Chanel Attraction 545 Le Vernis

February 17, 2012

Chanel Attraction 545 Le Vernis ($26 for 13 ml/0.4 fl oz) is a limited-edition cool-toned pearly white frost that has been released as part of the Roses Ultimes de Chanel collection. We saw the first sneak peek of this color on the Spring 2012 Runway Show last October on CafΓ© Makeup and La Chanelphile. Pearly whites can be challenging to wear and this one is no exception. The pigment is rich and color striking against my skintone, however the metallic formula is extremely streaky and difficult to wear. Even with very slow and careful application, streaks cannot be avoided. I am not a fan but am undecided whether to keep and try to make it work or regift/return. For the price I would prefer a non-high-maintenance nail color. Nevertheless here are swatches, comparisons and close ups.

Pearly whites aren’t new to Chanel’s Le Vernis releases. I wish they would bring back their classic Le Perle (currently I’m hoarding this using very sparingly so it has not been swatched/photographed). Here are some prior releases, I believe all of these were Limited Edition and no longer available (maybe Intermezzo or Pearl Drop can be found at some counters).

Blanc Petale, Attraction, Intermezzo and Pearl Drop

I’ve added one more shot with a different angle so you can see the hint of shimmers/undertone of each shade, while they are all pearly whites, there is a subtle difference with the pigments.

I ordered my Chanel Le Vernis shades from this collection online at Chanel.com but all counters should have it in store now. Did you buy or try Attraction? What were your thoughts?

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  • I am wearing it right now. I feel the same way you do. A few days ago I could not decide if I should keep it or send it back to Chanel. It looks perfect with my skin tone and I love a good clean bright white. The finish of it is what I am not loving. I think it looks the way it is suppose to look with this type of finish. I applied it with two extremely thin coat. I decided I am going to keep it I like it ( the color ) much better then Pearl Drop. This one is a tuff one and I have been tempted to send it back. hmmmm

  • I'm really impressed by the swatches of Attraction. It looks really really good! I will look for it. πŸ™‚ Thanks TheBeautyLookBook!

  • I skipped this for the deeper shades that came out but it looks really great in your pictures!

  • Becca

    Ok so Intermezzo is gorgeous, so I just ran out to Zitomer and bought it – they have two left if anyone cares…lol…thank you!

  • I got it…tried it…decided I don't like it. The more I stare at the photos, though, the more I want to try it on again. I think it's just creeping in and making me like it πŸ˜›

  • Intermezzo is gorgeous… strangely Attraction is growing on me too… lol… the name is spot on πŸ™‚

  • with such tricky application your nails look flawless!

  • Attraction is very beautiful nail polish but because of the streaking I am going to skip it:(

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for this honest review. I agree that, esp for the price, the finish shouldn't be streaky. Chanel can do better.


  • alice

    i would skip attraction, but that intermezzo looks just gorgeous! any polish looks beautiful on your nails.

  • I really like the colors. They are very stylish and sophisticated.

  • I will skip it, I don't like the streaky finish, or the overly metallic look of the polish.

    In the comparison swatch, I noticed that Pearl Drop looked the prettiest to my eye…Chanel does pearl finishes so well. Nevertheless, I swapped away my Pearl Drop. The color didn't look as nice against my skin as it does against yours.

  • Oooh this is pretty (I think I like Intermezzo too though!)

  • Anonymous

    you're right. That really is streaky. I agree with others, the Intermezzo is hot.

  • attraction is mind blowing, I am going to use it right now.
    Freshwater Pearls

  • Love it, just like I love all my white polishes, and I prefer to wear my white polishes less than opaque, so I'm not concerned if a nail line shows through. Because it is tricky to apply, I take it with to my manicurist to apply, and then I only have to touch up the chips until I see her again.

    A real beauty, for all seasons.