Tom Ford Skin Illuminator Fire Lust

May 5, 2013

Tom Ford Skin Illuminator in Fire Lust ($65 for .68 fl oz/20 ml, limited-edition) is new for summer. It’s a sheer luminous peachy-pink illuminator that can be used as a highlighter or mixed in with your foundation/tinted moisturizer. Stores have limited quantities, I recommend calling your Tom Ford counters soon to order if you’re interested.

Tom Ford’s Fire Lust has a peachy-pink base loaded with golden shimmers. The shimmer is visible but not over-the-top. There are some very tiny gold flecks that show up on the skin but it’s not frosty or glittery like NARS Super Orgasm. On me (Chanel B30/NARS Groenland Tinted Moisturizer) Fire Lust is very sheer but still visible. The peachy color is close to my skintone so it gives that barely there glow. I’ve tried it several ways. My thoughts on each method:
  1. Worn alone as a blush gives more of a soft warm peachy glow to the skin. It’s not dark enough or pigmented enough to be worn as a blush for me. For a similar color with more pigment I’d recommend Giorgio Armani’s Fluid Sheer #11.
  2. Worn underneath as a base for blush/bronzer basically makes the illuminator disappear unless you use a semi-sheer blush or bronzer like Tom Ford Frantic Pink or Gold Dust Bronzer, layered together creates a soft blush/bronzed contour with depth and glow.
  3. Worn over blush as a highlight creates a really pretty luminous glow-from-within effect (this is probably my favorite way to wear it).
  4. Mixed in with foundation worn all over the face gives a nice added glow that isn’t too glowy, however, I would probably reserve this for special going out occasions only.
A few more photos and swatches. I love that the cap pulls off easily and that the bottle has an easy to use pump:

Swatched heavy, then blended:

Many have been asking how Tom Ford’s Fire Lust compares to NARS Orgasm and Super Orgasm Illuminators. I don’t own Super Orgasm but was able to get a small sample at the counter to try. I think NARS Orgasm is close enough Tom Ford Fire Lust that you don’t need both, but the Tom Ford is really beautiful and I think it is worth every penny. Below you can see the natural glowy effects of the Tom Ford vs Nars. The differences I see:
  • Tom Ford Fire Lust is darker and peachier, more luminous with a natural shimmer/glow (but still sheer on the skin)
  • NARS Orgasm has a similar effect but appears lighter, less peachy and more frosty with more pigmented shimmers
  • NARS Super Orgasm is more pinky/peachy in the base and has the most pigment and color but it also has the most gold shimmer with tiny glitters (making it the most glitzy)

In terms of texture, the Tom Ford is slightly more fluid and easier to blend on the skin, but the NARS is still very easy to use. I apply both with a foundation brush from MAC or Chanel. Comparisons of Tom Ford to the NARS:

Some more swatches blended out on the skin, same items for each set below but different views to try and show the undertones/shimmers that are different with each illuminator:


Overall a stunning luxurious liquid highlighter. On my skin it stayed put into the early afternoon although it did get a bit dewy with the natural oils on my skin near late afternoon. In Southern California the weather is mildly warm. I do think in warmer summer weather lasting power will diminish. It has a soft subtle sweet scent that disappears after a minute. Application is easy with fingers or a foundation brush. You can layer the product for more glow but not more color since it’s on the sheer side.

If you’re on the darker side I think you might not see if show up on your skin since it’s very sheer. If I were 1-2 shades darker I am not sure that I would be able to see anything other than a very subtle glow. If you’ve tried this please chime in the comments with your thoughts and skintone.

If you are at all interested in this I’d recommend you call your nearest Tom Ford counter to track one down soon. I don’t know if the online retailers will restock. All said, it is similar to the NARS Orgasm Illuminator ($30 for 1.1 oz/30 ml) so if you can’t track one down, this will give a similar effect.

I have a partial list of stores that have a full beauty counter, if you have more info add in the comments below:

  • Bergdorf Goodman in New York
  • Neiman Marcus Ala Moana, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Beverly Hills, Fashion Island, Houston and Dallas NorthPark, Chicago Michigan Ave
  • Saks Fifth Avenue New York

Did you pick up anything from the Tom Ford Beauty Summer collection?

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  • Hi Sabrina, I was so excited to see your review! I think Fire Lust was the most appealing item from Tom Ford summer for me. I like the softness it has compared to NARS O (which I of course love too). It seems very wearable and the upright packaging is gorgeous too!

    • As always, I love your comments. Couldn't have said it better about the packaging.

