Chanel Taboo #583 Le Vernis

March 20, 2013

There are a series of mini-releases coming out from Chanel this spring-to-summer. One is called Revelation de Chanel which features several glossimers and a new nail polish called Taboo #583 ($27 for 13 ml/0.4 fl oz, made in France). I found Taboo Le Vernis in Beverly Hills this past weekend at Neiman Marcus (although they did not have testers).

Taboo #583 is a glorious vibrant purple metallic. There is a rich deep purple base that is infused with an iridescent red plum sheen loaded with micro sparkles of silver, blue and purple. Taboo’s shimmer actually shows up on the nails (yay!) but it’s not over-the-top. In the sunlight you can see flashes of plum-red in the bottle. On the nails it’s pure purple, the red isn’t visible but it does prevent this from looking too dark. It’s that red iridescence and sparkle that brings this shade to life even though it is a darker shade. The complexity of this shade made it a bit difficult to photograph, here are several shots to give you a better idea.

Coverage is rich and smooth. Application was flawless with two coats. I used with Deborah Lippmann’s Rehydrating Base Coat and the Dior’s new Gel Top Coat. I did see a tiny bit of shrinkage on three fingers (but not all) with the top coat.

Swatches with any kind of lighting brightens the effect of the shimmer. Taboo’s shimmer is visible, but it’s still a dark purple on the nails without any visible red metallic flashes (except with a flash or in direct sunlight).
In direct sunlight:
Under artificial light:
Another shot with flash, you can see the complex rich sparkles:

Under artificial light:

I couldn’t find a dupe from Chanel or Dior, although I suspect there might be some OPI shades that are similar (I didn’t pull any to compare). Taboo has a beautiful rich sparkle that I find unique. Here is Taboo next to Vendetta and Strong:

Three sets of nail swatches, all the same order and shades, just different lighting to show you the various undertones, shimmers and colors: Chanel Provocation (reviewed here), Chanel Strong, Chanel Vendetta, Dior Licorice (reviewed here), Tom Ford Dominatrix (reviewed here).

I adore Taboo. It’s a beautiful vibrant yet deep purple
that glows without looking fluorescent.  It does have a fall-ish feel
(rather than spring or summer) but I still love it. I am dying to check
out the glossimers in the Revelation de Chanel collection. Hopefully
this week!

Taboo is a limited-edition shade. Available while supplies last at Nordstrom, Saks, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales and Chanel.com.

Will you be picking up Taboo? If you have, did you find any dupes?

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  • These types of purples are usually not my favorite, but I'm convinced that Chanel's shimmer can make any color look good. It's gorgeous on your nails, and really does look like it's glowing. I'm still sad about missing out on Malice, so maybe I'll swing by the Chanel counter this weekend to see this in person.

  • Anonymous

    This doesn't seem to be on the Chanel site. Do you know if it will be available there or whether it is only at the merchants you mentioned?

    • It should be arriving online at Chanel.com and other Chanel e-tailers soon like most new collections, although I'm not sure what the release date will be. Sometimes Chanel.com lists things early than stores, other times it's the opposite.

      I don't believe it's exclusive to Nordstrom/Neimans. I just linked those because those are the only 2 US locations where I can find them online currently, mainly for my readers' convenience. Sorry for any confusion, I'll update the notes in the post above to be a bit clearer.

  • Wow the shimmer is quite strong, I got so used to their secret ones. It does remind me of OPI Every Month Is Oktoberfest mixed with butter LONDON Black Knight.

  • that's so pretty!!
    would love if you looked by my blog!


  • I love deep purple shades for my nails. I think this color looks beautiful, especially under direct sunlight.

  • Wow, I'm head over heels in love with this colour! It's purple, the shimmers are done so well and the overall effect is just everything I need from a purple nail polish! Ah Chanel, you are making my heart melt a little! ^^ Thanks for the lovely photos Sabrina!

  • It's gorgeous color, I love it!

  • I think this is the most beautiful colour from Chanel I have seen in a while, reminds me of my favourite OPI's Every Month is Oktoberfest. Thank you for the beautiful photos.

  • I really love this nail polish! πŸ™‚

  • I'm really pretty sure I own some near dupes, but Taboo is something I typically can't get enough of! Look at the dimension it has! Sooo pretty!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how this compares to Purple Rain from NARS…
    Thanks for sharing, Sabrina. It looks great on you


  • This polish is so pretty! Has to be one of the best colours Chanel has released in a long time! Hopefully this will be launched in Germany, too!

    • Hi Martha!
      Ja, der wird ende April bei uns sein πŸ™‚

  • Lorraine

    I was hoping you'd compare to Dior Licorice! I have Dior Shadow and it seems similar but I think there is may be more purple in Taboo. Love how it looks like a galaxy mani without the nail art effort

  • I got this at my local Nordstrom on Monday and am wearing it now. It was a total shock when I walked up to the counter as I hadn't seen any information about Taboo at all. I haven't pulled out every similar polish I own, but I do not believe I have any dupes. Someone mentioned Nars Purple Rain–I have that and it is not the same as Taboo. One can safely own both :). I also compared it to OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest and the OPI is more red. This is my favorite Chanel release since last summer's Delight (although I received Malice as a Christmas gift and that it a beautiful polish as well).

  • OMG! I love this color!
    I need it! i want it! I am in love with Taboo!

  • Sigh.. I cannot stand purple nail polish on my nails.

  • It reminds me of Zoya Yasmeen

  • Kim

    thanks for the review sabrina! i have vendetta, but it's a bit on the blue side for me. do you prefer taboo over strong? i'm wondering if i should try to find the latter on ebay…

    • Hi Kim, I think they are both so different, hard to say which I like better. I do have a slight preference for Strong. Did you check Izzy's Beaute Shoppe, sometimes they have limited shades available online. Good luck!

  • Oh my GAWD–so pretty! I want!! It's so rich and beautiful…

  • Oh my, what a pretty color. I'm trying to resist buying it…

  • This is gorgeous! It looks a lot like Illamasqua's Baptiste – same reddish shimmer in the deep shimmering purple base – which is another fave πŸ™‚

  • I love that you can see the blue shimmers in this.

  • Lovely shade, the blue/ violet shimmer is so… pretty…….. πŸ™‚

  • I saw this Friday at Nordstrom in Austin. Since I'm forbidding myself from more nail polish purchases this year (I have a problem!), I didn't even try it, but seeing this may make me break my fast. That is simply gorgeous.

  • I've been collecting OPI for over a decade now and can't think of any true dupes to Taboo. It's so gorgeous though, I'm sure they will be coming from Revlon at the very least!

  • Anonymous

    I'm thinking this might be close to OPI Visions of Sugarplums from their 09' holiday collection? Either way, it's gorgeous and I have already ordered it!

  • Anonymous

    Like a previous poster, I immediately thought of Nars Purple Rain, but the previous poster says they are different. The times when I am up for a shimmery purple are few, so owning Purple Rain is enough for me.