Chanel Beige 565 Swatched

May 23, 2012

Here are some finger swatches of Chanel Beige #565. Two coats achieve a semi-transparent finish. The results from application (myself and professionally) were both a bit uneven. I personally think the coverage could be more even with three coats instead. It’s clearly a beige tinged with yellow undertones. The pearly pink flashes prevent this from looking sallow on my hands. Depending on the light sometimes I love it, other times I’m meh. It’s a nice-to-have shade, but not a must-have. It is indeed unique in my collection of neutrals and beiges though. Someone in the prior post asked if this was a repeat/repromoted shade. I believe this is new, but I’m not 100% sure. I do know early when I started noticing Chanel (in the mid-90s) that there were several variations of a “beige” shade. Le Beige, Natural Beige, Beige de Chanel or something along those lines seem familiar names, but I don’t believe any of them had any iridescent quality.

One at night:

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  • That's such a pretty nude shade. <3

  • I like natural nudes. This one is very pretty.

  • Oh that is so so pretty! I love how nude and subtle it is!



  • Wow that shade is perfect for your skintone! I'm currently looking for my own perfect nude shade to match my super pale cool-toned colors.

    • I'm what I'd call "super pale cool-toned" and Beige is really beautiful on. I usually stay FAR AWAY from nudes because they usually look horrible on me, but this one is really unique. I think the fact it has a yellow base, yet the hot-pink shimmer, balances it out beautifully.

      As usual, gorgeous photos Sabrina! Love your Chanel reviews.

  • Walls

    Looks good on you, Sabrina. I wish it were pinker in undertone so that it would suit me! To all girls who can pull off this shade: enjoy and wear it well!

  • Kristen

    I think it looks great on you!

  • I didn't want this at first, but Beige looks like the PERFECT NUDE. This is what your posts do to me <3

  • Thanks for swatching this, Sabrina! Esp. on various lighting. I agree w/ you, it is hit-miss depending on the lighting/angle and such. I think I'll see if there's a somewhat comparable shade from OPI, perhaps one of the NYC Ballet Collection? Great post as always!


  • I like nudes and pastels but this one Ill pass. Way too yellow, and in some pics doesnt look that flattering. Im talking about the polish, not you dear πŸ™‚

  • I don't like this. It's yellowish and looks like cigarette stains. fingernails are beautiful though!

  • Such a beautiful nude colour. I love the subtle shimmer. Too bad it's very yellowish, but if it matches your skin tone, it would definitely work!


  • What a perfect nude nail polish for your skin tone!

  • *bell rings* It was Beige Naturel that was McGrath's favorite. Thank you for following up on my query. This looks nice, too.

  • beautiful!!