Chanel Raffinement #39 Quadra Eye Shadow – Spring 2013

December 24, 2012

The winter-to-spring season brings quite a few lovely neutral palettes from Armani, Burberry, Edward Bess and Chanel. The Printemps Precieux de Chanel brings us Raffinement #39 Quadra Eye Shadow ($58 for 6.8g/0.24 oz) which is every neutral-lover’s dream. The quad has a mixture of three shimmery earthy warm neutrals and a dark warm matte brown. This is hands down my favorite neutral of all the recent releases. The pigment is excellent, much better than most Chanel palettes in my opinion. The texture is soft and easy to blend. The shimmer is visible but not over the top. It’s a definite must-have.

Here it is swatched, on me it pulls very warm:

Chanel recently discontinued Kaska Beige (which I found to be a good staple, I had to get backups) so I thought that Raffinement would be very similar. However looking at them side by side you can see how they are very different. The color/finish of Raffinement is similar to Armani’s #6 Boudoir. The difference is that Armani has 2 light shimmer/2 mattes while Chanel’s has 3 shimmers/1 matte. If I had to pick one, it would be the Chanel. I added Prelude below to show the undertones.

I could only fit three sets on my arm, so I picked the ones that were most similar, Armani #6 and Chanel Kaska Beige. There are two views below with different lighting. Right now I’m a Chanel B30.

Overall love. Raffinement is a gorgeous palette. The quality and pigment are excellent. Did you pick up Raffinement? Or anything else from Chanel spring?

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  • I absolutely love shot #2. It's like you can see every individual Chanel sparkle. : )

  • I picked Raffinement, and a couple of others too..am loving the quad! Err..after seeing your swatches..I want Kaska Beige now…

    • If you can find it I suggest you buy soon!

  • Nemo

    Bought this Saturday. I drove about 100 miles the day before to buy the CHANEL spring collection, but did not buy the eye quad then. I was concerned about the darkest color looking bruise-y on me. Instead, I bought the blush, all 3 eye pencils, the Fracas polish, the Envoutante lipstick and both glosses. The next day, arguably the busiest day of the Christmas shopping season, I couldn't stand it anymore. I hopped in the car and drove that distance again and bought the quad. Tried it out, sat in my car in the best natural light available to check out the results, and fell in love with that quad. Only CHANEL can do that. It is indeed a must-have.

  • This is truly a beautiful quad. Love the picture.

  • Raffinement will be here today along with the blush, highlighter, bronze Extrait de Gloss and Preciuse RA. I am loving Armani Boudior so I am glad it is similar.

    • Awesome picks! The bronzey Extrait de gloss is sooo gorgeous!!!

  • I want! And I'd love to have the Armani #6 palette!

  • Anonymous

    I actually skipped this one and instead bought intuition (which I had originally skipped and only bought variations). I thought the colors in general looked a bit like dior's holiday palette fairy gods (although fairy gods may have a pearlier finish).

  • Definitely getting Raffinement. Why haven't I bought Kaska Beige yet? Adding to list.

  • I'm usually hesitant to purchase Chanel quads, just because the quality can be so hit or miss, but your swatches and description of Raffinement make it too good to pass up! I'm literally adding it to my cart as we speak….


  • This quad is amazing! I want it so bad!

  • I picked up Raffinement and Beryl on my last visit to Chanel Studio. I think I'll also pick up the highlighter compact and one or two of the nail polishes. I'm still deciding on which lip color to choose, I'm only limiting myself to one now, but so many good choices!! Excellent photography as always.


    • Thank you Claire! Beryl is so pretty – still wondering exactly how to wear that one though!

    • Hi Sabrina, I plan to wear Beryl on the lower waterline or even on lower lash line. The effect is subtle but very brightening. Also, a tiny bit smudged on the inner corner would do the trick. I love the Or Rose as well but I already have Rose Platine, so I skipped that one. I'm sure you'll have better idea on how to coordinate this than I do. I look forward to see what else you picked up from this collection.

  • I will have to check this out in person. ItΒ΄s definitely on my wishlist. Can you tell me which nail polish youΒ΄re wearing in the first picture? It looks lovely!

    • Anonymous

      Hi, found this old post. Its years ago now so probably no hope but do you happen to remember the colour polish? it really is lovely.

    • Hi I believe it's Chanel Emprise but I'm not 100% sure since this was a while ago.

    • Anonymous


  • Oh my…its so beautiful. Now, how do I brainwash my boyfriend to get this for me! haha!

  • What pencils or eyeliner would you use – I bought these along with alot of other pieces – I used black liner and also Prunella from MAC and used Espresso and Casis by Chanel – just wonder what you would use – Merry Christmas

    • You have good picks for eyeliners, great versatile classics! I tend to gravitate to brown shimmers, my favorites are Chanel Taupe, the new Chanel Santal eyeliner for spring, Bobbi Brown Bronze Shimmer Ink, Chanel Espresso.

      The plummy ones you have are great as well πŸ™‚

    • I will have to pick up the new liner Santal – Funny the Makeup Artist told me that was a lip pencil and I said no its for the eyes – didn't feel like getting into a big conversation so just blew it off – I see Bloomies is offering a $25 gift card w/a $100 purchase in cosmetics tomorrow thru Friday – 1st time ever – this will be on my list – Thank You.

  • Merry Christmas Sabrina! This quad is SO pretty — I had to get it as well. I hadn't heard they are discontinuing Kaska Beige! Oh no…!

    • Merry Christmas to you too!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you "Nemo" for that story! Loved that you drove 100 miles two days in a row for Chanel. Now I don't have to feel so guilty when I do stuff like that to get what I want!

  • Thanks for the swatches and reviews. I have been waiting for your reviews (: what do you think between this and Armani Terra Sienna? I'm debating between the two ad I can only purchase one. Hope you are able to answer my question. Have a wonderful holiday!

    • Hi Lesley – I prefer the Chanel over the Armani. Details are in the post!

  • Sabrina, your relevant comparisons, great pictures, and comprehensive reviews put you in a class by yourself! I'm sure your beautiful review has sold a gazillion quads for Chanel πŸ™‚

    Here's wishing you and all those you hold dear a wonderful holiday season filled with the answers to all your wishes and prayers. Merry Christmas, Sabrina!

    • Thank you Eileen! Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones πŸ™‚

  • lovely swatches… I love 2012 is already out, and we have yet to celebrate the end of 2012 πŸ™‚

  • Well, I'm in such a dilemma. I've gotten Armani quads 2 and 6 within the last month and I planned to get this also….but I have a hankering to see the new Dior too…I do looooove my neutral browns…cyber shopping is just waiting for me!!! Beautiful pictures, Sabrina and I truly appreciate the comparisons. Merry Christmas!

  • The new Chanel on is perfect! I much prefer to wear neutral tones so I stick with the urban decay naked palette , but I will definitely be taking a look ar the Chanel and Armami for eye shadows in the new year! Brilliant post xx

  • THIS–this WILL be mine!! I actually don't own any Chanel quads yet, if you can believe that, but Raffinement will definitely be my first! I'm also purchasing the blush and highlighter from this collection too! Can't wait! πŸ˜€

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

  • Silvita

    Thank you for this beautiful post and comparison! This fall I got Guerlain's Turandot and the Burberry Mocha quad, I'm obsessed with neutrals and browns for the eyes, I just love how good they look. I will get this!!!

  • stunning eyeshadow quad!!!