right there by each of your nail swatches. That is very helpful especially when featuring a lot of different colors.

    • Anonymous


      Where have you been? Please keep posting.

    • Hi Eileen, thank you so much for your kind comments. I'm glad you found the coat indicators helpful πŸ™‚

  • Amy

    So helpful, thank you! I agree with Eileen, I've been cautious about buying these because I was afraid of the sheerness. Light polishes can be so challenging! This is a perfect post.

  • michelle

    Wow–the colors are beautiful and the formula looks & sounds great. I have mixed feelings about the bottle; it looks like a beautiful weapon. Ultimately, $50 is too $$ for me but thanks for allowing me to admire it on you:)

  • Too much choice! I want to try these all in one go! πŸ™‚

  • Beautiful colors !
    What a pity that's expensive πŸ™

  • Though in a few cases, there are differences in shade, overall the colors look a lot like the Zoya Naturel collection that they offer every year and if I were a big fan of nudes, I could buy nearly the whole collection LOL for the price of one Louboutin. Also as an urban resident, stash storage is a concern with those pointy tops. If I were to buy one it would be for a color that isn't easily dupable and so far I have not seen it. But they certainly look lovely on you.

  • WOW i NEED la favorita! my bank account says no no no but my heart says YES YES YES *insert heart eyes emoji*

  • Anonymous

    Hi! loved your post! I'm looking to match my nude patent louboutins to a nude shade but am confused. Not sure if you would know?


  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know of a dupe for "Tres Decollete"? Or is it in a league all of its own? Thank you!

  • Hi! I was wondering if there's any dupes to Tutulle? It's the perfect nude for me but it's completely out of my budget πŸ™