Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons Tailor-Made Bronzing Powder 00 Nude and 02 Naturel-Blondes

March 11, 2013

Guerlain has revamped their Terracotta 4 Seasons Bronzers ($75 each for 10 g/0.35 oz, made in France) this year and released some new shades for spring-summer. I have not had much experience with Guerlain’s terracotta bronzers (except for a few seasonal limited ones) even though I’m obsessed with bronzers in all shades, formulas and finishes. This is the first time I’ve looked into the Terracotta Bronzer line from Guerlain. For this new release, there are six shades available. Two of the older shades have been re-named (sorry I’m not sure which ones have been repromoted), and four new colors have been added. I picked up the two lightest shades from Neimans, Terracotta 4 Seasons in Nude 00 and Naturel-Blondes 02.

Nude 00 is light quad with three tan shades and one pink shimmer. It’s fairly light. I have olive medium skin and currently use Chanel B30, Dolce & Gabbana Warm 100 and NARS Tinted Moisturizer in Alaska. I found Nude 00 to be extremely natural on me applying more like a nude blush rather than a bronzer. The finish is satiny leaning more on the matte side but not flat. Those who detest shimmer in their blush/bronzer will love the finish of the 4 Seasons bronzers.

Naturel-Blondes 02 is the second lightest option. All shades are medium tans (very similar). The bottom right corner has slight shimmer. It’s a warm but natural bronzer. On me it’s still on the natural side but true to bronzer form. Swatches below will make it seem on the orangey side. On the face it warms up the skin but doesn’t look orange at all. On me it’s goof proof. The color is layerable but it seems to be one of those shades that is impossible to mess up or overdo.

Each shade in the quads were a bit too sheer to swatch individually on the arm. On the face it’s easier to swirl the brush in a circular motion to mix all shades within each palette and then apply to the face. I’ve found that I can wear these alone without any layering of other blushes or creams.

Here are a few swatches, these were applied with a soft fluffy brush:

The Terracotta 4 Seasons are more matte than the Terracotta Light shades (mosaic looking bronzers) but have a similar finish in terms of pigment/intensity. I have two of the Terracotta Light shades, Blondes and Sun Blondes to compare.

I had some challenges capturing the true effect of each. There is a softness to each shade that my camera cannot capture. The Blondes and Sun Blondes have a noticeable luminous glow on the face, it might not be apparent below.

I dug through some of my current favorites to compare. Colors will vary depending on your skintone and also undertones. I have a lot of olive/yellow. Note the Guerlain was swatched with a slightly heavier hand to show the undertone. On the face they do not apply quite as intense.

I am one who loves all kinds of bronzers, even ones that are more dramatic and stronger. The Guerlain 4 Seasons shades I chose looked darker in the store and in finger/arm swatches compared to what you see when you apply on the face. They are well pigmented but still extremely soft in color. I think they are among the softest bronzers I own (MAC Golden is one of the softest in color, but I think it is because it matches my skintone closely). Lasting power was quite good. These are heavily scented with a powdery scent. I have a super sensitive nose but I found the scent faded after 5-10 minutes.
I had expected Nude 00 and Naturel-Blondes 02 to look darker and more dramatic on the face. Instead I found them to be more on the natural side. I have to admit the other colors instore looked extremely dark, but I almost wish I had tried the darker ones first. At a high price of $75 I highly recommend that you try before buying. I know I will get a lot of use out of the two I purchased. The texture of the 4 Seasons Bronzers is very luxurious and soft. They apply flawlessly. I like that the compacts are sturdy enough that I feel comfortable carrying one in my purse. After testing for a week or so, I like them, but it’s not love … yet. I personally prefer the Blondes/Sun Blondes even though the effect/finish is completely different.
For quick reference, here is a photo of all the ones in store. Some with the same names might look different because of the reflection from my iPhone flash:

Guerlain 4 Seasons Bronzers are available at counters now. I saw the entire lineup at Nordstrom and Neimans. I’ve heard it has also arrived at the Guerlain Boutique in Las Vegas. Currently it’s only showing up at 2 locations online at Nordstrom.com and Saks.com. I suspect it will show up at more locations online soon.
Have you checked out Guerlain’s Summer Collection for the Terracotta
release? Have you been a long-time Terracotta Bronzer user? I’d love to
hear what your favorites are (or have been) and your skintone.
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  • Eeek–so pretty! I LOVE Guerlain's Terracotta Light in Brunettes–it's by far my absolute favorite bronzer. It's the only Guerlain bronzer I've tried but I was still so excited when I heard about these new releases. I will definitely have to check and see which 2 shades were repromoted because I am curious…but based on your picture, I am eyeing Naturel-Brunettes and Nude!

