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Tom Ford Lip Color Matte | First Time, Pink Tease, Pussycat and Velvet Cherry

October 17, 2014

Tom Ford has released a new lipstick formula called Lip Color Matte ($50 each, made in Belgium). I spotted some shades at the Tom Ford Boutique on Rodeo Drive last week. The new Lip Color Mattes are currently available online at Tom Ford and Neiman Marcus, they should be released at all Tom Ford retailers later this season. I found some helpful swatches and photos on Instagram from @beautyprofessor, @reallyree and @tanyabuzzetta. I saw seven different shades in Pink Tease, First Time, Velvet Cherry, Pussycat, Flame, Plum Lush and Ruby Rush, although there are reports that an additional shade Black Dahlia might also be released.

The Lip Color Matte formula is a lipstick with a velvety semi-matte finish. They are designed to be matte lipsticks but they aren’t really a traditional full matte which is a huge plus for me. I rarely say I hate anything beauty related, but on me, I really hate matte lips. I find they emphasize lines, look heavy/thick and end up aging the face. Finding colors that work with the matte texture is also tricky for me. The Tom Ford Lip Color Mattes have a soft cushy velvety texture. They glide on smoothly onto the lips and don’t look dry. I do find that if you have any peeling or dry areas, prep the lips with a lip balm for a few minutes and then wipe it off before applying the lipstick. Another good alternative I like is MAC’s Prep + Prime Lip (it’s a good lip primer to keep lipstick in place, but not really a lip moisturizer).

These have the same vanilla scent as the regular lip colors do. Lasting power is quite good, they aren’t budge proof but they do stay put fairly long. I picked out four colors, three neutrals and one deep burgundy red. The others were very dark and bright – good if you want a dramatic lip, but too dramatic for my taste. The color I bought include:

L to R: First Time, Pink Tease, Pussycat, Velvet Cherry

  • First Time is a peach nude pink, this one applies nicely on the lips, you have to let it sit for a minute and warm up on the lip though, it doesn’t change color but the texture melds into the lip after a minute of sitting on the lips
  • Pink Tease is a very cool-toned medium pink, this looks like a neutral pink in the tube, but on my lips it went a bit fluorescent and pulled very cool on my skin, this one needs tweaking with a gloss or lipliner to warm it up, otherwise it makes my lips look really dry just because the color clashes with my skin
  • Pussycat is a cool mauve pink, this one surprised me, I thought it would go on too blue-toned based on how it swatched on my hand, it’s a surprisingly wearable mauve
  • Velvet Cherry is a deep red, this something I usually don’t go for, but it’s a classic deep dark red that isn’t too dark, this one needs careful application and lip prep, it has such a sharp contrast with my natural lip color, precise application is key, I applied it below straight from the tube (scroll down) although I should have fixed it with a lip brush

Close ups and swatches, you can see below the coverage and pigment is really good:

Comparisons, Set One has the following (I’ll link previous swatches and reviews):

Set Two has Aerin Wild Lilac, Tom Ford Black Orchid (discontinued), MAC Ruby Patent Polish, Burberry Blueberry Lip Mist

Lip swatches of the four lip mattes I picked out below:

I like First Time, Pussycat and Velvet Cherry. In real life they look very natural and smooth on the lips, a camera flash tends to emphasize any shadows or fine lines so they might look a bit dry in the photos above. The exception is with Pink Tease which I am not a fan of (at least on me). I can’t really pull off cool-toned bright pinks well, they end up looking too mod-like. The color just looks really aged and dry on my lips, but in all fairness, all colors similar in tone and brightness do the same.

I’m not a fan of matte-finish lipsticks so I can’t say I am absolutely in love with these, but I am very pleased with 3 of the 4 shades I bought. I personally prefer Tom Ford’s other lip formulas and color options, but the Lip Color Mattes still perform very well and I do think they are worth looking into, especially if you like rich deep colors.

The Lip Color Mattes can be found online and in stores at Tom Ford Boutiques and Neiman Marcus for $50 each. They should be widely available at all Tom Ford counters soon. (PS Neiman Marcus has their Incircle event now and an online mini lipstick gift with $100 purchase, while supplies last).

Are you a fan of matte lips or Tom Ford lipsticks? Have you picked up any of the colors?

