Dolce & Gabbana Smoky Eyeshadow Quad

May 23, 2013

Dolce & Gabbana has released a new eyeshadow quad called Smoky ($59 for .8 g/0.16 oz). It’s part of the new True Monica Collection (more details on Makeup and Beauty Blog, Style Bistro and Refinery29). I ordered mine from Saks Houston sight unseen and was thrilled with this beautiful neutral palette. The colors have enough warmth to create a stunning smokey eye that isn’t too harsh. This palette has a soft matte black, a chocolate brown shimmer infused with gold flecks, a soft sandy beige and a white pink-gold shimmer. Layered from lightest to darkest creates a goof-proof smoky eye. This might just be the best smoky eye palette I’ve tried yet. Each shade has a beautiful blend of different colors and shimmers to create depth.

In full sunlight:

The pigment is rich but natural. Each shade applies very smoothly and are layerable with each other. The pale pink is a white-pink-gold that flashes different shimmers. I couldn’t capture the complexity of the color but it’s stunning on the skin. Some swatches – this may look like a boring palette at first glance, you have to try it to see how pretty it really is on the skin:

The colors can probably be replicated with other singles and shadows however there is a beautiful softness to each shade that I’ve fallen in love with. It’s quite different from other Dolce & Gabbana quads, I pulled Femme Fatale (formerly called Champagne) to compare.

Bottom line gorgeous. The Dolce & Gabbana Smoky Quad ($59) from the True Monica collection is available at select Saks locations and online at Saks Fifth Avenue and Sephora.

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  • This looks absolutely stunning. I don't have that much Dolce & Gabbana–I keep meaning to pick up more. But after seeing your comparison swatches–I know that I wouldn't be able to choose between the two quads, lol.

  • Love this, I haven't tried anything from Dolce & Gabbana yet but am really starting to want to when I go to New York this summer! It's not talked about much, no idea why as the products all look stunning and get great reviews! x

    • Ellie – it's definitely a must-see when you go to NY! I've had amazing experiences with the Saks NY counter over the phone in the past. I think it's a brand not talked about a lot because it's so hard to find. Their foundation is among my favorites.

  • Colors look gorgeous, but rich pigmentation and smooth application are what really lures me. Great palette. Thanks for sharing!

  • Anahita

    Isn't is stunning? I also got the new Gentle lipstick and nail polish. It is the perfect pinky nude for my pigmented lips. It goes beautifully with the new Smokey Quad.

  • The depth of the colors and their finish make this quad well worthwhile. Although most of us probably already have similar colors, eyeshadow formulations just keep getting better and better and so I'm always ready to update in favor of something better.

  • I wasn't too excited when I saw the quad, but I'm sold after seeing the swatches! All the shades seem so pigmented and smooth, and I'm a big fan of that taupe πŸ™‚

  • totally stunning, I think D&G does the best eyes

  • This is smokey and sultry hotness in a quad! I love the look of that bronze colour, I bet that combined with the black shade it looks really super sexy! The pigmentation looks outstanding too!

  • Those shadows look stunning. I'm really tempted!

  • Really pretty. Totally lusting after the smokey one!

  • Just bought it! And I love it!

    Also. Happy Birthday (belatedly) to you and the blog Sabrina!!!!

    I'm not sure of your exact birth date, but I think it's close to mine, which is May 15th. And I believe it's also the birthdate of The Beauty Look Look!!! I couldn't have given myself a better gift than your blog!!! Which is STILL my first stop for beauty everyday!!! THANK YOU FOR THE BEAUTY LOOKBOOK!!!

    Sending much love to sister from another mother and fellow beauty geek!!!

    • Thank you Lori, how sweet of you to remember! May 15th is my blog birthday which I missed, lol. Thank you for your support and sweet comments that make my week each and every week πŸ™‚

  • wendy

    hi sabrina!! i wonder if you could please help me!! i was looking thru vogue magazine, this coming june issue and i saw the true monica collection. monica bellucci has the exact opposite coloring as mine. i flipped thru the next 10 or so pages and saw the ad for dolce's desire fragrance with scarlett johansson. i have very similar coloring. i called my local saks (which doesn't carry this line) and they transferred me to texas…i'm assuming houston and i talked to isaac. not sure if you know him. he was so very nice and read me the entire look that scarlett was wearing, cinnamon and romance duos, sensation lip color with innocence gloss and 2 colors for blush, i only can remember cashmere? and, the nail is nude shade. i read your older reviews but, i'm not sure what to do! it's too hard to return makeup for me…..do you think the duos would be similar to monica's quad? i just can't tell from looking at my monitor. i just wanted your opinion. i read that you were somewhat uneasy about the cinnamon duo. iwant something really pretty but no fuss in applying for the summer. i'd very much appreciate your thoughts! thankyou!!!!! xxxxxoooo

    • Hi Wendy, unfortunately I don't have a Vogue subscription and I'm not sure what the latest ads are. I think for the eyes you will be better off with Smoky Quad (rather than Cinnamon or Romance duo). The quad has better pigment and color payoff.

      Check out Dolce & Gabbana's Swide website, they have a beauty section which might give breakdowns of ads:


      Hope this helps!

  • It was supposed to be MY sister from another mother. And I forgot to send my love to the menagerie!


  • Dolce and Gabbana quads are so underated. One really has to swatch these to appreciate their subtle, yet rich beauty. I didn't look at Femme Fatale twice, and was astounded when it was applied during a makeover. I was especially pleased that the lightest color in the quad didn't look frosty on my medium skin tone as many of them do. I image this new quad, Smokey Quad, will look good on a wide range of skin tones as well.

  • The colors are beautiful and pigmentation looks really good. I love the 2 darker shades.

  • Great swatches. Definitely going to check out the D&G cosmetic stand next time I'm at the shops

  • Hi Sabrina,

    Finally, I got my hands on this quad! Can't even begin to tell you how pleased I am! It's so buttery smooth and I love it so much! It didn't crease on me, and I even napped in it! Ha Ha Ha!!

    Thank you for the lovely recommendation beautiful! Appreciate it so much!