Chanel Reflets D’Été de Chanel Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimers | Glaze, Hello, Sexy, Happy and Sunny

May 6, 2014

The summer Reflets D’Été de Chanel collection features five Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimers ($29.50 each). Four shades are new in Hello 184 (limited-edition), Sexy 185, Happy 186 and Sunny 188, one shade Glaze 03 is a repromote. All are beautiful bright summery colors but extremely sheer. The shades for summer are all similar in concept to Glaze they are basically clear on my lips with a very slight tint of color. I don’t think anyone needs all of these, I certainly did not, but the bright cheerful names and color display got me. If you’re a frequent gloss user or die-hard Chanel fan you might really fall in love with each of these.
Glaze 03 is a light cool pink, Hello 184 is a transparent warm watermelon pink, Sexy 185 is a bright fuchsia pink, Happy 186 is a bright coral watermelon red, Sunny 188 is a sheer orange. All these shades only have numbers on the bottom labels.

Straight from the tube you can see the tinted color:

Blended they all pretty much turn clearish:

I did some lip swatches although they all pretty much looked the same. I have lips that tend to turn really pink or red if I rub them with clearish glosses. I was only able to swatch three before my lips started to turn a bright cherry red. Glaze, Sunny and Happy below, for skin tone reference I am wearing Tom Ford Foundation Stick in Bisque 04 (review/swatches here):

If you’re looking for a nice sheer gloss that isn’t too sticky, lasts relatively long on lips and love Chanel then you’ll find at least one that you like from this collection. Since I already own a lot of lip glosses (both sheer and pigmented) these seemed redundant to add to my collection, but I caved anyways at the counter. These are nice to layer over lipsticks without changing color too much and less boring than a traditional clear gloss. I have used up entire tubes of Glaze as I’ve found it to be an easy swipe-and-go no-fuss kind of gloss on lazy makeup days. These will add a nice sheen without drying out the lips.
On Chanel.com, all are listed as permanent except for Hello 184. The entire summer collection should be at your local counters now in the US. The glossers are also online now for $29.50 each at Nordstrom, Saks, Neiman Marcus and Chanel.com.

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  • I love how gorgeous these look in the tubes, but I personally can't justify the purchase with so little color payoff!

  • I'm not even a gloss girl, but I definitely need Sunny since it LITERALLY has my name written all over it 😉

    • Oh yes you should! Reason enough for the splurge! 😛

  • These look beautiful, I do like glosses with a bit more colour payoff though as I typically wear glosses on their own as opposed to over a lipstick!


  • These are pretty, I'm sure my mom would love these as these seem too sheer for me.

  • The glosses this summer are like sheer jelly coats so what you see in the tube is definitely not what you'll see on your lips. I'm so glad you actually showed some lip swatches, Sabrina, because that tells the whole story–these are sheer. Very, very sheer. On my medium rose lips, Happy adds shine galore, but little actual color so I use one of my Guerlain lip liners as an anchor for the gloss and to add a bit of color and definition. Like you, I didn't really need Happy, but I couldn't resist the cheerful display. I think the appeal of the glosses is more psychological than practical. The tubes of clear vibrant color are cute and festive and just about scream, "Summertime!" On a dreary workday, whip out one of these babies and you'll feel like you should be headed for the beach 🙂

  • These are so pretty in the tube but too sheer for my liking!

    Travel Friendly Makeup Review @ The Conscience Fund

  • May give these a miss due to how sheer they are but they look so fun in the tube!
    Bea x
    Bea's Beauty Blog

  • Definitely more fun in the tubes than out! My wallet will safely remain in my purse. This isn't even a close call. Thank you for the swatches.

  • All look very nice but too transparent for my test, I'll stick to my MAC cremesheens and prolong wear lipglass for now

  • I absolutley LOVE Chanels lipglosses! I got nr 03 Glaze and it´s fantastic, for a everyday wear.
    I also have nr 176 Crushed Cherry that gives a LOT more color! 🙂 Also number 181 Bliss – that I haven´t tried out yet..