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  • Oh wow… these are absolutely stunning! "First time" just got added to my wishlist! I need it in my life! I'm loving matte lipsticks at the moment. πŸ™‚ x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Sabrina so much for such a great review! Initially wanted to get a couple of lipsticks First Time and Pink Tease. Now, considering to pass on them. I still will check them in person though. Actually, really hoping that I would not like them, as already accumulated quite a bit of lipsticks in my collection and trying to finish one lipstick now from CdP (trying already for second month, by faithfully using it), but it takes a really long time to do it. But it really helps me to think much longer before ordering another lipstick:)

    • Glad it helped, and if you're unsure, definitely wait. At $50 a tube I think it needs to be love to splurge.

  • Jo

    Thanks for this timely review Sabrina. How would you say First Time compares to the Lipstick Queen You Kid you reviewed earlier this week? If you had a choice between the two which would you pick? Formula wise and color wise. Thanks

    • Hi Jo, I just swatched them side by side, Lipstick Queen You Kid is darker, I would say about 2-3x darker. Tom Ford First Time pulls slightly more pink.

      Preference wise, I think they are different to choose between the two. LSQ has a glossy finish while the TF is a matte.

      I think the LSQ You Kid will be easier for more skintones to pull off, it glides on easier. TF First Time adjusts on my lips nicely, but I suspect if you have dark lips it might be a bit hard to wear easily.

    • Jo

      Thanks Sabrina, I'm going to get the LSQ.

  • Cubicledweller (Kristina)

    This is a beautiful review. I'm not a real fan of matte lips, but I'm over 40 :), however, I think I might try Pussycat now as these don't look as dry as I thought they might. Thank you!

  • These are all so stunning, they sound and look amazing! I love the more nude shades.

  • First time is really pretty !
    But matte lips still look dry for me.
    First time is the less dry looking of the all. Lovely !

  • These look sooooo good! Velvet Cherry has just gone to top of my wish list after seeing your swatch.

    Ting |

    • Velvet Cherry is definitely a favorite πŸ™‚

  • Gail

    Thanks so much Sabrina. You saved me some money. I love First Time on you but think it would be hard for me to pull off with my pigmented lips. Are you going to get any of the previously Asian-exclusives that have turned up on the TF web site — Naked Coral, Bare Peach, or Forbidden Pink? I'm pretty tempted by Forbidden Pink!!

    • Hi Gail, I saw these on the TF website but am so hesitant to splurge since I haven't seen them in person. Swatches on other blogs look like these might be a bit dark for my skintone, especially since they look similar in tone to Negligee and Twist of Fate from fall both of which ended up being darker than I expected. I keep going back and forth lol.

  • all pretty colours

    β™₯ β™₯

  • First Time looks perfect to me!!! I simply adore it. Thanks for showing us how they look worn… Sometimes the colour changes so much it's a waste of time and money!
    Thanks again
    Lots of love, xx

  • Velvet Cherry is absolutely gorgeous!

    • I'm going to second that! I will definitely have to buy that color and perhaps Pussycat as well.

  • love love love. The one I like the most is First Time, I think I would us it every single day!

  • jenna

    first time and velvet cherry are calling my name! Beautiful swatches as always sabrina πŸ™‚

  • This is a spectacular post, Sabrina and First Time is stunning on you!!!

    Have a lovely weekend…xo,

    –The Beauty Professor

  • Hi Sabrina, I picked up First Time and I like it a lot, even though matte finishes aren't that flattering on me. I ordered Pink Tease without trying it first and now I'm afraid it might be too cool-toned for me. I saw a photo of Black Dahlia on my local Tom Ford rep recently:

  • Lizzy

    Thank you for a timely in-depth review of these lippies. I was very curious about them as I have a thing for TF lipsticks. You saved me some serious money. If you can't pull these off, I sure as heck can't.

    • Thanks Lizzy, glad I saved you some $$ πŸ™‚

  • Hi Sabrina! First Time and Pussycat both look gorgeous on you. I might get these colors soon. Thanks for the beautiful review πŸ™‚

    • Glad the review helped πŸ™‚

  • Ordered Velvet Cherry…thank you!

  • What a colors!!!!

  • susah

    it looks like tom ford black orchid and aerin wild lilac might be dupes from your swatch. would you say they're similar colors? thanks!

  • t

    Nice colours! I'll have to check these outs!

    xo T.

  • Velvet Cherry is amazing!

  • I have got to try some Ford now..i want that black cheery..looks i could line..use as a stain type with gloss over it..smudge it down so not so bright..i dont have your pretty lips..but his lipsticks look worth each cent..ty so sharing your site all over lol.