Chanel Distraction 549 Le Vernis

February 18, 2012

This season seems to be the season of beautiful corals and Chanel Distraction 549 is no exception. Distraction is a stunning coral infused with a subtle hint of fuschia shimmer that makes it glow in direct sunlight. On the nails it’s a vibrant coral with a slight hint of pink to prevent it from looking like a straight orange. The finish is slightly jelly-like with a semi-transparent texture but it has rich and smooth coverage with 2 coats. Depending on the angle you hold the bottle or the nails, sometimes it looks more orange, others more coral.

Swatched, here you can see it glow:

It’s very similar to other oranges and corals but I love it. I know many of you wonder how it compares to Laura Mercier’s Cabana – almost identical. LM’s is a bit softer, while Chanel’s is a tad bit more vibrant. Here are a few comparisons swatched.

How do I feel about Chanel Distraction even though it’s practically identical to other corals?

I *heart* it.

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  • Gorgeous! I'm so in love with all of them! I also loved your earlier post on base coats and top coats….Sabrina, do you have a favorite nail color remover?

    • I've only tried the regular drugstore brands and Zoya Plus Remover. The Zoya seems to be gentle!

  • Oh boy, that bit of fuschia shimmer is making me need it! Wow!

  • It's beautiful!

  • lyn

    It looks lovely! I wonder if it will work on my skin tone as warm / orange shades do not usually suit me. But I'm so tempted to get this because it looks like such a fun shade 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hey Sabrina, just curious how did u make the multiple lines in the Chanel letter. When I tried it would only let me type one long line…..

    • I only got 1 long line too 🙁 For my photo I used photoshop to create multiple lines.

  • I❤them too!
    Wonderful ❤❤❤❤❤

  • I love the pink glow in it, so pretty!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Sabrina! I couldn't agree more. Your reviews are always spot on. I received all 4 colors plus Gold Fingers for Valentine's Day and this one was definitely my favorite then Gold Fingers. On a side note, Chanel has discontinued the shade I use in the Vitalumiere foundation. Teint Innocence was my HG foundation and now this 🙁 And Perfection Lumiere is too drying for my skin in the winter. Aqua is either too yellow or pink based for me. Sorry, rant over.

  • Wow, love the color! Very summery 🙂

  • I love this color, so summery & warm! Can't wait for summer now 😉

  • This seals the deal for me, must have!

  • Love this new color! Your pictures are BEYOND amazing by the way! I love the pic with the sunset- so professional! The Chanel app is amazing- I could play on it for hours! xoxo

  • You have a lovely collection! These are beautiful summer shades!

  • Anonymous

    Hi, does anyone know when or if this will be released in the UK?

  • It actually looks like a less gilded version of Nars Orgasm nail polish – and I think I actually like it better. The Orgasm is just too peachy-gold for my skin tone, but this looks like it might have the right balance of pink.

    Thank you for the swatches! Especially that beachside one, which is making me covet both the nail polish AND a SoCal vacation. =)

  • Could you compare temptation to june and mai too? -if not its ok. I think your reviews are perfect as they are!

  • *I meant "Distraction" not "Temptation" in the comment…

  • What a gorgeous color. Seeing Distraction in comparison to the other shades (as always, thanks!) makes me think I might need to give Distraction a pass. I love it when it looks coral-pink but not so much when it leans orange. That is, my hands won't appreciate the orange. I guess Distraction is one I will have to drool over on other people.