  • When I talked to my SA at the Neimans in Las Vegas last night she said they only had 3 left! So if you want one–I'd say call ASAP. Thanks for the review, Sabrina. Wonderful as always!

    • Thank you Jenny for sharing your info on the Las Vegas store!

  • How does the consistency of fire lust compare to the fluid sheers?

    • They are very similar, the Tom Ford has a slightly more dewy/liquid texture.

    • Katieee

      Speaking of the fluid sheers, do you think they would show up on darker skintones? I wanted Fire Lust, but my tone is Chanel B50 (MAC NC40), so I guess it wouldn't show up? Would the Armani Fluid sheers #5 show up (in your opinion)? thanks!

    • Hi Katieee – I think the Armani fluid sheers would definitely show up on you. They have a lot more pigment, the only two shades I think might be too sheer/pale are #8 the pale pink and #7 an opal pink – the rest have a lot of pigment.

      #5 will definitely show up on you. I think #11 would be gorgeous on your skintone.

      I think Tom Ford Fire Lust might just give you a glow without much color. If you could try in person I'd recommend it!

    • Katieee

      Thanks so much Sabrina. I'll check out Armani #5 tomorrow. I really loved your swatches, and thanks for taking the time to do extensive comparisons with lots of different products. LOVE your blog.

  • The bottle is just so gorgeous, I love the wooden and gold accents, it's to die for! I actually am quite pleased with the highlighter itself, it's very pretty and subtle enough. I'm not too big on frosty highlighters so this is just so perfect. The shade is very flattering too, must look gorgeous for a glowy skin ^^.

    • Ooh did you get anything from the Tom Ford summer collection? Did I miss it on your blog? I can't believe I just discovered yours, everything is so lovely on BellaChique!

    • I second that!

  • WOW

  • It is pretty!

  • You saved me some money by comparing it to NARS Orgasm Liquid Illuminator, since I already have that! Thank you!

  • That is so beautiful. I am so greatful that you have posted the ingredients as I was going to order this but can see it contains salt which is a no go for me. I'll await your other reviews for the collection as am sure I can spent the money on something else πŸ˜‰ x

  • This looks absolutely stunning x

    Angelica // OneLittleVice

  • Neiman Marcus @ Tyson Corners, VA also has a TF Beauty counter πŸ˜€

  • Anonymous

    You need to try NYX liquid illuminator.

  • Looks amazing!!! so cool to give a nice touch to the face with the foundation!! thanks for watching

  • Sorry but can we take a moment to appreciate the PACKAGING? It's SOOOO luxurious! I don't use liquid highlighter often (I have Becca Topaz and I love it, but most of the time I tend to reach for the Chanel one from this spring). Still, I like how fine the texture seems and the shimmer looks fine enough!

  • AMAZING review!! The swatches are really helpful. I skipped it mostly because I already have TF Illuminating Primer which also creates a lovely subtle glow.

  • I'm NC15 and have been wearing Fire Lust primarily in the classic "C" shape. It emphasizes my eyes and cheekbones with a soft glimmer of pink and gold pearl that catches the light without adding a lot of color. A little bit over the cupid's bow is also lovely. This is sheer enough that it can be used the same way you'd use any highlighter/Illuminator which means it's not just for the face. It is also beautiful when applied to the dΓ©colletage. It gives the shoulders and neckline a warm luminous finish that is very flattering. For this year's Oscars, Nicole Kidman's MA mixed it with her body makeup so that her ΓΌber fair complexion wouldn't look pasty against her stunning black and gold gown. I've mentioned this on a couple other blogs, but it is a good example of how versatile this product is. In truth, I think Fire Lust is better suited to those of us with fair to medium complexions. It brings our skin to life with a soft and flattering glow.

  • If I hadn't known, I would've thought that that was a nail polish! Gorgeous!

  • Amazing review, AMAZING swatches. I'm so obsessed with liquid highlighters/illuminators and your post seriously got me in the mood for this summer and its beauty trends. I find that Tom Ford's products usually work the way I would like them to, so I'm definitely going to try this product out. Liquid illuminators don't always work perfectly on me (and I end up getting super frustrated when my face starts getting streaky/blotchy/they don't look right over blushes/bronzers/etc.), so I'm happy to see this new line by Tom Ford. Even though I love TF products, I honestly don't keep up-to-date with the,, so thank you so much for this post! I cannot wait to Saks. I'm now adding that to my list before I attend next Thursday's Knicks playoff game πŸ™‚

  • This is beautiful!! It makes me want to bring out my NARS Orgasm illuminator again.