Le Blush Crème de Chanel

June 22, 2013

This fall Chanel has released six new colors of cream blush called Le Blush Crème de Chanel ($38 each for 2.5 g/0.09 oz). I had my heart set on one of each shade but my local counters have not received all the shades yet for sale. At the counter the Chanel artist applied a bright peach called Présage on me along with the peachy Rouge Coco Mystique and I fell in love in an instant. I left with four of the shades and have been putting them to the test this whole week. The colors are all creams without shimmers.
  • Destiny 61 is a neutral beige brown/tan
  • Présage 62 is a bright peach
  • Révélation 63 is a perfect pink/peach watermelon-like color
  • Inspiration 64 is a pale powder pink
My two favorites are Présage and Révélation for the color. They brighten the face with just the right amount of color. Destiny is a good basic tan, but I found slightly boring for my skintone. Inspiration is borderline too pale for my medium skintone.
The texture of these creams is not quite a cream-to-powder but not quite as emollient as regular cream blushes. They are described as a power-cream. They definitely dry down when applied but don’t really feel powdery on the skin. I really like that these have a lightweight feel but are quite pigmented.
I tried several different application methods. With fingers or a regular foundation brush I found application to be a bit tricky for my skin. I either applied too much color or it looked uneven. Color didn’t last more than 2 hours. Layering over a sheer liquid illuminator like Tom Ford Fire Lust or MAC Strobe Liquid helped smooth the application but sheered out the color a bit and also diminished lasting power. After testing with several brushes, I found that my Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush proved to be the best tool for these. It provided the smoothest, most even and longest lasting application (well through the late afternoon). I suspect how these apply on you will depend on your skin type (mine is fairly normal, I don’t get oily except in humid weather and my skin isn’t dry). Your mileage may vary – some will prefer fingers others may find a brush works better.
Some more photos and swatches:

 Swatches, swatched with a heavy hand to show the rich color, note that the colors are easily blended out for a flawless glow:

I was hard pressed to find dupes or similar colors in cream blush shades. Most of my cream blushes have some shimmer or are in a different formula making colors a bit difficult to compare. Here are a few I thought were similar. After pulling the shades, it turns out the Chanels are really different. 

Comparison swatches:

I wanted both of the darker shades and will probably purchase once they arrive at my counter. For now I’m in love with Présage and Révélation.
The Le Blush Crème de Chanel is available at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks and Chanel.

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  • I have a feeling that these cream blushes will work best with somewhat dense, dome-shaped foundation brush. I was thinking either one from GA or Real Technique (which I recently bought & apply Soleil Tan de Chanel with). I think it'll be interesting to compare these colors not with other cream blushes but with existing Chanel JCs (e.g. I'm curious if Revelation would be a good dupe for Rose Petale JC, etc.) Nice swatches as always!

    P.S. Inspiration may look like LMdB Poppy to me, do you happen to have LMdB cream blushes?

    • Katie

      Do you mean the contour brush in the RT core collection?

  • Gorgeous!! X

  • I love them already thanks for sharing. 64 and 63 are on my shopping List

  • These look amazing- cannot wait till we get them here!

  • Présage is stunning! Lusting over that Tom Ford blush as well 🙂

  • They look amazing. I typically don't like creme blush though. Great swatches!

  • Hi Sabrina, thanks for the great review. Have you ever tested YSL creme blush or GA blush fabric and would you tell how they compare? I have the feeling that YSL creme blushes may have similar texture. My favorite is GA blush fabric, with tiniest amount it lasts all day on me, but it is liquid, not creme. YSL ones fade away quicker.

  • Wow, Presage is simply gorgeous and definitely next thing on my wishlist!

  • Destiny calls my name :-). Such beautiful pictures. Thanks!!

  • I'm DYING to lay my hands on Presage!!! It's absolutely stunning!

  • I've never used a cream blush before. What's the benefit of it over a powder blush? And what shade(s) would you recommend for a pale Irish girl?

  • Inspiration is calling my name!! Thanks for the excellent review, Sabrina! 😀

  • *dies*

  • The colors are gorgeous!


