Chanel Délicatesse Le Vernis

September 14, 2012

Chanel Délicatesse is one of the three nail polishes from the limited-edition Les Twin Sets de Chanel for Fashion’s Night Out this year. It’s an opaque beige-peach-brown cream (non-shimmer). On me there’s the slightest hint of warm rose that prevents it from looking too brown or orangey. The finish is smooth and flawless like most Chanel nail colors. It’s very rich in color, although I would say the color of Délicatesse is similar to many other shades from other brands. I expected this to be the case since it’s a basic neutral. Still I am very happy with this color. Depending on the light sometimes this appears to be a lighter peach. Other times it looks like a darker brown-rose. If you’re still debating whether to order, I recommend these blogs with swatches and reviews: Front Row Beauty, Weekend Ramblings, AudreyEleven, and The Polish Jinx (she compares it to Khaki Rose).

Here it is swatched with two coats, two different views:

Here’s a closer look at the nail wheel from earlier this week. I found Délicatesse more peachy than Rose Confidentiel. It’s also more brown than OPI’s Gouda Gouda Two Shoes (this one is more pink and has some shimmer). Dior Sienna is several shades lighter and more nude. Rescue Beauty Lounge Om looks quite peachy compared to Délicatesse.

I swatched a few of the closest ones on my fingers to compare:

While I didn’t find Chanel Délicatesse super-unique, I did find it was different from most of my other neutral peach-browns. I love this color for fall and find it suitable for year round. Being the Chanel nail polish fan that I am I knew I had to have it. I do prefer the other two options though, so if I had to only pick two, it would be Provocation and Infidèle.
Chanel Délicatesse retails for $26 in the US and is currently available at Chanel.com and select boutiques. I purchased mine online at Chanel.com.

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  • It looks lovely on you! On me, it does go from brown to a more peachy brown with the light. And..thanks for the link 🙂

  • Love it, it looks very professional, very classic!! thanks for sharing!

  • Really pretty colour — does this remind anyone else of the 90s?

    • Lol! Yes! Youre so right! It also reminds me of something Rene Russo would wear in Thomas Crown Affair.

  • Anonymous

    It reminds me of an Essie color from last years fall collection.

  • I love how it looks on you! Chic and professional. I agree it's not a unique shade but it's so pretty.

  • I love them! This color is really awesome <3

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the swatch, but too little too late! As soon as I was these were available on the blogs, I ordered the nail polish. I can only wear neutral browns successfully, and this is the first year in many that they seem to be "au currant" again!! Cudos to you who noted the similarity to colors os the nineties, I guess that's when I came into my beauty puberty!! I saw swatches of the matching lipstick, and it looked like it had too much red in it, as many nudes do. My lips turn lipsticks even reddedr or pinker, thus the brown preference. But I gambled on the nailpolish. If is looks like your swatches, I'm a good gambler!!

  • Anonymous

    Essie had a color in the spring collection: "All Tied Up", I've been wearing it all summer. They say it a "bronze" on their website, but it is a mauve witha hint of brown in it, and looks much lighter than this color. I like the brownish mauves as summer colors, as the very light colors do not distinguish my nails from my skin!!! The color from last fall's collection was "very structured" which was a much darker red/brown.

  • Amazing post

  • Prettiest than Rose Confidentiel!