New Shades of YSL Volupté Sheer Candy | 14 Belle Cannelle, 15 Rose Candy, 16 Cherise Désir, 17 Fraise Ganache

August 22, 2014

There are four new shades of YSL Volupté Sheer Candy in 14 Belle Cannelle, 15 Rose Candy, 16 Cherise Désir, 17 Fraise Ganache ($34 each, currently exclusive to Sephora). The YSL Volupté Sheer Candy formula is a sheer glossy tinted lip balm. I feel those who have tried these either really love them or hate them. I was thoroughly unimpressed when I first one I tried these several years ago. I gave them a second try last year early in 2013 and my opinion had changed completely. Funny how personal taste on beauty and style can change. Although the YSL Volupté Sheer Candy lip balms are indeed very sheer, they feel phenomenal on the lips and help transform texture with a super lush hydrating feel. These are heavily scented with something I feel is a mango and grapefruit blend, but to me it’s not artificially sweet. I love these for a swipe and go kind of lip product that doesn’t require a mirror and that will always look natural. Some of the colors are more visible on my lips than others, but all are still pretty sheer. If you want more color and pigment, I’d recommend you opt for the YSL Volupté Shines (reviews and swatches on my picks here).

The four new shades appear to be exclusive to Sephora. All look a lot lighter and brighter in real life compared to online square swatches. The actual lip balm tubes don’t have names on them, just the numbers.

  • #14 is warmer brownish nude
  • #15 is medium hot sheer pink
  • #16 is a brighter fuchsia pink that is still very soft 
  • #17 is a soft mauve with subtle shimmer particles

If you’ve tried the Volupté Sheer Candies, you know swatches are difficult to photograph because of the sheer glossy finish. These are colors that show up better on the lips. I’ve swatched them below with a lip brush to pick up more color. I recommend you also check out swatches on Best Things in Beauty – her swatches show what the color will look like straight from the tube.

Here are close ups and lip swatches of each shade. As usual with lip swatches, no added liner or base unless specified. On the lips I applied the colors straight from the tube, swiping back and forth around 2 to 3 times each lip:

A few comparisons, same set but with two views, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Fetiche, YSL Rouge Volupte Shine #7, 8 and 9:

I’m really happy with the four new shades. They are sheer but have such a lovely natural tint to them. They smooth and hydrate the lips and are really luscious. You can find them now in stores and online at Sephora.

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  • All those shades are so beautiful! YSL is definitely my favourite beauty brand as it just covers everything you could want from a product. Lovely post and pictures 🙂 x


  • #14 and #16 have my heart!! love them! <3 <3 great pictures Sabrina! thanks for reviewing these! 😀

    Divya | TheConscienceFund

  • Anonymous

    Great pictures and swatches! 16 looks especially lovely on you, I think I'll have to give it a try since I am same foundation, lip pigment, hair and eye color as you!

    • Glad you found the swatches helpful! I hope you like #16 as much as I do. If you need more color, there are a few that are brighter and more vibrant. #4, 5 and 6 are brighter colors.

  • Hi Sabrina,

    I love how YSL Candy #14 looks on your lips! What a pretty shade 🙂

  • I've been looking for a sheer lipstick in a shade just like #17. I have yet to try this formula but have heard such rave reviews. As always, I love your post and photos.

    • Glad you liked the post! If you get to try #17 in store but find it too sheer, the Volupte Shines have a bit more color and and I think there is a similar shade but I forget the number.

  • Such pretty shades! xx

  • They're all beautiful on you, but 16 in particular is gorgeous. It looks like a lovely way to wear a hint of cherry without it being high maintenance–and during the summer, who wants high maintenance! Your posts always make things look so enticing! I'll be checking these out today when I swing by the mall 🙂

  • I may have to pick up another one of the new colors – I have #15, which I love, but I also have (from the original colors) #4 and #5, both of which I like so much that I bought backups of each!

  • Great picks! For such a sheer coverage, bright colors always got me. They look pretty on you. I guess for natural dark lip skin, they will also be beautiful.

    • They are on the sheer side, for darker lips they might not show up quite as well.

  • I did a double take and initially thought the bullets were limited edition blue! Ugh, such pretty swatches, but I haven't had very good experiences with YSL and I'm not so keen on trying more… until maybe I get to swatch them actually in-store.

    • I think these are either hit or miss. Definitely swatch in store before splurging if you haven't had luck with YSL!

  • Those colours are my absolute favourite, I love them all!
    Nicole♥ | Just a bit of Nicole

  • Every shade seems like a winner! Can't decide which one I like best!

  • I'm loving 14 and 15! I know what you mean trying my own several years ago they felt meh. Now, I've been reaching for them all summer!

    • I know, it's funny how tastes can change 🙂

  • Just ordered 16 from Sephora online……I couldn't help myself! Very tempting post 🙂

  • Those look beautiful, does #17 leave behind sparkle on the lips?

    • It doesn't on me, but I don't think I paid much attention to it while it was fading. I'll have to test again and double check. For reference #1 Lush Coconut has more shimmer than #17, and I don't find that #1 leaves any shimmer behind.

  • Love the number 14 for summer!
    Lots of love, xx