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Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Killer Cheekbones Set | Nordstrom Anniversary Beauty Exclusive

July 28, 2014

I ordered the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Killer Cheekbones Set ($110) last week online. It’s a duo that includes the Filmstar Bronze and Glow along with the Powder and Sculpt Brush. It’s currently a Nordstrom Beauty Exclusive in the US and has been released as an early preview for the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty line. According to a Nordstrom Beauty Livechat I had earlier this morning, the entire line will launch online at around August 10th. Update on August 4th, per Charlotte Tilbury PR, the line will be available in the US around September 3rd.

On the nails – Aventure

The Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow (16 g/0.56 oz, made in Italy) comes in a luxurious rose gold colored compact. It has a warm bronze with a soft satiny shimmer glow. On my skin it acts like the perfect contouring powder. When it comes to contouring the face, I am a super minimalist. I have a roundish face without high cheekbones so any kind of contouring is me brushing on product in areas to create a fake one. I do like a good bronzer to sculpt the face and add warmth in a 3 shape motion around the edges of my face, but that’s typically the most I’ll do for contouring.

I find traditional matte/taupe contouring looks good in photos but in real life can look fake and too sharp on me (this is when artists do it on me or when I attempt it). The Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow however makes contouring goof-proof and super easy. The Sculpt/Bronzer side has enough warmth and color that it doesn’t make the skin look ashy and also isn’t too warm that it turns orangey. It has a soft satiny sheen that gives depth.

The Highlight/Glow side is a yellowish/gold pale champagne highlighter. Based on what it looks like in the pan and how it swatches on the arm, I was worried it would be overly frosty and sharp on my skin. On the face it glows. There is visible shimmer but on me it doesn’t look frosted and it doesn’t emphasize pores. Huge plus! If you have dewy skin, you may need to apply with a light hand. It’s very pigmented and adheres well to the skin. I like to dip the brush into the highlighter and then tap it to dust off excess. On the skin it’s a light golden color but not too yellow for my olive skin.

The Powder and Sculpt Brush is the full size version made of goat hair. It’s a smaller brush than what I’m typically used to for the face but it’s tapered for perfect contouring on the face. It’s well-made and the bristles pick up the product and blend well, but I don’t think it’s a must-have since I have so many other brushes and find that a regular blush brush can do the same. I do like the way it’s shaped for easy application. It places the product right along the cheeks in the right shape for a perfect contour.

Swatches, don’t let the frost/shimmer deter you, they apply much softer on the face:

I pulled a few comparisons:
Edward Bess Daydream Bronzer (original version shown, newer version here)

Chanel Les Beiges Multi-Colour 02 (summer stripe version)

Overall a huge thumbs up. I had high expectations for this because of raves about Charlotte Tilbury’s line but was worried it might be just another standard bronzer/highlighter/contour duo. After playing with this for several days I can say that I have found my perfect contouring duo. On my medium/tan skin it’s not quite bronzer level, but I suspect on fair to medium skins it will be suitable as a contour or bronzer depending how you apply and how much you layer on.

I love the soft silky texture of the powder. Brushes pick up just the right amount of product so you don’t have to swirl the brush in the pan a lot. It’s powdery but not too powdery. It blends very smoothly on the face and layers nicely. It’s on par with Edward Bess Daydream Bronzer (my holy grail) in the sense that it’s impossible to mess up because it’s super easy to apply and it’s very flattering on the skin.
I am really pleased with the set even though it seemed a bit pricey. However you do get a full sized bronzer-highlighter duo and the brush is the full size version that is well made. It’s a very high quality set that makes the price tag worth it for me. If you have a lot of brushes you may want to wait for the entire line to launch in August and just get the Filmstar Bronze and Glow. That being said the brush does make contouring easy for those who aren’t good at contouring (like myself). Even though this is designed for the face, I’ve found it wears well on the eyes as well.
Many have asked whether I think the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Killer Cheekbones Set or Chanel Dentelle Precieuse powder is the better buy. I can’t choose between them, they are both phenomenal products, my thoughts:

  • The Chanel powder is limited-edition and gives a more glowy finish with a pinkish, peach and bronze champagne glow on me. For my skintone it’s definitely a highlighter while fair skinned readers have commented it appears darker and more bronzey on their skins.
  • The items in the Charlotte Tilbury will both be available for purchase in the US at a later date when the line officially launches. It’s also more of a contouring duo rather than a highlighter. The bronze/sculpt powder is beautifully warm and satiny with a natural glow, but you can probably skip the brush if you already own a good detail brush.
If you can get both eventually but only want to purchase one now, I would
recommend getting the Chanel since it’s limited-edition and I’ve found there’s nothing really like it. If you don’t need a contouring brush then I’d say wait for the line to launch later this fall, skip the brush and just opt for the Bronzer/Highlighter duo.
The Filmstar Killer Cheekbones Set is currently a Nordstrom Anniversary Beauty Exclusive and retails for $110. Online it looks like it’s on backorder. I can’t wait until the entire Charlotte Tilbury line launches in the US later this fall.
Have you tried this Filmstar Killer Cheekbones set or anything else from Charlotte Tilbury? What were your thoughts?

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  • Sabrina……have you tried Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Set and if so how does that compare As a UK viewer there was an indecent scramble to get our hands on that even though the Charlotte Tilbury duo is available online and in Selfridges. It's never been out of stock whereas the ABH were exchanging hands at exorbitant prices.

    • Hi Amanda, I haven't tried the Anastasia set, sorry!

  • This one's gorgeous! Your pictures are really good atleast I can see the nuances in the color much better! πŸ™‚


  • Thank you Sabrina for reporting the arrival of all the Charlotte Tilbury line! I can hardly wait! I doubt if my Nordstrom store will get it, but it's exciting just to have it available to order here!

    • You're welcome! According to Nordstrom chat – the Charlotte Tilbury line is going to be an online exclusive starting August, I doubt it will be at my Nordstrom, but starting August/September I guess we will have to see where it ends up πŸ™‚ It might be available in store at other retailers.

  • I love the packaging of this product – just gorgeous presentation. I have had mine for nearly a year and was worried the compact would tarnish badly but it hasn't. The product I am a little less ravey about. I find the texture too powdery to hit my favourites list – like her eyeshadows there is too much fall-out to my way of thinking for such expensive product. The bronzer isn't a great tone for my fair skin either – overall,l I consider Chanel's Les Beiges and most Guerlain bronzers and highlighters much better textures. Susan, London

    • pbpink

      i was going to ask how this compares to guerlain as i have many of their bronzers, various Terra LE's from summers + highlighters (terra inca is HG, everyone needs it!) and a darker les beiges along with TF shade + illuminate….i also plan on picking up the new TF blush that includes a peachy highlighter! i probably do not need this I am guessing?!? i have medium skin…..any thoughts sabrina on comparisons? i think the packaging is probably getting the best of me! it is quite irresistible!

    • Thanks for the comparison! My favorite bloggers are all crushin' on this set but none compared it to some of the heavyweights like you just did that I have been curious about, namely the guerlain and chanel. When done! I can easily pass, because in my highend cosmetics I expect texture to be SUBLIME.

  • Jen

    This honestly looks like the most natural contouring set I've seen! The shades are absolutely beautiful. I agree that while the price tag may seem a bit intimidating…you're really getting a lot of value. Bronzers/Highlighters of that size are usually around $30-ish a piece anyways!

  • Awww I want this so bad!!! Great post!

  • Ooooo now I really want this duo. I love that shade and it looks natural and not orangey or bronze. I have a birthday coming up in August, maybe I will treat myself. Great post!

  • Anonymous

    I Actually just returned this set back to Nordstrom yesterday. I got it on Thursday and after playing with it for several days it had to go back. I have Tom Ford bronzer in Terra and Chanel 02 from summer collection and they work perfectly for my fair skin tone. I found it to be a little difficult to work with. Can easily turn muddy on me, which never happens with TF Bronzer or Chanel. Highlighter also is a bit yellow for my skintone and – sorry to say- it can not even stand close to my Cle de Peau Highlighters, which I own all 4 of them. Charlotte Tilbury Highliter just goes very patchy and quite obvious on the face, not as delicate I would say. For evening nights out it will be probably OK, but not for fair skin toned ladies overall. I think it will suit the best medium skin toned ladies. Brush had a lot of shading at first, then seemed to subside a bit. In my opinion TF is much better of a bronzer overall. Dissapointed.

    • pbpink

      which cld de peau highlighters do you use? are they LE's? thx!

