Chanel Django, Island, Emprise, Jade Rose and Rose Caché

December 23, 2012

Many of you have asked for more comparisons to Chanel’s spring Emprise Le Vernis. I pulled a few more to compare Chanel Django, Island, Jade Rose and Rose Caché. I hope this helps show the difference!

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  • Nemo

    I must tell you that the Emprise I sampled yesterday at my local CHANEL counter was more of a nude, a sophisticated off-white even, than what you are showing.

  • I love them all. Such perfect natural nail colours!

  • Such gorgeous colors, I'm definitely jealous of your collection! I really love Island and Rose Cache out of the five.

  • Lou

    I love Emprise and Rose cache. They are sooo elegant and perfect!
    Just Found your blog and I´m your newest follower! 🙂


  • Anonymous

    Thanks Sabrina! This really helps.

  • Wow I LOVE Django and Jade Rose. I'm a bit of a nude pink fanatic, so this post is just gorgeous to me. 🙂

  • What a gorgeous set of nudes!

  • Fabulous swatching, Sabrina! How do you like the formula of Emprise? In my experience, for example, Tendresse is quite streaky compared to say Peche Nacre. Do you find Emprise easy to work with?

    By the way, Happy Holidays to you and yours. Many best wishes for the year to come.


  • Love Django! Is it a permanent color?

  • Django it's so pretty…

  • I wish Django was available.