Chanel Jardin de Camélias – Chanel.com Exclusive

February 26, 2014
Chanel just launched the Jardin de Camélias Collection exclusively online at Chanel.com in the US. I ordered the following items:
  • Sakura #87 Blush ($43, Euro/Asia baked version)
  • Jardin de Camélias Illuminating Powder ($70)
  • four Aqualumière Glosses ($29.50 each) in Eau Rose #86, Rosace #87, Pink Pivoine #88, Baie Rose #89
  • two Rouge Allures ($34 each) in Fleurie #139 and Charmeuse #142
I’ll be uploading more detailed reviews as quickly as I can. I swatched and photographed everything over the weekend but need to do a bit more testing. For now here are swatches for your reference. Quick note on the glosses, they all apply very sheer on the lips like most Chanel glosses do.

Without flash:

With flash:

You can find the collection now online at Chanel.com.

Stay tuned for the swatches and photos of the Chanel Sakura Blush and Jardin de Camélias Highlighter next. I’ll be adding a few finishing touches and thoughts on my review for these during my lunch break. Review should be up the review in a few hours.

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  • looks like a great collection, superb !
    Can't wait for a more detailed review!

  • Such a stunning collection! So bummed out it's so exclusive though. I'm not sure if we even get to see this here.

  • looks like such a beautiful collection, Chanel always has the most amazing products
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin'

  • Love the look of the lip glosses, the colours are so gorgeous! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


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  • Highlighter looks gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    I skipped on the highlighter and ordered Sakura & Rosace. Based on these photos you have posted for your readers, it looks like I am not going to be disappointed! Looking forward to reading about the blush & highlighter later. Thank you! – Zeynep

  • Looks like an amazing collection! I like the blush and Fleurie lipstick the most out of the products you got

  • Anonymous

    I have been trying to order the Sakura blush over the weekend but there seemed to be a glitch on chanel.com; I couldn't get the blush into my cart despite I could press the 'Add to Bag' button. Finally I found out today that this blush is out of stock already. Too bad. And it is such a pretty color too 🙁

  • Welp, there goes my $70! I think I need that highlighter.

  • Sakura looks totally amazing! I think I might need this now ;-D xoxo anne http://powderandpuff.wordpress.com

  • Great post!! Thank you for your thoughtful writing, posts, pictures and reviews. You are a gem. 🙂

  • Is fleurie close to Chanel allure flamboyant?

  • I am totally feeling the Sakura blush and the lip gloss in Baie Rose. Thank you so much for the swatches!

  • Meredith

    Love the highlight powder on my middle aged skin. Gives a soft glow without showing up in the wrinkles and crinkles. It may be too subtle for the young ones but for us middles, it's Holy Grail!

  • I absolutely love Sakura, so it really annoys me that it's a chanel.com exclusive. They don't ship to my country and I don't feel comfortable buying that type of make-up on eBay. Too bad, because it would be a great addition to my collection.

  • Hi Sabrina,

    CHANEL Jardin de Camelias is such a gorgeous collection! One can't help but anticipate a transition to balmier weather with all these warm pinks!

    I really like JdC as a counterpart to counteract all the peach and plum and CHANEL Variation. I only wish they had the collection to play with in stores! Can't wait to see the rest of your reviews!