Tom Ford Summer 2014 | Unabashed Eye and Cheek Palette, Solar Gold and Moonlight Lip Shimmers

April 10, 2014

Tom Ford Beauty Summer has arrived with a new Unabashed Eye and Cheek Palette ($95) two new Lip Shimmers in Solar Gold and Moonlight along with a repromote of the stunning Skin Illuminator in Fire Lust ($65). All the items are limited-edition. I purchased the palette and lip items online as soon as I saw them since Tom Ford beauty items tend to sell very quickly.

The Unabashed Eye and Cheek Palette comes in a large white and gold mirrored compact similar in size to the Tom Ford Bronzers. It has three shadows in a glittering light beige/tan/taupe, a soft mauve brown matte and an intense navy/indigo color. There are also two cheek products which include a golden bronzer and a coral shimmer blush. The colors are absolutely stunning – I’m completely in love with the bronzer/cheek colors. The eye colors are also beautiful when used together. I’ve been applying the eyes starting with the medium shade first and then with the glittery color added on top. The indigo color is a bit tricky to use. It has intense pigment but can be quite messy when applied. I found it best to use as a liner along the lashes by dabbing/pressing onto the eye over a pencil or gel liner. Once on the eyes it doesn’t budge, but there is fall out and can get messy. The glittery tan is indeed very sparkly (similar to She Wolf). If you’re not 100% in love with every color in the palette, the good news is most of the colors can be duplicated with other shades.
The bronzer is unique in the sense it is more golden and lighter. I wish this came in a full size. I suspect it is very similar to MAC Trace Gold (which I can’t find at the moment) if you want a dupe. The blush is a cross between Tom Ford Flush and Love Lust blushes.

Left to right: Gold Dust Bronzer, She Wolf Trio (partial swatch, discontinued), Unabashed Eye and Cheek Palette (partial swatch), Tom Ford Blushes in Savage, Flush, Love Lust, Ravish.

The Lip Shimmers are hit/miss for me. For the price and given my love for other Tom Ford lip products I had high expectations for these. Solar Gold is a very sheer gold. It goes on with only a slight tint similar in concept to the Gold Dust Lip Lacquer from a few summers ago. The texture is semi glossy and moisturizing – it feels incredible on the lips. I do wish the pigment was richer. Moonlight was a huge miss for me. It went on blotchy and uneven. It does feel really nice on the lips but the color just simply did not work on my lips. I have used this mixed with the regular Tom Ford lipsticks and it adds a nice sheen to the pinks or peaches.
Out of the two I like Solar Gold the best. Even though it’s sheer it’s still nice on the lips. If you want a white shimmer lip, I’d recommend you opt for the regular Tom Ford Lip Lacquer (which I adore and think is a must-have for everyone). Or use NARS Copacabana Multiple mixed with any clear gloss.

Left to right: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Brilliance (discontinued), Burberry Trench Kiss Lip Gloss, Tom Ford Gold Dust Lacquer (discontinued), Solar Gold and Moonlight, Tom Ford Lip Lacquer, NARS Copacabana Multiple, MAC Sugar Rimmed.

I’m a huge Tom Ford fan but have mixed feelings about this collection. I adore the Eye and Cheek Palette but wish they had released a large bronzer/blush and a separate eye palette. I don’t think I could pull off the eyes for everyday but the look is very pretty for evenings or non-corporate work environments. If you’re not a fan of the eyes or mixed palettes, you can get a similar effect with the Tom Ford Gold Dust Bronzer or any of the blushes swatched above (amazing in pigment and quality and worth every penny).
The lip shimmers are hit/miss. Solar Gold is nice to have but not a must-have. Moonlight was a fail for me, but if you’ve tried this and love it I’d love to hear how you’ve been wearing it.

All items are limited-edition. In stores now and selling out quickly.
Unabashed Eye and Cheek Palette has sold out several times online but keep checking because retailers have been restocking. Currently available at Neiman Marcus, Harrods, Selfridges, Nordstrom (backorder). For SKUs if you want to search physical stores info on Bloomingdales.
Lip Shimmers are available at plenty of locations still such as Nordstrom, Saks, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus.
Fire Lust Skin Illuminator is also going fast. Right now it’s still available at Saks, Neiman Marcus, Harrods, and Nordstrom (backorder).
Did you see Tom Ford Summer yet? What did you think?

