Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi-Colour No. 02

May 20, 2014

This spring-summer Chanel has launched an extension of the original Les Beiges line with two new color options of Healthy Glow Multi-Colour Powder ($65 for 11g/0.39 oz, limited-edition) and five new shades of the Healthy Glow Fluid ($45 for 30 ml/1 fl oz). These launched in Europe first and I’ve been eagerly waiting for the collection’s arrival in the US. I opted for the darker powder shade Les Beiges No. 02.

The new Les Beiges Multi-Color powders come in a three-color stripe compact. Similar to the original Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Color, the new ones come in a beige and black compact with a small domed brush. No. 02 which has three luminous powder colors of a light champagne, medium tan and warmer terracotta bronze. The three shades swirled together make a perfect glowy bronze. It’s visible on my medium olive skin for a subtle contour or bronzer. Although you can probably dust all over the face for warmth I think No. 02 will be too dark for those purposes (I have yet to try the lighter color No. 01). Each stripe is also wide enough for you to fit a smaller detail brush or an eyeshadow brush if you want to use the colors individually on the eyes or for contouring. My favorite way to use this has been to simply swirl a blush brush in all the colors and apply on the face as a blush or bronzer. I find the color pigmented enough and warm enough that I can wear this alone over my powder/foundation. It also layers well with blushes or cream highlighters. I’ve found it to be extremely versatile.

If you have the other original Les Beiges colors you might be wondering if you need the new No. 02. My answer is yes. The Multi-Colour No. 02 is more pigmented and more glowy but still very natural. The regular Sheer Colour Les Beiges have less shimmer but still give that all over natural glow if you buff into the skin. I’ve used both in conjunction with each other, using the Sheer Colour Les Beiges No. 20 as an all over setting powder, then the Multi-Colour No. 02 as a contour or bronzer on top. If you have dry skin you may want to use a sheer cream highlighter or bronzer underneath to help the color adhere better. I’ll show you swatches side by side below. First some more photos and close ups.

Chanel Les Beiges No. 02 swatched individually and then blended along with Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Fluid No. 30 (review later this week)

You can see my review on the originals Les Beiges No. 20, 30 and 40 with comparisons and swatches here and here. Comparisons between the new Multi-Colour Les Beiges No. 02 with Sheer Colour Les Beiges 20, 30 and 40 below.

For a quick overview of how I use these:

  • No. 20 is used as a regular setting powder since I found the powders to run a bit dark (I’m usually 30 in the Chanel foundation lines), I use it all over the face with a fluffy brush after foundation or tinted moisturizer, I use either the Kabuki Brush or the Touch Up Powder Brush from Chanel (any powder brush will do, I just prefer the Chanel because I find they pick up color well)
  • No. 30 and No. 40 are used for contouring, they are close in color, you don’t really need both if you’re looking for a darker natural contour see my original review for more thoughts/swatch comparisons, I use any regular blush brush to apply these
  • No. 02 is used like a regular blush or bronzer (I haven’t tried the lighter option yet, planning to visit the counter this week and see if it will actually show up on my skin, it looked very light), the compact brush is good for touch ups but on the small side, I prefer using the Touch Up Powder Brush or Blush Blush to apply this to the face

Overall love. I really didn’t know what to expect based on promotional photos. Since I already own 20, 30 and 40 I was a bit worried Chanel might have just combined already released colors into one palette. I’m happy to report they did not. Although you can get a similar effect with the darker colors of Sheer Colour Les Beiges, the new No. 02 Multi-Colour Les Beiges option has a softer texture with a much more glowy finish. There’s a bit more warmth and red in the bottom color that helps brighten the complexion (I tend to avoid terracotta for the face but this one is lovely).

The Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi-Colour powders are listed as limited-edition for $65 each. There are two colors, No. 01 and No. 02. I’m definitely getting a back up of the No. 02.

Now at Chanel counters and online at Chanel.com, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales.

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  • I love both of the horizontal powders, they are so convenient! It's like a highlighter, shade and blush in one!