  • I got to saw them last week at the launch event, and to my utter surprise the Guerlain head makeup artist chose to use Nude on me! He said with my winter skin tone (let's say NC25), everything else will be a bit too much. It was amazing to see how Nude made me look just a little healthier, like I had just spent an afternoon sitting on the terrace!

  • Oh wow, the nude one is perfect! I really love the color. Gotta go check this out soon. Great post and swatches as always! πŸ™‚

  • HOLY CRAP! $75?! Wow. That's some expensive bronzer, especially if you didn't end up even being wow-ed by it! Jeez, sorry. I think I am in sticker shock. It always has kind of annoyed me when companies overprice their products like this. I mean, there is no way there is $75 worth of stuff in one package.

    To be fair, the shades do look nice, but dang…$75…wow.

  • Paige

    The previous 2 shades were called 01 Blondes and 02 Brunettes. In the current lineup, they are 04 Moyen Blondes and 05 Moyen Brunettes respectively (moyen means medium in French).

    I've tried 05 Moyen Brunettes before but unfortunately, I didn't like it much–too orange for my taste and matte. To tell you the truth, I don't find bronzer useful for me as I tan easily (NC20/25 in the winter and NC30/35 in the summer). Instead, I prefer to use an bronzing illuminator to give me a touch of sunkissed glow. I've been using Soleil Tan De Chanel Sheer Illuminating Fluid recommended by my trusted Chanel SA. I'm also thinking of checking out Hourglass Lighting Powder in Radiant.

  • Thanks so much for taking a picture of the display! I have to go check out #8-it looks beautiful!

  • Hi Sabrina,

    Both Nude and Naturel-Blondes look beautiful and seem like they'll get a lot of use. I like how both have peach or pink tones that make them more wearable! The 9-pan display is gorgeous— the spectrum of colors offered is thoughtful too; there seems to be something for every skin tone!

  • I love the color 02 for blondes, it's really beautiful and discrete.

  • I already own the Terracotta Light in 02 Blondes and I love it, you are making me very excited to this new lineup of bronzers πŸ™‚ Also wanted to let you know that I am addicted to your blog its amazing!

  • I'm kinda scared of bronzers but these sound perfect for me! Especially the 00 one. Its definitely the bronzer I need to try as a first bronzer! I really prefer the more subtle, matte finish, the others look pretty and glowy but I guess its also easier to go wrong?

  • Nude looks lovely! Thank you for the helpful comparisons πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    I'm a B10 in Chanel foundations so i definitely think I will pick up the nude one. I already own the terracotta light bronzing powder in 02 blonees but the shimmer can be too much for some days. Maybe this could be my winter bronzer! Thanks for the review!:)

  • Those are so gorgeous! There are so many great choices, how's a girl to decide? πŸ™‚

  • They are amazing I love them… now I have the need to having them πŸ˜‰ thanks for sharing!

  • I love the nude one! I definitely have to try it!

  • 00 nude is nice! Seems very pinky though, does anyone know how this compares to Chanel sable rose bronzer?

  • love the review.. im looking for a terracotta bronzer, so i like it very noticeable, im pale with deep brown hair.. so maybe should i try number 03 ?? like the laguna bronzer from nars, what do you think?



  • this is such a well thought bronzer…no one could think and make such lovely shades…I have just one of the terracotta bronzer and buying one of this is equivalent to buying 4 bronzer…however I am going to buy the 05 Brunnettes in a cooler taupe tone as it would serve as universal contouring powder..
    fantastic review…and as usual Guerlain has got in a ton of product..

  • Ebony looks like a nice shade but on my NC30 skin tone it might be a lil too dark.. Might go for shade 3.. These came out here in Dubai but without the testers which is so weird.. So seeing your swatches really helped.. I was gonna go for 00 Nude but I'm glad I didn't coz it kinda reminds me of D&G Caramel Blush.. So thanks for the swatches hun.. Always helpful!

  • I been dying for these to come out! I still haven't decide which one to get tho. Thanks for the swatches πŸ™‚

  • Sabrina, color wise which one is the closest to Dior's Aurora (the limited edition one)? Thanks.

    • Anonymous

      Dior Aurora (the basketweave one) is my ultimate favorite bronzer, so I'd love to know this as well..thank you!

  • Excellent article! Back in the day, Guerlain had only one Terracotta bronzer available. Does anyone recall what it was called, and is it still available? And if so, does it have a new name? Thanks for any help you can give me.

  • SO pretty!! I have the old brunettes shade, but all of these are really pretty and I kind of want one!

  • Can someone tell me are these new bronzers going to replace the mosaic bronzers? I caved and bought Nude tonight at Nord's….just for a bit of color, have many bronzers. It's quite nice, overly $ but I love makeup, it's my vice–so who cares ;)?!
    Also will the Nude be discontinued like is it a limited edition? ty very much.
    I hope these new ones and Nude stay in the line as the mosaics were too glittery.