Le Labo Fragrance Samples

February 10, 2012

My newest discovery: fragrance samples for purchase, direct from Le Labo online, samples are $5 each for 1.5 ml (0.05 fl oz). I really like their economical creative packaging. Each vial comes packed in a cardboard sleeve/tube with a lab sticker. Even better is the fact that each vial comes with a spritzer for easy application. I love that shipping was included in the price (or rather that I was not charged extra).
More fragrance lines and stores should offer samples for purchase or even a sampler set like this (like Bond No.9 and Lucky Scent). Fragrance testing takes quite a bit of time for me so samples are an economical way to try something to decide if I want to splurge on a full-sized bottle. I have yet to test all these for an extended period of time. I sprayed each on a little card to sniff. My first impressions are these are very green and earthy. These are all very different from what I’m used to. I’m not sure whether or not these types of scents will grow on me. I doubt I will be purchasing a full size anytime soon as I just splurged on L’Artisan yet again for the Barneys Beauty Event. Still these vials are a nice way for me to take my time and play for an extended period of time. Even if I end up not loving any of these, I think it’s time saved from driving over 2 hours to the nearest Le Labo location or money saved from buying a full bottle that I don’t absolutely love 100%.

I’m new to Le Labo but I’ve read all sorts of good things. I’ve been most drawn to Neroli 36 so far, it’s a beautiful and simple, fresh and uplifting – it smells beachy to me. The initial smell is a bit off, but I like the dry down. The others seem a bit raw to my nose. Santal 33 smells intriguing but I much prefer Tom Ford’s Santal Blush instead.
Of course while researching this line, I’m most intrigued by some of the city exclusives. I missed out on their online availability offerings last November. Hopefully Le Labo will make them available for sale again this year sometime as it will not be possible for me to travel to each city to smell each scent.
Have you tried Le Labo? Loves? I feel that I’m still more drawn to L’Artisan and Jo Malone for now but I am excited to try these in the next few weeks or so.

All photos by me.

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  • bet they all smell wonderful.

  • The packaging is so cool!

  • Agree, wish more brands offered such option. I am at the stage where I try to discover what I like the best myself so that would be very useful!

  • How interesting to see you go down the road into Perfumeland. It is a very nice place over here. πŸ™‚
    Enjoy your Le Labo samples. My favorites are Poivre 23 (London-Exclusive) and Tubereuse 40 (NYC- Exclusive).

  • I love that packaging! I've fallen in love with so many Le Labo scents. Thanks for this post. I feel the same way you do about the importance of perfumers offering samples. It's just not practical to expect us to make large investments on scents having experienced them first. I would much rather pay a reasonable price for the opportunity to sample first. If you don't mind me sharing I did this post back in November that is a comprehensive resource of perfumers offering sample and discovery sets. I did a lot of research because I've become obsessed with sampling!

  • I love samples like this and they are essential when it comes to buying a full size bottle. I base all my buying decisions on which samples get used up first and how I feel when they are gone!

  • Oh, that's genius! I had no idea they did samples like this. Thank you for the info!

  • That's cool – didn't know Le Labo offered that. I'll need to check that out. Have you tried The Perfumed Court or Posh Peasant? You can order samples through them…beware, the prices add up quickly!

  • I really love Le Labo. I have Patchouli 24 and Oud 27, and really like Vetiver 46 and city exclusives – Poivre and Gaiac. Those fragrances and so unique and "know" how to surprise πŸ™‚

  • Love these as well! I bought all their city exclusive samples back in October and love them! CB I Hate Perfume sells samples as well, LOVE Russian Tea Caravan!

  • Love these as well! I bought all the city exclusive samples back in October and love them! CB I Hate Perfume sells samples as well, I adore Russian Caravan Tea!

  • I have Santal 33 and it's really nice. I'm afraid I can't muster the same perfume description language that thenonblonde does but when I wear it, I smell fantastic. I can also attest that it smells great on the dogs.

  • NeenaJ

    I ordered Le Labo samples thinking I would love one but unexpectedly fell head over heels for another: Ambrette 9. I finally splurged on a bottle. I hope you have a happy surprise like I did!

  • DJ

    I love 3 of their city exclusives ( Gaic 10/Tokyo, Vanille 44/Paris and Musc 25/LA) and am saving saving saving for those…I ordered the samples in November when they had the Christmas pre-sale (which is genius, because you can really try them out before putting them on your list).

    Le Labo has great sales people, and the scents are really wearable. I love that my sweaters smell so dreamy.

    Happy testing,

  • Ah, perfume samples make me happy, especially when they're so nicely labeled and orderly! The packaging is truly lovely. Hope you find something good!

  • Anonymous

    Also, http://www.luckyscent.com offers samples of all fragrances they offer.Love it!

  • Ooh, I will have to go check this out! I'm always on the hunt for my next scent. I recently found your blog by accident and am so glad that I did — you've gained a new daily reader.


  • I just discovered Le Labo yesterday afternoon when I stumbled across their little boutique on Elizabeth St in NYC. I love the concept and the packaging, too. I tried their city exclusive Tubereuse 40, which had me putting my wrist up to my nose all the time for several hours. Darn them, I may have to go back for it! =)

  • Anonymous

    Try Kilian. They have it at Saks. It's changed the way I experience perfume, it's beyond amazing. http://www.bykilian.com/