  • Another brush that works exceedingly well with this new blush formula is a stipling brush. Chanel makes an excellent one (#7) that has MAC's stipling brushes beat by a mile. Although I'm not über pale, my skin is light and I find it is better to start with a delicate application and build the color until it reaches the desired intensity. The super soft #7 let's me pick up a very small amount of color and blend it out for a seamless application. These new cream blushes are so densely pigmented that a little bit goes a long, long way on those of us with lighter skintones.

  • Thanks Sabrina! I've been waiting for your review.

    I'll be off to choose my colors today!!

  • Presage is calling my name! I bet this one looks just perfect on you, it's just so pretty on warm skin tones ^^. The formula sounds like a winner to me!

  • Tried these on today and can't decide which I like better, Presage or Revelation. I guess this means I'll need to get both eventually! Thanks for the helpful comparisons 🙂

  • I have never worked with cream blushes before; is a brush a must have to apply? If so, what's a good and not-so-expensive one to have?

    • Hi Kim,

      With very creamy blushes that have a lot of slip, you can pat them on with your fingers and then blend with your fingers or your makeup brush. Chanel's are not like the typical cream blush, though, and seem dryer and more velvety. They are also deeply pigmented. So that people don't inadvertently end up with clown face, Chanel MA's are recommending the use of a stipling brush (also called a blending brush) which is the duo fiber one that has long white fibers surrounding shorter dark hairs. MAC makes a decent one in two different sizes and it is moderately priced. There are probably lots of cheaper ones out there of reasonable quality. Perhaps Sabrina or some of the other readers can recommend some. Look for fibers and hair that are soft and swirl easily. Stipling/blending brushes give a soft, even, and diffused application of product and are frequently used to blend out the edges of other products. They excel when it comes to giving an air-brushed quality to cream or liquid highlighters, luminizers, blushers, and contouring products.

      If you're interested in trying Chanel, why not go to the counter and try one cheek with a stipling brush and the other with your fingers and see what you think. If you like the effect of the brush, you don't have to spring for Chanel's excellent one. You can visit the MAC counter, Sephora, etc. It's understandable you wouldn't want to invest heavily in a brush that you aren't going to use very often. I often use cream products and am a self-confessed brush snob so splurging on the Chanel beauty was a no-brainer. I hope this helps 🙂

    • Eileen has great suggestions above. If I may add: if you wanting to try affordable brushes for cream blush, try Real Technique. The Expert Face Brush is similar to Tom Ford Cream Foundation brush above, and Real Technique also has a nice Stippling brush like Eileen described on her post above. Real Technique available at Ulta. They are great brushes for the price, imho, and they are synthetic so more durable than natural bristles. Good luck!

    • Honestly I use an ELF Studio stipling brush. I've not used it on Chanel though because Presage will be my first Chanel purchase, but it works really well on my other blushes. If anything you can practice with this brush before moving up the cost ladder.

  • Funny – I bought Revelation based on some swatches on another blog. It went back…it was much warmer than the swatch looked. Your swatch also looks cooler than it looked on me!

  • Anonymous

    hi Sabrina, have you tried them on your lips? x Rena

    • Hi Anonymous,

      These aren't meant to be worn on the lips. They are too dry for that. In fact, Chanel actually created a separate lipstick to coordinate with each blush rather than have people use one product for both lips and cheeks.

  • Katie

    It's done: I am in love. I can't wait to get Presage and Revelation. I guess Destiny would go well with a red lip? Wonderful.

  • Katie

    Also, Mystique is the complementary shade of lipstick for the Presage blush? What did you think about it?

  • You're right, Prestige and Revelation are gorgeous!

    • *Presage* spelling correction

  • Kinda wanting them all …

  • Has anyone found the shade Affinite for sale anywhere??? The testers are out but Norstrom, Neiman's and Saks (in San Antonio) have not received any stock?? Does anyone know what's up??? That's my fave (though I did buy Revelation). If you know where I can buy one I'd sure appreciate it!

    • Hi Lisa I haven't found it anywhere yet either. Will keep you posted if I find it!

  • The presage blush is unbelievable! Love that shade, and it looks like they're all super pigmented!

  • I've just bought Inspiration, haven't used it yet. Would MAC 131 brush be ok to use?

  • Anonymous

    Hi! I really need your suggestion as I'm very undecided between presage and revelation!
    Which one would be good all year long?
    I'm afraid presage is too peachy/very summer looking and revelation too pink!
    Thank you,