GIorgio Armani Eccentrico Face Palette | Holiday 2013

November 8, 2013

Giorgio Armani’s star product for the holiday is the Eccentrico Face Palette ($88 for 8g/0.27) a limited-edition highlighter palette. The palette has one tier of powder with a silvery overspray and small flat face brush underneath. The powder below the overspray is a mix of pinks, orange and a cool white shimmer. Mixed together you get a beautiful pink glow. Although this is called a face palette, I think this is best used as a cheek blush or highlighter. The quality of the powder is excellent – it’s finely milled and the shimmer is very refined and natural making the skin glow. It’s dark enough for me to wear as blush alone. My feelings about this are a bit mixed mainly because of the price. At $88, most other Armani palettes in this range have a cheek product plus three eyeshadows. I do realize this comes with a little brush encased inside, but I still think this one is definitely overpriced. Armani does have discount promotions through their own beauty side occasionally (most I’ve seen is 20%) which could bring the price down to the $70ish range. Still I think this should have been priced in the same range as their eyeshadow quads at $59 (even if it is a luxury holiday and limited-edition product).

The packaging:

With overspray:

Partial overspray:

Most of the overspray removed:


Comparisons show that Eccentrico has a soft quality that makes the skin glow. The shimmer is finely milled versus a high shine frost. Comparisons below to shades that have unfortunately all been limited or discontinued, but I hope this helps to gauge the level of pigment and shimmer:

Overall a lovely blush palette with exquisite packaging. However it’s one I just can’t get really excited about – especially with other palettes this holiday like ones from Hourglass and Chanel which are more affordable and still unique and creative (in my mind). I will get a lot of use out of Armani Eccentrico – it’s a lovely wearable pink that is safe. As usual your mileage may vary with this. I know some who absolutely love it. I agree that it’s lovely – for me at $88 I expected more. I tried tracking this down at counters but couldn’t find it anywhere in store. Others have had better luck though.

Armani Eccentrico is limited-edition. It retails for $88. You can find it online at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Giorgioarmanibeauty-usa.com.

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  • Oh this is a little expensive. I haven't tried Armani so far and since I just purchased the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette this will not be my first encounter with the brand. I plan to start with a lipstick and take it from there. πŸ™‚

  • When I first saw the promo pictures of Eccentrico, I thought it was a gorgeous highlighter and I was really looking forward to getting it. But, when I saw pictures of the actual product hidden beneath the heavy overspray, I felt terribly let down. It's not a highlighter at all. It's a blusher, albeit a very pretty one. Worth $88? Not to me and I'm a highend product purchaser! I'm sure it's my feeling of being misled that has resulted in this negativity πŸ™

    Armani has been using a very heavy hand with oversprays lately. His two recent eyeshadow palettes had oversprays which completely obscured the colors beneath. The latest bronzer also had a heavy overspray, but at least it was reasonably close in color. And, now we have this blusher disguised as a highlighter. At this point, I don't think deception is too harsh a word. Many people do not have a local Armani counter, nor do they spend much, if any, time reading independent beauty blogs and so they order based on a company's promo pictures. I'm sure many of those people were terribly disappointed when they received their product, brushed through the overspray, and discovered it was nothing like what the promo pictures had led them to believe it would be. If I ruled the world (LOL), I'd require every product that had an overspray to prominently post that information on all advertising.

  • Hi Sabrina,
    great review as always. I protested this and not bought it for a few weeks. It only has 8g of products, which is nothing compared to their Face&Eye Palettes, which have 10 g of powder and 3 g of eye shadow together. And the price is the same, why?
    I love Armani, it must have been my favorite brand but lately I started questioning how fair their prices are. Especially after their nail polish release, which contained half the content as Chanel but the same price.
    That said, I gave up after 2 weeks and purchased this, mainly because I have the lippies from the same collection and without this brush, they are very hard to wear. But I promised myself, I am not going to buy any of their products next time if they come up with unfair prices. It will be hard, but it is a promise.

  • I'm not the biggest fan of the overspray, I just don't see the point. What's underneath is a lot better though and the colours are just lovely. I do agree with you on the price point, it's a bit ridiculous, especially because it doesn't offer anything else. The pattern is pretty to look at but I'm just not convinced.

  • It's so pretty and tempting but it's not $88 pretty. I think the pricing is way out on this one to be honest.

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict

  • That is absolutely gorgeous, and you've posted some really great pictures and swatches! I want to get my hands on the blush, but I'm not sure of how I'd feel about that much shimmer.

  • Great review πŸ™‚ The blush is pretty but I think I'm satisfied with just MAC or Bobbi Brown one, the price is lesser though. $88 is quite pricey for a blush.

  • Beautiful shots as usual, Sabrina!
    The red packaging caught my attention but I'm still not sure if I am getting this one as it looks too shimmery for my liking.

  • Gail

    Agree with you and everyone else….gorgeous but overpriced. I passed.

  • JudithDM

    Gorgeous, what I appreciate knowing is what it will look like once the over spray is gone! I love it! Warm, not too glitzy and I certainly will consider it. In fact top of a short list!

  • I think I am one of few who love Eccentrico. I am very fair and on me it looks perfect–a natural, glowing flush. Yes, it is overpriced. But, for me, when I find a blush–or anything–that looks this good on, price is sort of negligible. Had the price been any higher–now that would have been tough to swallow–no matter how good looks on. For me, if it looks good, then you feel good–and you can't put a price on that. Eccentrico definitely won't be for everyone–and not just because of the price. I love mine, but everyone's different.