Burberry Iconic Nudes Summer 2012: Sheer Summer Glow & New Lip Mists

May 8, 2012

This summer Burberry Beauty has released a small collection featuring a new highlighter quad Sheer Summer Glow ($50) and four new shades of their sheer lipstick in the lip mist formula, 210 Pink Heather, 211 Nude Honey, 212 Nude Peach, and 213 Field Rose ($30 each). The theme for the entire look is subtle nudes. Everything is extremely natural.

Based on preview promotional photos, I envisioned the Sheer Summer Glow to be subtle and natural, but I didn’t expect it to be that natural. The quad is designed for the face as a highlight or contour. There are two shades of tan, a soft mink pink and a warm pearly ivory color – all shades have a luminous sheen. Some have discussed using this as an eyeshadow as well. I personally think it is too sheer to pull off on the eyes for my coloring, although it does create a soft wash of color (high emphasis on soft). Note that the wash is extremely subtle and sheer. On the face, to have this show up better on my skin, I applied over a cream bronzer like Chanel’s Tan Soleil (their cream bronzer in the round tub which I’m not sure if it’s still available) or NARS St Barts Multiple. The finish is a luminous sheen without the frost.

Lip Mists are a sheer creamy gelled type of lipstick formula. They are the sheerer option in the Burberry line. This season has four shades, don’t let the swatches below fool you. They are indeed sheer but apply with much more coverage on the lip with excellent lasting power. The impact on the lips surprised me with Pink Heather and Nude Peach. I have not yet tried Nude Honey but it looks extremely nude.
  • 210 Pink Heather is a soft cool pink
  • 211 Nude Honey is a sheer flesh beige
  • 212 Nude Peach is a nude light peach
  • 213 Field Rose is a soft rose pink (warmer than Pink Heather)

As many others have noted the entire Burberry Beauty line has been extremely well designed in all aspects from packaging, to quality, product finish and color selection. I’m currently obsessed with Pink Heather Lip Mist – it’s the perfect natural cool pink. The highlighter I could have passed on mainly because I like a more defined contour rather than something so subtle. Swatches of the entire collection (note I swirled and swiped the highlighter palette with a heavy hand, be sure to check other blogs for individual swatches and different application methods):

See other reviews and swatches on other skin tones:

Swatched comparisons below, two views of each set in different lighting.

You will notice with the lip shades that most swatched comparisons have more pigment because they are the Lip Cover Formula (Burberry’s regular lipstick). Yes, there are very similar colors in the existing lineup, there are subtle differences between each shade in the undertone or base color. Do note that the colors will apply differently on your lip based on your skintone and natural lip color. For more detailed descriptions on the differences, I highly recommend you call your local Burberry counter for extra assistance. In my experience they’ve been extremely helpful in describing the differences between all the nudes, pinks and roses in the line.

I found the entire line at Nordstrom. It’s currently available online at Nordstrom.com as well.

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  • Your photographs are stunning.

  • Thanks for the swatches. I think I want all lippies now. haha

  • This is so helpful! Thank you.

  • Sheer Summer Glow, Pink Heather and Field Rose are beautiful! β™₯

  • Wow! I'm in love!! hihi


  • Oh my word, these are all so gorgeous. I want them all. Thanks for the beautiful swatches as always!

  • Such beautiful colors. I think I may need to try Field Rose and Nude Honey now…

  • Very very nice tones, I love nude lipsticks and all these different undertones are amazing! thanks for sharing!

  • I agree w. the comment re. stunning photography, excellent job as always! Nude Honey looks almost clear to me, does it show up on your lips at all? Thanks!


  • Great photos! Thanks for this very helpful post! <3

  • lOVE THIS!!! i want the Nude Peach lip mist…i just love the name! lol

  • Hey Sabrina! Just wanted to say thank you sooo much for linking me in this post πŸ™‚ I've been obsessing over you blog for AGES (seriously!) and it's such an honour that you linked mine!!! πŸ™‚ Thank you!!!!!xx

  • Sabrina, I so love your reviews. Thank you!

  • I love the soft lip colors that Burberry makes. I think nude peach would be my favorite here πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    I have 4 Burberry lipsticks and am happy with the quality but 2 of them kind of melt and break in the tube. The sales told me to put them in the frige but it doesn't actually help… I can't imagine how they are going to be like in warmer places…

  • Oh I am so wanting the sheer summer glow. Pink Heather and Nude rose look adorable too πŸ™‚
    Thank you Sabrina for this post πŸ™‚

  • Thank you Sabrina for this post. The sheer summer glow looks tempting and the pink heather looks adorable πŸ™‚
    I think I am going to get these two πŸ™‚

  • Sabrina, thank you very much for the link to my review in your post! And of course for the great review. Your comparison swatches are really helpful. So helpful I'm gonna go and buy some more of those Burberry lipsticks :))
    Katja from Ninfeo Beauty

  • Chanel Tan Soleil isn't discontinued despite the rumours; they'd just sold out. Big department stores here in the UK have recently been restocked so hopefully you guys will get some soon too.

    Lucy x

  • The nudes are pretty, but I don't think they would look good on my dark skintone.

  • Great swatches! I am looking for an eyeshadow palette with very sheer tones for casual days this summer, the Summer Glow palette might work for me even though it is not meant to be eyeshadows. I will definitely try it at the store first.

  • I am so excited about this post! I can't wait to get the nude peach when it comes to Australia

  • OK, I had no idea Burberry made makeup. Where have I been? I'm so excited to have found your blog and I'd love for you to stop by mine and leave me your comments!

  • I can never have enough nude lipsticks… nude honey is my favorite.

  • You certainly live up to the name of your blog. I love your photos and swatches… These Burberry items are to-die-for….

  • Anonymous

    I bought 3 lip mist in nude peach, nude honey and field rose because of this post! :p Great review x

  • Anonymous

    I think the Sheer Summer Glow looks the most natural among the shades swatched on your arm. To a casual observer, it would not appear that makeup had been applied. Instead, it would seem like you had been out and about in the sun and now had a sheer summer glow.

  • wow, so gorgeous and I think I will adore that Pink Heather shade too. Thank you for swatching the Sheer Summer Glow next to Burberry Earthy

  • Thank you for your wonderful photos and swatches, no Burberry nearby, online swatches aren't great at Nordstrom's. I love the shine and color of the Lip Mists, I want Field Rose and Pink Heather!!!

  • Em

    The Sheer Summer Glow looks amazing! Been trying to decide whether to get the Dior, Chanel or Burberry bronzers, but am leaning towards the Burberry after seeing your pictures. It looks perfect for just a subtle glow without any orangey bronze look.

    Love the Lip Covers from Burberry, but the Lip Mists are way too soft and break off at the base. Will be giving them a miss.

  • Rin

    Thanks for this comparison post! Was searching high and low for a comparison with Chanel Sable Beige! It looks almost the same! Do you think it'll 'appear' on Chanel B20 skin? These aren't available where I am yet.. πŸ™
    Thanks again!

  • great swatches, thank you!

  • Wonderful swatches! Field Rose, Peach Nude and Sheer Summer Glow are beautiful.