Tom Ford Summer Beauty – Now at Saks.com

March 30, 2014
The summer collection for Tom Ford Beauty has now started to trickle in online at various retailers. The entire collection is now available at Saks.com. The limited-edition items in this year’s summer collection:
I just ordered the palette and lip shimmers, I’m assuming the skin illuminator this year is the same as last year due to the name, but I’m not 100% sure. If you’ve seen it please let me know! Are you planning to order anything from Tom Ford summer?

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  • Will you be reviewing them? I'm very curious about the products but I'm not able to see them in person. I'm definitely purchasing the illuminator, as I missed out on it last year.

  • I can confirm (via information directly from my TF Beauty SA) that the skin illuminator is exactly the same, just in white packaging for 2014 rather than the black packaging from 2013. I'm already on the waitlist for the palette when it arrives in-store at my local NM (which is allegedly any day now).

  • These look very pretty, but I can't imagine paying $49 for Lip Shimmer…

  • Kristina

    I ordered the palette and both lipsticks….I passed on the illuminator because I was afraid I'd never use it, but now I'm starting to second guess myself. πŸ™‚

  • I do like his makeup. Good to know that all these beautiful summer colors are coming out.
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  • I bought Fire Lust last year and was constantly reaching for it. I wasn't particularly in the mood for bronzers last year, but I still wanted to look like I was enjoying a bit of summer sun. Fire Lust gave me just enough warmth, glow, and color that I never missed bronzer or blusher at all. It's a gorgeous product. I'll wait to see the other products in person as I'm not so sure the palette will work for me πŸ™

  • Cant wait to see your review on the Eye and Cheek compact!

  • Hmmm…interesting. They seem like great products to try out. I just find them kinda pricey. Hope to read reviews about these products.