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  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who was completely underwhelmed with the TF Summer collection. I only like the matte eyeshadow and the blusher from the palette which makes a palette purchase seem silly. The compact is so pretty, too, but not worth it. I purchased the palette, both lip shimmers, and the Fire Lust. All were applied in store by the SA to mediocre result but I haven't opened any of my purchases yet. I think I'm going to return all but the Fire Lust. I was surprised that the Fire Lust looked as good as it did on me because I am VERY pale. But if I use just a touch — I really love the result. Hopefully his fall collection will be more exciting.

  • Gorgeous collection! I really love the Unabashed palette, the design and the colours are perfectly thought out. Theindigo colour looks amazing! It has so much depth. Absolutely gorgeous!

  • I really love the palette. The matte shadow is creamier and more matte than shewolf. Love the blue color. I didn't have any fall out, it could be due to different brushes who knows. Although it is as big as the TF bronzers, having 3 products in one makes it travel friendly for me. I just reviewed the palette as well. The ingredients in the shadows, blush and bronzer are top notch! Don't like the lippies though those ones were disappointing. There are new quads coming for the fall and other beautiful items as well. πŸ™‚

  • love the palette ~ and the lip shimmers are so gorgeous!

  • the palette is pretty, but I can pass on the lip shimmers

  • Anonymous

    I have used the moonlight lip shimmer on my cheekbones as a highlighter. My skin is very dry, and the moonlight shimmer gives a glow with a little moisture. It does not draw attention to the dryness of my skin or my wrinkles.

  • That palette is absolutely stunning! Thanks for the swatches πŸ™‚

  • I recently found this blog and I love it!! It is very in detail, lots of pretty pictures and helpful hints inspire me very much. Please keep the good stuff coming πŸ™‚ I am hooked for daily updates.

    I've also purchased this palette. My skin color is about 1 shade lighter than Sabrina's and I use following products for my skin color reference:

    Nars Tinted Moisturizer in Alaska
    Chanel Le Beige Powder N.20
    Chanel Poudre Universel Loose Powder 20 Clair
    Dior Nude Compact 01 Ivory
    Diorskin Nude Glowing Makeup 011 Creme

    And the palette's bronzer did not show up on me very well and rather gave me a hint of glow. It looks like I might have to put it in more layers to see. The cheek powder became very sheer peach color and it needed more layers if I have it to have it pop. In a way I'm glad it is sheer and buildable because I often tend to over do when it comes to cheeks…

    I actually like the cheek and eyeshadow in a big palette since it gave me a big mirror which helps me to see entire face (almost) for eyes and cheek balancing. I will be taking this palette for summer trip for sure!

  • I didn't have any blue fallout, either. I use a squirrel brush to smoke it around my lashes and then blend it seamlessly up into the outter "v" and fade it out onto the area just above the socket (I have deep set eyes with a large moveable lid and browbone area). The blue blends so beautifully into the taupe and adds a lot of depth and drama and, when it sets, it doesn't budge! The finishing touch is that beautiful champagne fairy dust applied on the ball of my lid. Stunning! And, definitely not corporate! LOL. I gave the lippies a miss as I already have both of the vinyls. I also already have the beautiful Fire Lust from last year. As pleased as I am with the palette, I must admit to being disappointed with the summer collection. It just doesn't seem particularly imaginative. I'm already looking forward to what TF will have for us come fall/winter.

  • Those lip shimmers look like a dream! Beautiful products, I had just seen this little palette yesterday and was wondering how the colors looked like, they're gorgeous, specially that blue one!

  • I was not tempted by this collection. Seeing your swatches I am happy, because 1) i would not have used the blue colour anyway and 2) I have She Wolf, Ravish and Love Lust so I would have had a massive duplicate palette. The lip products look, sorry, awful. I was rather looking forward to some different actual lipcolours and maybe a limited edition blush/bronzer or two (of decent size and without funny eye colours attached.)

  • I went to NM today and eagerly went to the Tom Ford counter for my summer makeover with the TF palette. I sent the rest of the day shopping and checking the mirrors and cleaning up the blue color (the artist used as a lid liner) from the palette that continued to fall underneath my eye the rest of the day. What an unmititgated mess! Loved the blush color in the palette, but that was all!

  • Anonymous

    I've had this palette since it debuted in April. I noticed that the white shell of the compact has been stained by the brown cloth cover it comes with. Happen to anyone else? Pretty lame for a $95 product. Great colors, but manufactured using cheap materials.