Chanel Premier Regard #38 Quadra Eye Shadow – Fall 2012

June 22, 2012
For the eyes this fall, Chanel has released one quad, two eyeliners and a number of single shadows. First up is Chanel Premier Regard #38 Quadra Eye Shadow ($58 for 6.8 g/0.24 oz). This is a subtle, soft and understated palette of sheer warm taupe-brown shimmer, pale dusty satiny pink, pale satiny peach-champagne and a muted black-grey matte. In the compact there appears to be a mix of satiny-shimmers and soft mattes, on the eyes these appeared mostly matte for me.
This quad took me three tries to get a decent application. By itself with only 1 base (I used Edward Bess’s eye primer), this was a disappointment for me. The colors were too sheer and the only color that had good pigment was the black-grey. I felt like the colors went on chalky and too sheer. The third time I finally found a good method of application. Note this quad needs a bit of extra work to show up (at least on my olive Chanel B30 skin).
Step 1: Prep with a good dose of eye cream on the lids and then apply your usual cream base/primer (I used Cle de Peau and Edward Bess).
Step 2: Mix the pink and peach together and blend over lids to soften the skin (this will be sheer but you can apply with a heavier hand if you want them to show up more).
Step 3: Use some kind of a tan/taupe/light cream shadow and blend along lashline and upwards (this serves as the base for the taupe shade, so apply the cream where you want the powder to go, I used Tom Ford’s Platinum Eye Shadow)
Step 4: Take the taupe-tan shade of the quad and dust over the cream eyeshadow (the cream eyeshadow helps the color adhere and blend well, using just a regular base was too dry for me to get any blendability out of the color)
Step 5: Apply the grey-black as a smokey liner (or as a crease shade, or wherever you prefer!)

Under different lighting:

Swatched, three views:

Right now, I only had time to pull two comparisons. When I first saw the promo photos of Premier Regard, I thought it looked strikingly similar to Winter Nights and possibly Dreams (I think both are discontinued in the US now?). The overall effect/theme is similar but the quads are still different. Here they are below.

Overall lovely and understated. At a glance, this seems to be a quad that is goof-proof and easy to apply. I was disappointed in the pigment by itself. The pink and peach look identical on my skin and borderline dusty. I need a moisturized eye base to prevent them from looking chalky on my eyes. A bit of tweaking and this worked better for me. I will definitely need to experiment more.

Have you checked out Premier Regard? How do you use it?

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  • The two color on the left remind me of Kaska Beige, is that so?

  • The shades are pretty beautiful! β™₯

  • I find this quad uninspiring and last year prelude much more interesting!

  • Eileen

    I was quite disappointed with Premier Regard. I did not find the colors or formulation particularly inspiring. I already have many similar colors, in a better formulation, so decided to give this one a pass. I think Premier Regard is one of those sets that looks prettier in the palette than actually on the eye.

  • Gail

    Thanks Sabrina. I guess I'll take Winter Nights to the counter with me and compare the two on my skin, but in general….I want this!

  • Chanel and matte eyeshadows? couldnΒ΄t be any better! thanks for sharing!

  • I agree with Eileen. I checked out the Fall line at the Chanel boutique and the Premiere Regard quad was the one thing that really looked uninteresting. I have too many neutral Chanel quads to want to pop for another.

  • Wonderful <3 <3 <3
    Matte! Yeah! :))))

  • Chanel needs to add more colorful Quads to their limited edition lines. This looks like too many others. Why can't they do for eyes what they do for nails and, soon, Rouge Allure? Make it interesting, Chanel!

  • Gorgeous!Thanks for swatches:)

  • Gorgeous colors. Thanks for the step by step too. I think Step 3 is a really good suggestion.

  • The shades seem pretty but pretty uninspired for the most part. and I was afraid when I first saw the top photo that it may be a bit chalky…I think I will pass on this one. Chanel's definitely done better before

  • Anonymous

    thankyou for reviewing this!! if i received this as a gift, it would be fine. but, paying close to $60 is disheartning. i guess it's me but, i've not been a fan of chanel's for awhile. i remember when i couldn't wait and just had to have the whole collection. i think i will look at guerlain and ysl this fall. guerlain's shadows are really super and are worth the price.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the review.
    I agree with others, this looks like something they have already done many times. Very boring.
    And also looks like the pigmentation isnt the best. I dont think at this price point and designer name the shadows should require that much effort and additional products to make them work.
    Im impatiently waiting for Guerlain's fall, I find their shadows quads superior to Chane and much more exciting.

  • Anonymous

    chanel eyeshadows are really boring normally and bad quality + poor pigmentation..(actually almost all her press powder products are like this.)
    but it does look chic to have a black case + big CC logo in makeup bag.
    chanel sell mirror too. I think it s a very good investment just buy the mirror and use products from other better quality brands. πŸ˜€

  • Anonymous

    Who has this for sale – I haven't seen at my Saks/Nordies or anyother place? My favorite quad is Dreams and I hit the pan years ago so now I seem to go between Winter Nights and Prelude – I might have to have this – Thanks for all your reviews.

    • I've heard Neimans has received this as well as some Nordstroms now. I purchased mine from Bergdorfs in NY.

    • Anonymous

      Found at Saks – the only store in Boca Raton, FL to carry the Fall collection – SA called me after I posted – bought the quad and the silver pencil for now. Thanks for all your great posts.

  • Anonymous

    Premier Regard comes closest to Winter Nights when swatched on the skin. Lovely colors and textures, though. milktea

  • First pic: I thought it is Prelude quad, ok, almost Prelude quad.
    I really don't like when eyeshadow (or any other make-up product) requires this super high maintenance thing going on. I shouldn't put so much effort to make some product work. This product should work to make me look good with almost minimal effort. Especially at this price point!

  • My Nordstroms had this last night. I did not attempt putting on the shadows with a brush but they felt very creamy on my finger. I might go back and try it again but like others, I have Prelude and thought it was a dead ringer. Kind of would rather have something new for the $.

  • To me, this looks very similar to Prelude. As soon as my Nordstroms have this on the contour I will play with them before I make my purchase. Sometimes the Quads looks better on my eyes than what they look in the case.

  • Thanks for this review- now I know that I can put a line through this quad. Too pricey for more of the same old boring, and the quality is uninspiring as well. I know I sound like an old poop, but it's the truth. I'll take my USD to another counter and find something a bit more exciting … xoxo Beth in Pgh πŸ˜‰

  • I just bought this, and it works well for me. I use an eyeshadow primer first, of course. I like the one by Too Faced. Then I put the pink under the brow bone, the brown in the crease, the peach on the lid, and the black (just a bit!) in the outer corners. I finish with Chanel long-lasting liner in Espresso and Chanel Inimitable mascara in black, and hey, presto! Ready to go! (In the evening I use a little of the brown as an eyeliner below my eye.)

  • I just bought this, and I love it. I start with Too Faced primer. Then I put the pink under my brow, the brown in the crease, the peach on the lid, and the black (just a bit!) in the outer corners. I finish with Chanel long-lasting eyeliner in Espresso and Chanel Inimitable mascara in black. Hey, presto! Ready to go. (In the evening, I use the brown as an eyeliner under my eyes.)