Late-Week Lust List

March 22, 2013
My late-week (mid-week, didn’t realize the week is already almost over) lust list includes a mix of tried and true staples along with some new items that are extremely tempting. My resolve is weakening, especially because of Nordstrom’s Triple Points event going on now until the 24th (I have some Dior and NARS items waiting in store from pre-sales that I need to pick up soon).
  • Diptyque Candles ($28 to $60 for the clear jars) are among my favorite candles. I’ve burned through Baies and Figuier several times over and the jars are easily recyclable into beautiful brush or pen holders. These days I’m always have a candle burning while I’m at home whether it’s Diptyque, Henri Bendel, Jo Malone or something else new. I’ve never tried the Wick Trimer yet, but figured it’s about time I purchase one. Do any of you have experiences with candle trimmers?
  • Chanel Top Coat ($26) is a staple glossy must-have that extends the life of my manicures that doesn’t cause shrinkage. Mine lasted several years but just started to thicken (I think I didn’t close the lid tightly enough with the last few uses). I need to replenish.
  • Dior has re-vamped their Addict Glosses ($29.50) once again. I need Nuit Boreale because it looked so gorgeous on Makeup and Beauty Blog (although it’s probably an existing shade re-incarnated with a different name).
  • NARS Satin Lip Pencils ($25 each) have been all the rage. I love how they look on CafΓ© Makeup and Temptalia. I already own Isola Bella, a gorgeous nude-pink and love it. I need a few more of the neutrals. These look like an easy goof-proof throw-it-on kind of pencil.

Did you buy anything for Triple Points? I’ve love to live vicariously through your picks πŸ™‚

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  • Dior glosses are the best. Holly xx

  • Ana

    I always check your blog before buying some new item. I love your reviews!!!

  • Happy Friday Sabrina! I'm deliberating between the Chanel top coat and the new gel one by Dior. Do you have a preference between the two?

    • Hi Lori, I will probably need a few more weeks to test. I have tried the Dior Gel for one week over Dior and now am on day four using it over Chanel.

      Intitial thoughts:
      Dior's gel over a Dior nail polish is simply amazing. Kept nails chip free and no signs of tip wear for a week.
      Dior's gel over a Chanel nail polish showed a bit of shrinkage on some fingers and looks a bit thick. Tip wear occurred on day 2.

      Dior's gel top coat drying time is faster than Chanel's top coat.
      Both have the same finish in terms of gloss/shine on day 1. Dior's shine seems to last longer. Dior's texture is slightly thicker.

      I'll do an update in a week or so to give a proper comparison. Hope this helps for now.

    • This being said, I think I like Chanel's top coat better over Chanel nail polishes.

  • Yes, I did quite a bit of spring shopping at Nordstrom–mostly clothes–but I did pick up six of the new Dior Addict glosses. I started with two; loved them so much for their hydration, comfort, and dimensional color that I went back to get four more πŸ™‚ So, I know have Princess, No Angel, Spring Bal, Bed of Roses, Fancy Purple, and Night Fantasy nestled in my "lip drawer". Dior's fashionable shade range is also sure to please just about everyone.

  • Hi Sabrina!
    How does the Chanel top coat compare to the new Dior one?

    • Lizzy see notes a few comments above. I'll still have to test a bit longer to know for sure how they compare. Hope this helps!

  • I have some wick sissors trimmers and even though mine were cheap, they are indispensable to use when the candles are low in their jars. It is important to keep the wicks at 1/4" when you light them (no large flame and smoking). These are probably much nicer and cut better than mine. If you are getting such nice candles, it would be nice to use the proper tool (and not get your nails all sooty if you pinch the black wick off!). Hugs!

  • Hi Sabrina! I am new to your blog, it looks really nice! Love the Diptyque candles especially the ones you picked πŸ™‚

  • Hi Sabrina,
    Thanks for sharing your experience w/ Dior & Chanel top coat. I'll probably have both for each one (I already have the Chanel one). I trim my wick each time, I found that if I do that, the candles smoke less and burn more even. I just use an old, cheap nail clipper for that. Another thing that you can do is to dip your wick into the melted wax after initial trim and straight it back up while the wax harden. I learned these tricks from makeupalley (i'm sure if you google/do a search you'll find these). Good luck!


  • I just use regular scissors to trim my wicks before each burn, so I've never had to snip the wicks mid-burn (which is when you'd use a wick trimmer, I think?). And then to put them out I use an unsharpened pencil to push the wicks over, wick dipper on the cheap πŸ˜› I pretty much want everything in that product spread, especially those NARS Satin Pencils I've been hearing so much about lately.

  • I really want to try the NARS Satin Lip Pencils, but are they worth the $25? Also, I'm really pale with blue eyes, light brown hair, etc… I was wondering if you had a shade suggestion for me? Thanks so much!!:)