Tom Ford Illuminating Cheek Color in Blush Guilt and Bronzed Amber

May 7, 2013

Tom Ford Illuminating Cheek Color is new for summer and comes in two limited-edition shades Blush Guilt 01 and Bronzed Amber 02 ($58 each for .42 oz/12g). Both are packaged in a convenient twist-up stick very much like his stick foundation. Blush Guilt is a sheer pale seashell pink shimmer. It’s a dreamy glimmering pink that goes on very sheer on my skin. It does show up pink but the effect is extremely natural on me – even more natural than the Fire Lust Liquid Skin Illuminator. Bronzed Amber is a warm darker bronze shimmer that sheers out to a beautiful warm bronzed glow. It looks deep and dramatic when swatched but blends out to a beautiful natural bronze.

Both shades have a dewy texture with a sheer finish. They can be layered for more color but are still fairly natural shades. I was surprised how much I fell in love with Bronzed Amber. I expected Blush Guilt to be my favorite, but once blended out the color is borderline too light for my skin to wear alone. It’s a color that needs a bit of extra work with layering of bronzer or blush. Although the shimmering quality is just beyond gorgeous on the skin.
Swatches were a bit difficult to capture due to the dewy nature, light keeps reflecting off each shade. I recommend seeing swatches on The RaeViewer and Best Things in Beauty for a better idea of what they look like on the skin.

The Tom Ford Illuminating Cheek Colors are quite emollient but they do stay put a surprisingly long time for such a dewy product. On me I don’t end up getting greasy as fast as with some other cream blushes, but by afternoon, I can definitely feel that my face feels moist from these cream blushes. I wouldn’t recommend them for oily skin, although they can be set with a powder. Compared to NARS Multiples, the Tom Ford is dewier and sheerer. I personally prefer the finish of the Tom Ford sticks because the transparent quality gives you a more natural luminous glow. On the other hand I prefer the pigment of the NARS sticks because they offer more color without any added blush/bronzer needed.
Here are some of the shades compared below to Armani, NARS and MAC. You can see that the colors of Tom Ford Blush Guilt and Bronzed Amber are quite unique.

All shades swatched with a heavy hand below:

I think Bronzed Amber is a must-have, but Blush Guilt is definitely the hit shade of summer. There’s something irresistible about a shimmering seashell pink blush.
Tom Ford Illuminating Cheek Colors ($58 each) are limited-edition. Right now both Bronzed Amber and Blush Guilt is still available online at Saks. Bronzed Amber is still available online at Neiman Marcus. If you’re interested act fast, the Tom Ford Summer items are selling out very quickly. (Tom Ford locations posted in the Fire Lust post a few posts below).
Shop the items at Saks:

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  • Both look really promising! I especially love Guilt, it's an interesting shade to use as a blush. I bet you achieve super pretty glowy skin with these!

  • Bronzed amber reminds me of a colour Diane Von Furstenburg once made, totally irresistible bronzed rose and I agree on this choice, but that mr. Ford is a toughy to get over here

  • Really lovely colours β™₯


  • At first I didin't think I'd want both of these, but as soon as I saw how they could be sheered out, I realized they would create an effect similar to my beloved Shade & Illuminate only in soft rosey/amber tones perfect for summer. (We all know how much TF loves contouring the face) I apply Blush Guilt on top of my cheekbones and Bronzed Amber just beneath in the hollow. I then blend out the edges. The duo cast a gleaming light that beautifully fulfills Tom Ford's promise of the warm and flattering light of a summer sunset. Those of us in So Cal are very familiar with the beautiful golden, rose-tinged light we get along the coast after a hot and clear summer day. Well, this is it :-). Bonus points: Blush Guilt makes an amazing browbone highlighter that works perfectly with the summer neutrals we've been seeing from Tom Ford and Guerlain.

  • Leigh

    I picked up Blush Guilt and although it is quite sheerer than I usually work with re: blushes, the glow it provides is phenomenal and I found that if I dab a cream blush in for a little bit more color because I'm very very fair (LMdB's Poppy creme fresh tint and YSL's creme de blush in Rose Quartz are my two go-to shades), it's just the perfect summery look.

  • I LOVE your description of Blush Guilt. Seashell pink–absolutely perfect. So much better than mine. Though I was a little disappointed with the plastic packaging–I totally agree that they are must haves. They're almost foolproof–in terms of color control. Thanks for another great review!

  • Hi Sabrina, Both Blush Guilt and Bronzed Amber are gorgeous! I was surprised to see how bronze Bronzed Amber was — I thought it might look quite similar to NARS South Beach, but I guess not!

  • oooh love a new release! these look right up my street, i love the nars multiples πŸ™‚ thank you xx

  • Simply gorgeous!

  • These sound like great products! Can you tell me if you plan to use Bronzed Amber as bronzer or more like blush or even contour? I'm looking for a good bronzer but find that powder bronzer tends to accentuate my dry skin. I'm thinking if I can use Bronzed Amber more like a bronzer that this may be a good candidate. Any input would be appreciated!

    • Claire – I tend to use bronzey sticks like a blush or bronzer. I've been using Bronzed Amber as a bronzer. If powder bronzers tend to accentuate dry skin, I'd recommend layering a sheer cream shimmer underneath powder bronzers. Products like the Fire Lust Illuminator, or Edward Bess's Afterglow are wonderful products to help add moisture without being too heavy.

      I prefer powder products for contour mainly b/c I like something softer for that (like Burberry Earthy or Dolce & Gabbana Tan).

      Hope this helps!

  • Sue

    OMG!!! They all look so pretty. I love the shades and colors for they look light and natural.