    • Hi Pbpink,

      I'm not Anonymous, but I also have all four of the CdP luminizers. They are Gold, Pastel, Sand Beige, and Delicate Pink and are all still available. I'm NC15 and Gold, Pastel, and Delicate Pink function as true highlighters. Sand Beige is dark enough that it gives me a warm rose beige glow and functions more like a bronzer/highlighter hybrid. I love, absolutely love CdP's elegant luminizing powders πŸ™‚ They cost $95 if you buy them with the case and $55 if you buy them as refills. I bought my first luminizer with a case for when I travel–and everyone should buy one case if possible because it is gorgeous–but then I bought the other three as refills.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Eileen for answering! And yes, I use them all depending on what makeup look I am creating:). LOVE them all. They are all permanent. And , YES, I have cases for all of them (crazy me:). Love to have them all in their personal houses:)).They are absolute perfection. I am not even interested in any other highlighter anymore. Set for life.

  • I have been thinking about trying this time for so long but then I have found out that the contouring shade has shimmer… I'd rather go for something which is matte for contouring purpose. The shade also seems to be pretty warm. I really can't understand why contouring kits (including Nars) has warm shades although natural shadows are cooler on our faces. I think I will stick with my Kevyn Aucoin Contouring Powder for the time being. Nevertheless a great review, thanks so much.

  • Hi Sabrina,

    I love how natural the Charlotte Tilbury filmstar duo looks against your skin! It seems like a great option for warm, glowy skintones πŸ™‚

  • ame

    I am on the fence about this one. I LOVE the Highlight side, but the contour side is too dark and kinda orange on me, and I am a pasty-white-olivey/yellow toned person. The shimmer does not bother me, but I am so pale that I think the bronze side may be too warm.

  • the shades look like perfection in a compact!! I think I'm going to go crazy when the entire line is released ;))

  • This look so lovely although being pretty fair (i.e. Lingerie de Peau 02), I am not 100% certain this would work for me. However, I'm really excited to hear that her line will start to be available just in time for my birthday! I have been looking at her products on Selfridge's and her own website and there are definitely some items I would love to try.

  • This set is so, so stunning and the epitome of luxury! I have a round face like you, except my cheek bones are high which is kind of sad since they are throughly disguised as being non-apparent with my round face! I have a feeling it would work well for me too though, judging from your review!

  • A great review. I own this and I must say that I'd forgotten until I started seeing all the US reviews. I don't use this because for my Mac NC40-42 skintone it mainly adds shimmer. I also find the highlighter pretty frosty myself and the bronzer too warm.
    I have been disappointed with every Charlottle Tilbury product I've tried, actually…I cannot test them and ordered from Selfridges when they first came out and while they (an eyeshadow palette (Dolce Vita), lipstick, colour chameleon eye crayon, gloss, eye pencil and lip liner) are ok, they are not worth the hype and I seldom reach for them. I do, however, love the Powder and Sculpt Brush, but I use it with other products.
    Whether or not her products do anything at all seems to be very specific to certain skintones, and I've seen both fair and darker people not liking them.
    So I'd say, definitely one to try in person before you buy, and do not get sucked into the hype.

    • Thank you, Bella, for your comment. I've been on the fence about Tilbury's collection having read both positive and negative reviews from bloggers I highly respect. Some people have suggested that because CT was associated with Tom Ford that her collection would be similar to his, but so far, I'm not seeing it. In any event, I think your advice to wait and see the line in person is very sound.

  • I have had this duo since it's launch last year and live it-it has the perfect balance of warmth and ashiness to work as a believable contour shade on my skin tone -one of my favourites!

  • This just looks stunning! I love the tiny shimmers <3 And thanks for the comparison swatches and great post.
    Greetings from Girl's Temptations

  • Mimmi

    Sorry for my amateur question but I have been looking at this set too and I'm wondering what brush to use for the lighter highlighter? Surely you don't use the same brush for the dark contouring and the highlighter? You would have to wash it in between, otherwise it would blend together and you'd loose the whole point of contouring. I'm just a bit confused as to why they are selling this as a complete set… Wouldn't you have to own or get a second brush for the lighter shade? What type of brush would you get for the highligher?

  • I would like to ask which can you recommend the Chanel les beige multicolor no. 2 or the Charlotte Tilburry for Asian fair skin NC 15-20?

  • Hi! I just found your excellent review while searching for more info about CT bronze and glow in the original light/medium. I have the hourglass ambient edit palette (the one that was LE and comes with 3 ambient powders, 2 blushes and a bronzer) and I am wondering if this one is different enough to justify my purchase!! I'm thinking about the diffused light vs the CT highlight and the bronze light vs the CT bronzer. I know this is an old post but I really hope you can help me with your opinion!!!

  • Hello, do you think which is better hourglass ambient palette or ct for someone just use cc cream and trying to get easy glow?