Chanel Raffinement vs. Edward Bess Cosmic Bliss

January 15, 2013
Per request, here is a comparison post of Chanel’s Raffinement Quad ($58) and Edward Bess’s Cosmic Bliss ($68). Both are glorious neutrals. To me they are different enough to justify owning both. The differences:
  • Chanel Raffinement has shimmer that is more frosted than the colors in Edward’s quad. The pales are also quite a bit lighter. Overall the quad pulls a bit warmer and slightly more pinkish/plum on the eyes. The darkest shade is also a matte.
  • Edward Bess Cosmic Bliss is more of a neutral/satiny palette. The colors are a bit darker and more neutral. The shimmer factor is not quite as high as with Chanel.

Both are equally good in pigment, texture and lasting power. I cannot choose between the two – I love them both.

One more view, not in direct sunlight:


Hope this helps!

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  • Anonymous

    Thank you for this post; I have been curious about the difference between the two quads after having read each of your posts. Seeing them side-by-side in one post is extremely helpful; trying to open two windows on my computer didn’t help much. I’m still undecided on which, if either, I would purchase, but you have confirmed that Raffinement is probably too frosty for my taste/coloring.
    I typically don’t comment here, but since I am taking the time to do so, I want to say that I love your blog and have been following for a while. It is well-written and the photos are great. I like seeing pretty pictures of makeup nearly as much as I enjoy using pretty makeup, and your photos are particularly beautiful.

  • Big differences in undertone (plum v. caramel), intensity (light to dark v. mid-tone) and finish (frost v. satin). Your comparison swatches are simply the greatest! Thank you, Sabrina. A friend insisted they were basically the same. No way! I'm sending her your link. LOL

    • Thank you for further refinements, Eileen!!

      And Sabrina's comparisons really ARE the greatest, aren't they!!


  • Anonymous

    Ahhh thank you so much! I was also trying to open them in two screens and judge. My eyes couldn't really tell whether one was slightly more plummy than the other or if it was too much. I love the Edward Bess finish but want the Chanel colours. I agree = will probably eventually get both. Thank you for the fantastic swatches.

  • Sabrina!

    You're the best!

    Thank you for doing the comparison! I really appreciate it! And ,of course, I'm not alone!

    I was at Neiman-Marcus in Beverly Hills last week and decided to just go for Cosmic Bliss! I figured if you thought they were both must haves I should probably just go for it! So happy that I did! I absolutely love Cosmic Bliss, but then again, Edward Bess never fails to delight! And I am in appreciation of you excellent taste, as always!

    Thank You!

  • Anonymous

    I think Raffinement looks a lot like Dior Rosy Tan

  • Thank you Sabrina for the comparison! I don't have Chanel Raffinement but after reading your post, I'm still leaning toward Edward Bess Cosmic Bliss. Trying to calm the craving until beauty no-buy is over πŸ˜€

  • Paige

    I already have a lot of palettes and collection of single shadows similiar in color to Cosmic Bliss. The distinction between Cosmic Bliss and Raffinement is now making me want to go get Raffinement.