Dior Lilac Colorvision #398 Vernis – Sephora Exclusive

April 17, 2013

Dior has released a Sephora-exclusive nail polish called Lilac Colorvision #398 ($24, limited on Sephora.com and in stores). It’s a new shade to the US, but actually a repromote of a Japan Exclusive Frou Frou #398 (see review on Ala Peach). It’s currently sold out online but the Find In Store feature shows that physical stores should still have it in stock. I found mine in-store several weeks ago.
Lilac Colorvision #398 is a lovely cream light lilac nail color. Many lilacs are either too pink or pale and end up clashing with my skintone but the Dior #398 has enough color to not look chalky. It has a very fresh youthful look that’s lovely for spring. The application was smooth and flawless with two coats – Dior keeps getting better and better.

Swatches below with two coats, no top coat, I was happy to find it dried to a glossy finish very quickly:

I don’t own many lilac shades to compare, but I pulled a few purples from Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and OPI to compare (each photo has the same set, just different lighting):

Bottom line gorgeous. If you’re interested I suggest you try to track it down at your local Sephora store soon, I don’t know if it will be restocked at Sephora.com. Did you try Dior’s Lilac Colorvision? What’s your favorite lilac shade for nails?

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  • Wow, this color looks SO good on you, I never would have thought. I could only find it in one local Sephora store, I'll see if I can go there tomorrow. I'm loving all my Dior n/p now, too.

  • pretty!

  • Hi Sabrina, Dior Lilac Life looks so beautiful and clean on your nails – love it!

  • A friend in US purchased it for me when it was available online. It is on the way to me now, should be here any minutes. I was wondering how it would compare to rodeo drive. Thanks for the comparison

  • What a beautiful purple shade. It looks so much prettier on your nails compared to the nail swatch. I don't own any purple shades so this is opening my eyes!


  • This is at the top of my wish list!

  • This is just the perfect color. Gutted I can't get a hold of it here in Norway! Great review x

  • Oh great, this is a lilac I can wear too, I have the same issue with most lilacs clashing with my skin tone making me look sick. I really love it, it's so girly and pretty ^^.

  • Wow does that look great with your skin tone! I was wondering who could pull that off! I have too much pink in my undertone! I have healthy envy for you. Thank you for sharing. Lookks gorgeous!

  • Candice

    This is beautiful color and looks great with your skin tone. Thanks for sharing this post!

  • OMG! such a wonderful color!
    But we have any sephora in Germany and they donΒ΄t ship international too :((((

  • This is allegedly on winging its way towards me as we speak. I say allegedly because I had a bad experience with Sephora a couple of years ago and now worry about whether or not I'm really going to get what I ordered! Fingers crossed because I have wanted this BADLY since I saw it on a la Peach back in January. I wish they kept the name though–Frou Frou is so cute, whereas "Lilac Colorvision" is…not.

    • Ah! Spoke too soon, it just arrived! I'm very happy :).

  • Love it. Love it. Love it. That lilac is gorgeous. I want it now.

  • I am a big fan of lilac for nails and this one is really beautiful! It looks great on you!

  • I'm really big on purple polishes, and this is the perfect lilac.

  • Wow!!! this nail color looks so pretty. I love purples that is why I love it so much. Gotta have this….

  • I bought this nail polish as soon as I saw it on Sephora's website. Very happy I did. This weekend, it is my mani πŸ™‚ That is the only lilac polish I have. Such great addition to the collection.

  • Thanks for your review and comparisons! I can always count on you to show how different/similar my other polishes are to the new ones. Your site is invaluable πŸ™‚

  • I can always count on your blog for the BEST comparisons! Thanks so much for your work πŸ™‚ BTW I looooove this color.

  • If anyone is looking for a dupe Nice is Nice by Essie is 98% a match! πŸ™‚ I love Lilac so I had to get this too, haha.

    • OMG! Thank you sooooo much :*******

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the in store search suggestion! My local Sephora had two left in stock. The Sephora brand by OPI has a similar color, but it's a touch more pink and the Dior brand is glossier (no top coat used for comparison) and it has less streaking AND the brush is wide and flat and it's hard to mess up application, for once!