    • I'm going to have to check out the lighter one this week πŸ™‚

    • I have Les Beiges 01 and am simply in love with it. I am very fair, and was afraid it might be a little too dark on me, but it's not. On me, it's something of a cross between a blush and a highlighter in one. It gives the most exquisite, subtle glow. I love the convenience of having a highlighter, powder and blush in one, that I can use in various ways. You've got me curious about 02 now, so I will most likely pick that up, along with a backup of 01. I'll be interested in your review if you decide to get the lighter shade. Thanks for the wonderful review Sabrina.

  • susie42

    This looks so gorgeous. I got a terrible allergy to Les Beiges #20, don't know if it was the SPF, the fragrance, or something else, but my face was red blotchy and itchy within minutes. I was heartbroken and it was the first time I'd had to return a makeup product, I never had an issue with Chanel. I'm kinda nervous but I will bravely have this new Les Beiges put on my face at the counter and try again.

    Is there any scent? Thanks for your amazing review!

    • Oh no! That's too bad about your allergy, the new Les Beiges are also fragranced like the regular les beiges. I do recommend testing at the counter but I think the ingredients are the same.

  • 02 is so pretty and irrΓ©sistible !

  • Thank you for the thoughtful, thorough review. It was so helpful to include swatches and thoughts about the regular Les Beiges powders. I actually hit pan on my #10, something that rarely happens, and bought a new one for the summer. I love it on low maintainence days because it looks so beautiful all on its own. It got me wondering, though, if I should get a darker shade for a bit of bronzer/contour or go for one of the new tri-color powders. Your review has made up my mind πŸ™‚ #02 looks like the perfect way to get that slightly blushed bronzer glow that will be suitable for day. #10 buffed all over; #02 used to bring the contours into soft focus and I'll be ready for the next heat wave! As always, Sabrina, your reviews are so beautifully photographed and well written.

  • Loving these swatches, No. 2 is definitely on my wisth list. Thanks for sharing!

  • Everything about Chanel's products is just so glamourous, it seems like they really can't go wrong.


  • I love my Les Beiges No 30 which has been a perfect contouring shade for me in the Winter so I think I am very much in the market for the Healthy Glow powder (it is so pretty in the pan, for starters!) but I may look at No1. Do you have any thoughts on the fluid? I have got a lot of use from Burberry's Fresh Glow fluid. Susan, London

  • Might have to check out No. 1. I actually just replaced my original No. 10 – I hit pan (unusual for me just like Eileen!) and the rest was cracking into small pieces – still usable at home, but since I was going to travel, I got a new one. I use the original on days over just concealer…and when my skin is looking particular good – it makes it look even better! Wondering if this version would work for me in a different capacity…

  • I love that multi-color powder!! I have to go to my local counter to check it out, LOL πŸ˜‰

  • Julia

    I've been using Bronze Rose from a few years ago as a blush and recently hit the pan, so and picked up No. 1 to replace it. I'm NC15 (maybe NC18 on a good day). I still need to experiment a bit, but I think that as a blush No.1 may even be to light for me. It's going to make a great powder/light bronzer to add realistic color, though. My Nordstrom had a tester of No.2 that looked like it had been through a lot – the entire highlighter stripe was crushed and covered the other two colors to the point I couldn't accurately swatch them. So word of caution – the highlight stripe is really soft! I also picked up the fluid in 10. I'm hoping that it could be close to the long discontinued Hydramax tinted moisturizer that I loved for a bit of glow and color. Thanks so much for your great swatches!

  • Anonymous

    I had bought the powder in a 10 since i always use some type of bronzer so i bought No 1 – i am using it as an all over powder and it gives a nice glow – plus you could use the individual colors on your eyes they said – thinking about getting No 2 now but i have 3 bronzers from Chanel/few from NARS and several from MAC collections – Wonder if I really need the No 2 also – any advice? I know its limited and I will probably get it – GEEZ

  • I love this, such a gorgeous looking powder!


  • Ana

    The powders are so pretty. I super love the shades for they seem to blend well with the skin. I will def gonna check on these.